Warnings: Discrimination against people with disabilities

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”Young master1 Tu, in the past half a year you’ve disappeared, I’ve been worried to death, you never answer any of my calls and never reply to any messages.” 

“Didn’t I tell you I was fine?” 

“But I was still worried.” 

Shen Fei circled around Tu Yan, examining him carefully and thoroughly, “Have you gotten a divorce with the disabled one from the Gu family? It has to be a clean break, don’t leave any future troubles.” 

Tu Yan was lying on the curved sofa of the bar with his legs propped as he held a wine glass in his hand.
He only looked at the liquid swirling inside, but not drinking it.
When he heard the words “disabled”, his brows wrinkled unconsciously.
He subconsciously retorted, “Not disabled, only has a little leg condition——“

The person beside him shifted his gaze over.
Tu Yan shut his mouth halfway through his explanation, then said, “Mn, we’re divorced.” 

Guan Nan, who was sitting on the other side, gave a look of indignation as he said, “Your dad’s also drunk; the company hasn’t even collapsed and he’s already eager to sell his son to pay off his debts.”  

The person beside him echoed, “The point is that your dad is too irresponsible and not wanting to choose.
There are millions of alphas in the world, yet why did he fancy that disabled one from the Gu family? I heard that the disabled one is extremely ugly, his pheromone grade is also low, and even needs crutches when he walks.
Ai, have any of you met him before?” 

“No, he never shows up to any of the Hua Sheng banquets.
God knows what he looks like.” 

“So it’s reasonable to say he’s disabled.
He even has millions of assets, what’s so embarrassing about meeting people? Don’t tell me his face is also disfigured?” 

Shen Fei caught a glimpse at Tu Yan’s face getting increasingly worse.
He promptly made hinting eyes at everyone around, “You all stop talking.
Young master Tu is about to throw up.
He just regained his freedom, and you’re here giving him more stress.
Come come come, let’s drink.
To young master Tu’s new life, cheers!” 

Tu Yan lifted the corners of his mouth with difficulty and raised his glass.
The liquor slid down his throat like a knife, hard to swallow. 

He didn’t know what’s gotten into him. 

Reasonably, he should be happy that he had regained a new life. 

However, as he listened to them talking about that person like that, he was boiling with anger and had the urge to vent, but could only endure it to save face. 

After drinking halfway, Guan Nan approached him,  slightly drunk.
He didn’t dare to touch Tu Yan, so he twisted his body to look at the back of Tu Yan’s neck.
Tu Yan became agitated by him and cursed, “What the fuck are you looking at?” 

Guan Nan smiled, “I wanna see if you’re completely marked.
I’m asking on behalf of my ge.
Don’t you know? He’s been secretly in love with you.”

Tu Yan was taken aback.
He unconsciously rubbed the bump of his glands at the back of his neck; it was still flat and smooth, like a fresh and tender fruit that hadn’t been picked. 

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“No,” Tu Yan answered, “But I don’t like your ge, it’s impossible.” 

Guan Nan mocked, “OKOK, I’m just asking for him, don’t get mad.
I know you have high standards and are still encountering your dad’s troubling matters.
You’ve suffered so much in the past six months for marrying a man like that, everything will be okay.
Oh yeah, young master Tu, will you go back to filming in the future?” 

Tu Yan only had a close relationship with Shen Fei and was only nodding acquaintances with the others.
He didn’t know where these people heard the news of him marrying then getting a divorce from, and even specially organizaed a bachelor’s party for him.
Tu Yan only came due to past friendships, but from the moment he sat down, he felt annoyed and perplexed for no reason and unable to calm down.
He put down his wine glass, poled a piece of fruit and shoved it in his mouth.
He nodded impatiently, “Mn.” 

“That’ll surely stir up the entertainment industry!” Everyone gathered around Tu Yan again, raising their glasses and congratulating him for achieving rebirth. 

“Young master Tu, since you’re not in Jiang Hu, there’s news about you everywhere in Jiang Hu.
Last week, the media even said you went abroad due to being in labour, saying you were pregnant with the film emperor Qi He’s baby, how hilarious.” 

Being Qi He’s fan, Shen Fei immediately defended, “What’s the problem? I think someone like Qi He is suitable for our young master Tu.” He then narrowed his eyes and said sneakily, “I heard that Qi He’s pheromone level is grade 8, that area is certainly powerful.” 

Everyone laughed, “How powerful?” 

“It’ll make you want to die!” 

“Fuck, grade 8.
At my age, I’ve only ever met two grade 8s, really, you guys haven’t experienced it before, even if a high grade alpha block their pheromones tightly with inhibitor plasters, you’d be able to distinctively feel a sense of suppression just by being close to them, it’s extremely terrifying.”

Talking about this topic, everyone became interested and started to exchange stories about famous alphas in the circle. 

“I heard the young master of the Gu family is also a top grade alpha.” 

No one knew who suddenly dropped this one sentence, but the entire venue immediately froze, turning utterly silent. 

The young master of the Gu family had a pretty good pheromone grade, and this wasn’t a secret.
But the problem was that this question couldn’t be raised in this situation, because the one Tu Yan married was the second young master of the Gu family; one who was a mediocre cripple who never made an appearance, a disabled person who was laughed at by everyone behind his back.
Just thinking about it, one would know that affair was…

Everyone glanced at each other, thinking that Tu Yan was definitely angry. 

“Why are all of you running your mouths? What a load of nonsense.” Shen Fei waved his hand to make them shut their mouths quickly. 

Shen Fei had the strongest relationship with Tu Yan, so he was the only one who dared to add on.
Just as he was about to joke and lighten up the place, he realized that Tu Yan didn’t participate in their chat at all.
He faced the fruit tray, lost in thought as he bit his lips, his cheeks were even flushed red! 

He nudged Tu Yan, and only then did Tu Yan come back to his senses.
Under everyone’s surprised gaze, he sat up abruptly, “What, I’m a little tipsy, I’ll make a move first.”  

The crowd watched his back and exchanged glances, both disdainful and confused.
Guan Nan laughed coldly and finished off the wine in his glass.
Shen Fei wanted to send Tu Yan home, but he walked too quickly and had already left.
Shen Fei felt a little doubtful and couldn’t help but ask the rest, “Don’t you guys think that young master Tu had changed a lot?” 

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Guan Nan lied back, “He was forced to marry a cripple for half a year, could he not change?” 

Shen Fei shook his head and wanted to refute, but he had trouble finding an adjective for it.
After this round of drinking was over and he was about to pay the bill in a drunken state, a word suddenly flashed in his mind. 


Right, Tu Yan became soft.
Although his body was still filled with thorns, he wasn’t hard to get close to like before. 

The manager assigned Tu Yan’s comeback date on January 2nd. 

There were only a few days left, but Tu Yan didn’t panic, only feeling out of sorts all over.
Inexplicable agitation almost covered every corner of his body, making it difficult to keep calm. 

The manager thought he was nervous and even specifically went over to have a chat with him, but after chatting for a long time, she realized Tu Yan wasn’t worrying about his comeback at all; she told him that he lost a couple thousand fans, but he wasn’t the least bit concerned, he didn’t

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