But his initiative beat all words

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After getting married, Tu Yan stopped all his work at hand. 

It’s not for anything.
If he had to explain it, this matter should be divided into three stage lectures.
At first, he was in no mood to work.
Who would get forced into marriage and be in the mood to smile as if nothing happened for the cameras? Afterwards, he met Gu Chenbai, who made him at a complete loss of what to do.
It took half a month just to observe whether this person was good or bad; he didn’t even have the mind to work. 

Now that he knew Gu Chenbai was a good man, it’s reasonable to say that he could go back to work, but he was a little hesitant: he was already bullying Gu Chenbai intolerably by forcing him to sign the divorce agreement.
If he went back to work, it would take two to three months to film anything.
When he returned, their marriage wouldn’t last long, so wouldn’t Gu Chenbai suffer a great loss?

Gu Chenbai had asked him, and he replied that he wanted to rest a little, not wanting to go back to film.
Gu Chenbai’s mouth said, “Alright, it’s up to you,” but he couldn’t hide the happiness in his eyes. 

Tu Yan thought: Why is Gu Chenbai so stupid? He’s already 26 years old and is still like a high school student being in unrequited love, who knows what he’s up to. 

Today, it was raining very heavily.
Tu Yan always felt sleepy on rainy days.
He was leaning his head on the headboard to play games, but his eyelids couldn’t stay open anymore.
He simply put his phone down and slept for a while.
When he woke up, it was already 6:30pm, and he was feeling hungry, so he shouted “Gu Chenbai,” but no one answered. 

He thought it was strange.
Slipping on his slippers, he got out of bed, pushed open the door to the study and discovered that Gu Chenbai wasn’t even around. 

Gu Chenbai hasn’t come home, and didn’t even call him.
It’s not within reason to do this.
Because Gu Chenbai’s ability to walk caused inconvenience, he generally wouldn’t go to the Hua Sheng office.
If he was required to go, he would rush home around 5pm in the afternoon.
Additionally, Gu Chenbai also took care of Tu Yan like a child all along, he would even tell him if he was staying out late for a few minutes.
It wouldn’t be like this, where there’s not even a call or text. 

Tu Yan picked up his phone and scrolled through his call records, repeatedly confirming again that there was indeed no incoming call from Gu Chenbai.
It was storming with showers outside.
Indescribably, Tu Yan panicked. 

He hesitated over and over again, and still dialed Gu Chenbai’s number.
As a result, no one was answering the beeping for half a minute.
Tu Yan felt something was off, so he called Gu Chaocheng and asked him when Gu Chenbai had gotten off from work. 

Gu Chaocheng said angrily, “You don’t even know when your husband gets off from work?”

Just hearing Gu Chaocheng’s voice made Tu Yan feel annoyed, but he couldn’t quarrel with him.
After all, he was Tu Feihong’s creditor and Gu Chenbai’s older brother.
He swallowed his insults and suppressed his indignation, barely staying calm, “He hasn’t come home yet, and I can’t get through to his phone, so I came to ask you.”

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Gu Chaocheng froze, “Chenbai hasn’t got home yet? But he went back before 5pm, I watched him go into the elevator.”

After hanging up, Tu Yan called Gu Chenbai’s driver.
The driver said, “Young master Gu said he wanted to go to the supermarket to get some cake ingredients.
I was waiting for him outside, but something urgent came up at home that I had to go back to attend to, so young master Gu he let me leave first.
He said he would take a cab back later.
What’s wrong? Has young master Gu not returned home yet?”

Tu Yan really panicked this time.
He noted down the supermarket that Gu Chenbai went to, picked up his coat and mask, grabbed the umbrella by the door and went out, rushing into the rain.  

He ran from home to the gate of the housing estate, looking alternatively on both sides all the way, afraid that he might miss Gu Chenbai’s figure.
He ran too fiercely, and was even wearing a mask, so he was soon out of breath.
He simply took off his mask, not caring if any passerby recognized him. 

He ran into the food section of the supermarket and looked around, then waited at the entrance for a while, but he couldn’t see Gu Chenbai.

His heart kept falling and falling again. 

He suddenly felt really scared.
An unknown sense of dread rapidly attacked him. 

As he was about to rush back into the rain and go back to the estate’s security room for monitoring, he saw a familiar figure.

Gu Chenbai was sitting at the bus stop not too far away.
His coat was drenched by the rain, the umbrella was set next to him, wisps of hair fell over his forehead.
But he sat very straight and didn’t appear at all like he was in a difficult position. 

The people around were all running in a hurry, the rain disrupting everyone’s rhythm.
The whistling wind and their shouts were intertwined, piercing one’s eardrums.
Only Gu Chenbai was quiet, as though he was abandoned by this world, like a lonely movie scene. 

Tu Yan walked towards him.

He held the umbrella over Gu Chenbai’s head.
Gu Chenbai’s reaction was half a beat slow.
When he lifted his head, the expression in his eyes turned light to heavy, then suddenly added on some spirit.
He said, “Tu Bao, what are you doing here?”

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Only then did Tu Yan see how pale Gu Chenbai’s face was.

He looked down at him coldly, “Where’s your phone? Why didn’t you answer my calls?” 

Gu Chenbai didn’t respond immediately.
He first lowered his eyes, then was forced to look up under Tu Yan’s unyielding gaze.
His lips moved, and finally said the truth in embarrassment, “My phone just fell into a puddle and I picked it up a little too slowly, I can’t turn it on now.” 

