same time.

”You died and your souls were summoned. Goddess ”Fravi ” gave you all a new body. Your appearances will be the same when you grow up, don worry. ”

”T-this is very weird. ”- Said one of the girls.

”We will explain everything … But first, I will introduce myself. My name is ”Freyka ” and I am the queen of the country called ”Desmol ”. ”

”A Queen… ”- Kei said.

He is in awe of everything. He is surrounded by beautiful and provocative women. He is as red as a tomato. His shyness is at its limit.

”E-excuse me … Why did you summon us? ”- Said a girl with long white hair. Her eyes are blue and she has a mole on her right cheek.

”Every 10,000 years, demons appear in our world. When that happens, Goddess Fravi sends us a divine message. In that divine message, she tells us how to summon the new heroes. ”

”And what does it mean to be a hero? ”- Said a girl with brown skin and black hair.

”Heroes have the power to defeat demons. You will become our heroes. It will take time for you to understand everything, I know … But first, lets check your status. ”

”Status? ”- Said a girl with short blue hair.

”Yes. Goddess Fravi gave unique magic to each of you, called: ”Divine Power ”. ”

”Magic?! ”- They yelled almost all at the same time.

The only ones who didn scream were the girls who lived in a magical world. They know magic.

”Please, one by one, go to the front and show your statistics. You only have to say: ”Show status ”. Women first and the inferior will be last. ”

”Inferior? ”- Kei said confused.

Kei noticed that the women were looking down on him, but he didn know why.

”Fufu. Behind me, commoners. ”

A girl walks to the front. She has short red hair and her eyes are red.

”Me first. Show status! ”

A hologram or screen appears in front of her, surprising everyone in the place.

”G-great! ”

”Your numbers are incredible! ”

”Her magic power is incredible! ”

”Her strength too! ”

”She is a prodigy! ”

”And shes so young! Shell be even more powerful when she grows up! ”

Her status is:

Near Nisha.

Magic Power: 462017/462017

Strength: 787

Age: 10 Years

Intelligence: 43

Agility: 608

Hit Points (hp): 59269/59269

Divine Power: Dragon Sword.

Work: Warrior.

Near is happy to be a prodigy, and more so because she feels superior. In her past life she was an arrogant princess, who killed people who looked at her badly, and that arrogance only increased at this moment.

”Hehe. I know, Im great. ”

”A-amazing … ”

Kei is impatient. He also wants to know his status. In his world, he read fantasy novels, but it wasn his favorite genre, although that doesn take away the fact that hes excited to know if he has magic too.

”Whoa! It really is magic! ”

One of the girls kept seeing Kei. Something about him seemed very familiar.

”Its him…? ”

”Ill try that! ”

Ignoring the Queens orders, Kei steps forward.

”Show status! ”

The screen appears, showing his status, but it is not what he imagined.

Unlike Near, Keis status is more… boring.

Kei Edna.

Magic Power: 0/0

Strength: 34

Age: 10 Years

Intelligence: 76

Agility: 42

Hit Points (hp): 100/100

Divine Power: None

Work: None

”Eh? ”

Unlike Near, Kei received nothing from the Goddess. No unique skill, no magic power.

”I-it can be … H-he did not receive any divine power… The spell really failed! ”- yelled the Queen.

Kei was already looked down on, and after revealing his status, that hatred grew.

”An inferior always will be! ”

”Dammit! ”

”Damn inferior! ”

The women get angry with him and one of them kicks him in the stomach, pulling out the air and breaking a couple of ribs. Keis body is too fragile, and that punch took 80 of his life points.

[Health points: 20%.]

”What the hell were you summoned for ?! ”

The woman is very strong and huge, and with only a single kick, it was enough to make Kei cry. She didn use all her strength, she just used enough to make Kei suffer. Why didn she kill him? Because Kei is cute, and shes got something planned. She wears a patch on her right eye and has scars on her face. Shes a warrior, but she has no honor. She likes to see the weak suffer, and seeing Kei crying makes her smile.

”I-I don know. ”

”Tsk. Fucking inferior! ”

She grabs him tightly by the neck.

”Loser! ”

Kei tries to breathe, but can . He is choking. If he continues like this, he will die. He only has 8 points left.

