Immortal Ascension Tower

PROLOGUE - The Land of Countless Planes (6/6)

nd the Veil.

She had a long history of almost a hundred thousand years and two different regimes of Heavenly Realms, an extreme lifespan fruit of the joint efforts of the countless beings in the countless planes who wished to keep her alive. In that time, she had prevented countless catastrophes thanks to her ability to glimpse into the Grand Design written in the Karma threads.

No matter how outlandish, the Prophets word was always the Truth.

And this time, she had foretold of a person that would bring chaos and destruction to the Nine Heavens, destroy the Tyrant and take the Throne as the Lord of Heaven!

This person not from the Earths, not from the Heavens, not from the Underworld: unlike all other beings whom, in a way or another, descended from the Heavens and Earths, he would herald from beyond the lands encompassed in the Triangle, Square, and Circle.

As a being free of any seal, he would be the sign of a calamity that shall befall the Nine Heavens!

As the suppressed Heavenly and Primordial Beasts began to squirm about more and more menacingly, showing signs of rebellion and clamouring for the Liberator, Tian couldn help but move […]

Thus, he had ended his search of the Nine Heavens, the True Earth and the surroundings Planes of notice, but couldn hope to sieve through the countless lands on his own.

He thus visited the Underworld. By then, it was no longer a secret that he had once cheated Yama, King of Hell, of three favours.

Consensus has it, Tian used the second of them there

[Note scribbled between the lines by an anonymous scholar: the first is virtually confirmed, having made Yama reenact the scene of submission to the Jade Emperor and helping the Usurper bring all beings under the Seal]

to search the inexplicable Underworld for the foretold child that would one day aim at his throat.

Even then though, he wouldn find any trace of that potential threat. Returning home empty-handed, Tian could only focus his efforts on recovering his power.

Like so persisted the precarious state that the Nine Heavens were in since Lady Jin Fenghuangs revolution… and for the centuries to come, the Prophecy would be like a beacon in the night, a light of hope for those who wished to rebel, and it only served to further incense their desire to act up to Tian.

The years passed in bated wait for the promised coming.

And finally, it happened.

The foretold Saviour had blue eyes more beautiful than any gemstone, more starry than any night sky, deeper than any ocean.

On a night of converging sunlight and moonbeams, reality split open before the Four Divine Kings who had given up hope.

And Xu Ling, the child holding the revolving galaxies in his gaze, appeared into the Land of Countless Planes.

End of ”Xū Líng ”, an excerpt from the work ”Records of the Nine Heavens ”, now banned across the Nine Heavens and penned by an anonymous scholar.

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