omparing Hannah to Juliet in terms of beauty ”I think Juliet looks more beautiful than Hannah, don you think so ”. ”You are right, although they look slightly identical, Juliet is more beautiful ” this conversation immediately gathered the attention of the students in the classroom, those who had been with Hannah argued that Hannah was more good looking while the boys argued that Juliet was more good looking ,Hannah also paid attention to their conversation but Juliet wasn even concerned. As the students were allowed to bring their phones to school, Juliet plugged her earpiece in and was listening to music, soon enough the matter got into the school forum as people began to talk about it, eventually Juliet was crowned as the new school belle.

Students from different classes came by just to see Juliets face but Juliet didn even know what was going on. It wasn long before Susan came to Juliet and said ”did you the news ” Juliet looked up and questioned ”what news? ”, ” ohh don you know, you are new school belle ” replied Susan. Juliet didn have much reaction to the news as she just nodded and continued with her work however Hannah was extremely jealous of Juliet, although she knew not to be jealous, she couldn help it but she quickly reprimanded herself and continued with her work

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