”L-let him go! ”

The girl with white hair tries to help Kei.

”Its not his fault! Leave him, please. ”

The woman clicks her tongue and lets go of Kei.

”We don need him. ”

Kei tries to catch his breath and the girl tries to help him.

”A-are you okay? ”

”I-I don know… I don know. ”

Kei is suffering from his wounds, but hes trying to endure it.

He observes the women around him. They are all watching him with expressions of disgust and hatred. There are some Elves and semi-humans, species that Kei considered kind because of the fantasy stories he read, but even they look at him with disgust.

”This place is weird … Thank you for your help. My name is Kei. ”

”My name is Charlotte. ”

The queen and an armored woman approach Kei.

”Please accompany Mik. She will explain what will happen to you. ”

”Y-Yes… ”

Kei and Mik, the woman in armor, leave the room. Kei doesn know what will happen to him, but he is hopeful that they will get him a job or return him to his world.

”What will happen to me? Will they return to me …? No, that is not possible. Im already dead … Will they give me a room and will I live here? ”

”To live here? ”

Mik starts laughing.

”An inferior living here? So funny. ”

”Eh? ”

”Sleep. ”

Kei receives a severe blow to the head and falls to the ground unconscious. Mik hit him with her elbow.

”Damn inferior. ”

Kei lost almost all his life points, he only has one left, only one life point. No one would imagine that, thanks to that point, the future would undergo a great change.

Kei wakes up in a dungeon. There are corpses around him, corpses of young children. The most recent bodies have clear marks of blows, physical abuse. They were beaten to death.

”Eh? Huh?! Wh-what is this?! ”

He started throwing up when he saw that. The smell of the corpses was unbearable, but Kei was ignoring it because the emotional shock was too much.

He tried to escape, but fell to the ground when he tried to run.

His right leg is chained.

”W-What? They locked me? Help me!! I did not commit any crime !! I want to see a lawyer!! I am innocent!! ”

The woman with the eyepatch enters the dungeon.

e awake, inferior. ”

”W-whats going on ?! ”

”Since you are useless, you are of no use to us. Thats why Im going to have a little fun with you. ”

She gets too close to him and smiles at him.

Kei is shaking in fear. Considering his environment and situation, he knows he could be the next victim of that woman.

”Wh-What do you want from me? ”

”I like cute children. ”

She gives Keis cheek a lick and he turns completely red. His shyness made him nervous, but he also felt disgusted.

e sick! ”

”Yes, I am. ”

She tries to remove Keis clothes.

”N-no, please! I don know you! Let go of me! Help, please!!! She wants to **** me!!! Don do it, please, I don want to lose my virginity this way! ”

”No one will listen to you, you are in my house. The queen sold you and I bought you. ”

”What the **?! Did she sell me ?! She has no right to sell me, I am not her property! ”

”Shut up! ”

She punches Kei in the face and his nose began to bleed, exciting that woman.

”Wow, you
e really cute. ”

She started licking Keis blood.

”Have mercy, please. ”

He started to cry.

e mine now. Accept your destiny and shut up. ”

She licked Keis tears.

”Delicious. Lets get on with the fun. ”

She takes off Keis shirt and begins to touch his body.

Kei closes his eyes tightly, accepting his cruel fate.

”You are very cute… ”

Suddenly, she falls to the ground unconscious. In her head she has a dart.

”Eh? ”

Charlotte enters the dungeon, along with the girl with the brown skin.

”Kei, we
e going to save you. ”

Hope returns to Kei and smiles.

”T-thank you! ”

Using her fists, the brown girl breaks the chains.

”Your leg is free. ”

”Thank you… Whats your name? ”

”My name is Bandia. ”

”Thank you, Bandia … Did you use magic to defeat her? ”

”Yes, it is my magic. I can create poisons and antidotes. I used a tranquilizer to defeat her. ”- Said Charlotte.

”Thank you…! But what do I do now? ”

”We work for the queen, we can help you much … Take it. ”

They give him a small bag of coins.

”There is money. Escape from here. ”

”Run, you don have much time! ”

Kei watched the money and wiped his tears away.

”I guess my life changed … Thanks for everything… Thank you very much, I will never forget what you did for me… Thank you. ”

Kei runs out of the dungeon.