Tu Yan’s nose turned sour.
He mouthed the words, “how stupid,” but he still reached his hand out to Gu Chenbai and said, “Go home.” 

Gu Chenbai took his hand and stood up, and his body suddenly swayed a little.
Tu Yan then realized that his walking stick wasn’t there. 

“It was knocked away by a child when I came out of the supermarket just now.
There were too many people then, so I moved back.
I wanted to wait for the crowd to die down before picking it up, but I couldn’t find it.”

As Gu Chenbai spoke, he kept looking down, as though he had done something wrong. 

As soon as his voice faded, Tu Yan turned around and walked away.
Gu Chenbai shouted after him, but was afraid of attracting attention from others and Tu Yan being recognized, so he quickly became silent.  

He sat back down and wondered when this rain would stop.
He might not even be able to walk back home when it stopped.
But within a few minutes, he saw Tu Yan driving his own car over and stopping at the intersection.
He got out of the car and walked over with an umbrella without saying a word, then putting Gu Chenbai’s arm over his shoulder, letting Gu Chenbai rest his weight on him, “Can you walk?”

Gu Chenbai said, “Yes.”

Tu Yan had to hold the umbrella in one hand and be Gu Chenbai’s support, so it was difficult to walk.
Gu Chenbai said in embarrassment, “Tu Bao, why don’t we wait for the rain to stop——”

“No, don’t talk, we’ll be in the car soon.”

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Therefore, Gu Chenbai shut his mouth, gritting his teeth as they walked to the car step by step.
Tu Yan stuffed the umbrella in Gu Chenbai’s hand and leaned over to open the car door.
Gu Chenbai almost fell inside, his head nearly hitting the door frame.
Tu Yan stretched his hand out slowly, wanting to help him block it but failed. 

After Gu Chenbai settled down, Tu Yan shut the car door and walked over to the driver’s seat. 

He could vaguely feel someone at the bus stop watching him——with an inquisitive expression.
He became angry for no reason, throwing a look with a chilling dagger in his eyes, and the person immediately turned their head away in fright. 

When they got home, Gu Chenbai hurriedly urged Tu Yan to take a shower so as to not catch a cold.
With a cold look, Tu Yan pushed the drenched Gu Chenbai into the bathroom, glaring at him fiercely, “Take care of yourself!”

Gu Chenbai stood while supported by the wall, his expression a little complicated.
His tone was also strange as he said softly, “Tu Yan, I’m sorry, I’ve troubled you.”

Tu Yan paused and faced Gu Chenbai in disbelief.

“I’m always too self-confident, thinking I can do anything.” Once said, Gu Chenbai then turned around and went into his own shower. 

Tu Yan saw the shopping bags on the shoe cabinet by the door, and inside were tiramisu DIY ingredients. 

He had only just randomly said it yesterday, and Gu Chenbai had gone out to buy it in the rain today, even making himself turn out like that. 

In fact, Gu Chenbai was a very proud person.
His pride didn’t need to be embellished by words and actions.
Even if he was humbly fawning over Tu Yan, Tu Yan could feel that he was just coaxing him, treating him like a child and not really putting down his self-esteem.  

However, he was now apologizing for his physical disability. 

He thought that he was causing trouble for Tu Yan. 

Tu Yan felt like a carbonated drink had exploded in his heart, turning sour and bitter, and the swelling made him feel ill. 

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He didn’t know what to say, and had only persistently pushed Gu Chenbai towards the shower room and urged him to take a shower, then he ran back to his room and helped him grab his pyjamas. 

Tu Yan came out from his room after taking a shower in his own bathroom, and first ordered two takeout shares.
He then headed to Gu Chenbai’s room, where he saw Gu Chenbai sitting on his bed and fiddling with his phone. 

Tu Yan walked in his direction while holding a dry towel.
Sensing Tu Yan’s arrival, Gu Chenbai put down his phone.
Before he opened his mouth, Tu Yan shoved the towel in his arms, then he climbed onto his bed, lifted the quilt and sat inside.
With a calm expression, he ordered, “Wipe my head.”

Gu Chenbai was stunned, and only came back to his senses after a few seconds.
He unfolded the towel and covered Tu Yan’s hair before drying it gently. 

Tu Yan leaned against Gu Chenbai without a single word.
He was wearing a night-robe, and his bare leg accidentally touched Gu Chenbai’s knee.
He didn’t withdraw it back immediately, and Gu Chenbai didn’t move either.
The atmosphere was gradually becoming ambiguous with the smell of Tu Yan’s shower gel as it filled the air. 

“You still can’t turn on your phone?”


“Doesn’t Gu Chaocheng sell phones? Ask him to send one over tomorrow,” Tu Yan raised his head, his eyelashes fanning, “Are there any important things in this phone?”

Gu Chenbai said, “Mn, there are a lot of your pictures.” 

Tu Yan chuckled.
Gu Chenbai put down the towel, then looked at Tu Yan quietly.
He said after a long moment, “I’ve actually never felt myself to be inferior because of my physical defects before.
But today, I wished you hadn’t appeared there, because I didn’t want you to see me in a mess——”

Before Gu Chenbai finished, Tu Yan hugged him first. 

Tu Yan’s embrace was small and wasn’t warm enough.

But his initiative beat all words. 

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