Ria stepped down from the car and picked up her phone to

see 10 missed calls and 5 unread messages from Daddy ” where are you? Don come home ” was one of the messages from her

dad , why would her dad not want her to come home where

there anymore surprises? ” well sorry dad Im already home ”

she said to herself as she closed the door of her car and headed

to the entrance of her house it was slightly opened and she

wondered why by the time she got closer and opened it the

sight of two bodies on the floor covered in blood it was like the

whole world became quiet and she was trying to fathom where

she actually was because this definitely looked like a nightmare,

one she would want to wake up from immediately.

The two bodies laying on the floor in a massive pool of

blood were belonging to the only people she had in this

world ,the only people she loved .it felt like she was dead and

immediately reincarnated she looked at both her parents in

the floor with heavy eyes which streams of hot liquid already

started to flow endlessly from, a bullet pierced in both their

heads her legs went limp and she slumped to the floor like a

sack of potatoes being thrown to the floor from a certain height.

”Mummm!!!!!!, Dadddddd!!!!! ” she yelled on top of her

lungs as she kept shaking them violently from a distance she

could hear the police coming as their sirens were wailing loudly ,

why didn they come earlier slowly neighbours started to

come out of their houses ”please wake up ” she kept on wailing

as everybody was starring at her with pity in their eyes .

The police arrived and took the bodies of both her parents

even after much protesting from her saying nobody should

touch them asking why they hadn come earlier she was

literally out of her mind .

She woke up with a soaring headache it felt like her brains

were about to burst she got out of bed with serious difficulty as

her head was seriously pounding and the pain was excruciating

she fell to the ground everything suddenly became blurry but

she wasn familiar with this place as it didn look anything like

her luxurious bedroom back at home this room was much

smaller and it was more of white and blue nothing like the colours in her room ” hello ” she tried yelling but her voice only

came out as a whisper she tried crawling but she bumped into

a desk in her front and some metallic equipment felt to the

ground making a loud clattering noise making her pull both her

hand over her ears everything was getting blurrier as her eyes

became heavy and started to close the last she saw before she

blacked out were a lot people running into the room towards


Her eyes immediately shot open she observed the

surroundings and found out she was in the hospital room why

the hell was she in the hospital she remembered having a

blackout earlier and then realization struck her , her parents

both her parents were dead and she was going to find the

person who killed them and of course she was going to make

the persons life a living hell the person was definitely going to

pay , but she had to get out of this sick hospital bed first and

she had no idea how to she tried getting up but all parts of her

body ached severely although the headache was gone she still

felt pain ”arrghh ” she shrieked in pain as she held on to the rail

of the bed for support ” sit back, sit back ” she heard someone

from behind her say as she felt a pair of strong arms behind her

helping her to lay back on the bed.

Who the hell was that and why the ** was he touching

her she shifted her gaze to person standing above her looking

down at her ” who are you ” she asked throwing him a

questionable gaze but he just lowered his body further as if to

take a better look at her ” why aren you answering me Im

going to call the doctor ” she said almost threatening him and a

glorious smirk graced his face and how exactly are you going to

do that ” he said as he strolled back to the cushion beside her

bed , what? was he seating there all these while? who was he

she didn know this man but she already found him

provokingly annoying she hated people who always ignored

others and what exactly did he mean by how was she going to

do that, he definitely was a bad person but was he doing in the hospital and in her room to be precise isn the security of a

hospital supposed to be very tight due to different kind of

patients there ” get me out of here now ” she demanded as she

turned to lay on her side so she can have a clear view of him ,

he chuckled upon hearing her he slowly rose up his head from

the magazine he was reading ” you definitely are going to be a

problem , what makes you think you can just demand things

from me like that , or no that sounded like an order , so you are

ordering me ” he asked raising a brow with that smirk still on

his face ” why am i here? ” she asked again with an irritated

expression all over her beautiful but pale face ” oh we were just

about to have a tea party , don you see my basket filled with

candy and my pretty tiara ” he said smiling and she definitely

knew this guy was a psycho he just ignored her question by

giving that sarcastic remark ” okay you
e not funny at all ” she

said rolling her eyes and he chuckled lightly she was about to

say something when she heard a knock and a nurse walked in

”sorry but doc.Bryan theres an emergency in ward 406n ” the

nurse said as she clutched to her gown showing how nervous

she was , wait was she intimidated by her definitely not she

was wearing an oversized hospital gown right now this nurse

was even dressed better than her she saw how the poor nurse

was seriously avoiding eye contact with this sick man wait did

she hear correctly doc? was he a doctor wait why didn she

notice his dressing he wore a lab coat and he literally had a

stethoscope hanging around his neck she probably hated the

man too much that she didn even notice his attire he stood up

and God !!! he was tall this man was definitely maybe 6 ft 1 or

6ft 2 and he was obviously by far taller than her dad her dad

looked 5 ft8 and as she thought about her dad she felt a sting

in her heart as her eyes became heavy ” wait ” she said stopping

doctor Bryan as he was about leaving her room ” what about

my parents where are they ” she asked trying her best to

suppress her tears ” i promise ill tell you all about them when i get back i need to see to something quick its an emergency ” he

said and left the room .

She buried her face in the pillow before she cried to hearts

content releasing all the pain she felt.

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