”He gonna be all right? ”

”Yes… I hope so. ”

Nia and her mother are crying together. The police informed them of Keis death. It was so sudden, Nia refused to believe it, but when she heard the story, she felt very guilty.

”Brother! ”

She feels guilty because she was the one who sent Kei to buy that energy drink. ”If only I hadn cheated. ” ”Why did I ask Kei to buy me that?! ” ”Im sorry, Kei, Im so sorry! ” Her mind is full of those thoughts.

”Im sorry… But Kei died a hero. He was an admirable boy. ”- Said a policeman.

Hes trying to comfort them, but it didn work.

”My brother must be alive! He can be dead. ”

”Sorry Miss. ”

After learning of Keis death, him classmates and swim club members attended him funeral.

Several mourned him death, as he was a kind and good boy to everyone. Nobody hated him. The swim club captain was the one who cried the most.

Nia got depressed by that news. She did not lose a brother, she lost her first love … But something inside her told her that Kei was still alive. It was impossible, but she wanted to believe it.

”Brother… Brother… ”

(Pov- Kei.)

Uwaaaah! This world is rotten! Why do all women want to kidnap or **** me?!

I barely managed to escape this city, and now I have to sleep in a dangerous forest because the roads are full of rapist bandits!

I don want to lose my virginity without love. Ahhhhhhhh!!! A bear!

I climbed as fast as I could into a tree, fortunately the bear ignored me and went on its way.

What the ** is wrong with this world?!!

”I miss my world for sure. Extraño a mi familia. ”

Nia, aunt, Cris… So many things I lost… I can go back, Im already dead in my original world, I can go back.

”I must start a new life… But… ”

I don know if I can… I don know.

For now, Im moving away from this city. Ill go to a town or something. I need a job.

I pulled an apple out of my pocket and took a bite.

”Goddess Fravi, why didn you give me magic? ”

Its not fair.

”A small town. ”

With the money, Kei bought new clothes. Now he is wearing black pants, a white shirt, and white shoes. He wanted to look more ”normal ”. His clothing set is too normal, he doesn stand out.

After walking for 3 days, he came to a town, which was very far from the capital. During his journey, kind men assisted him. Kei traveled with them in carriages. ”The men in this world are very good. ” – Kei thought.

He started walking around town, hoping no one would try to hurt him.

”There is no electricity in this world, but they are very advanced … Although it is still medieval. ”

There are restrooms and schools. Magic medicine is very advanced and factories work with magic. This world is still medieval, but it is quite modern.

He takes out two gold coins from his pocket.

”Its all I have left … A gold coin is worth 10 Frak, the coin of the country… And a full meal is worth 5 Frak… I must have breakfast … And I must get a job. ”

”Wow, wow. What do we have here? ”

Two women stand in front of him. Women have huge breasts and are very beautiful, causing Keis shy side to come out.

”Hi cute. ”

”H-hello, ladies. ”

”You got lost? ”

”Not exactly. ”

”Oh, you
e red, thats nice. ”

One of them stroked Keis cheek.

”Why don you come with us? Youll have fun. ”

”Eh? ”

”Leave that young man in peace! Hes a little boy, you sick people! ”

A homeless man approaches them.

”Disgusting. ”

They take Kei by the arm.

”Eh? What are you doing? ”

”Come with us, brat! ”

”Huh?! Not again! ”

During his journey, women tried to kidnap him, but thanks to his good luck, he always managed to escape.

Hiding in the bushes, in trees, being saved by adventurers. Kei always managed to escape.

”Leave that innocent young man be, you perverts! ”

The homeless man runs to them.

”Get away, you disgusting! Fire sphere! ”- They all said at the same time.

They extend their hands and spheres of fire come out of their hands.

”G-great! ”

Kei is from another world, that is why he is not used to magic.

The homeless man dodges the fire spheres and with incredible speed, retrieves Kei and runs away.

”You are very fast, sir! ”

”My name is Zius. ”

”My name is Kei. Its very nice to meet you. Thank you for saving me. ”

”How many times have I saved you? I think 24 times. ”

”Eh? ”

”Kei, my name is Zius, and I am a God … Well, I was. ”

”A God?! ”

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