“You’re in a very good mood these days.”

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Did something good happen?”

On the night I decided to target the junior student known as the Ice Queen, my sister who came to my room suddenly said such a thing to me.

This is how my sister always comes to me without hesitation, and I don’t know if it’s to show her dignity, but the way she puts her hands on her hips is somewhat amusing.

“Well, I guess you could say that something good did happen.”

“Hmmm? What, tell me.”

Grinning, Sis came over to lie beside me on the bed.

She was very close to me and smelled good as she was after taking a bath.

For me, it’s not a stranger next to me, but my sister, and I was neither excited nor thrilled.


“What, suddenly…”

Oops, I was pulled away by my sister.

What I remembered was the exchange with Aisaka.
The memory of doing whatever I wanted to her in a hypnotic state is truly wonderful.

The feeling in the palm of my hand, the feeling of having my face between hers, and the sweet smell, all of it the strongest side dish… God, it’s a wonderful experience.

“Well, something good happened.
It’s not like I’ve got a girlfriend or anything, okay?”

Of course I know that.
I’m your sister!”


I cried tears of frustration as my sister puffed out her chest.

After that, Sis stood up and headed towards the door, as if she thought there was nothing in particular she could hear from me.

“Well, it’s a good thing if you’re having fun.
This is the end of your high school life this year, and you should properly enjoy yourself.”


I’d be absolutely killed if I told her what that fun is, but unfortunately, my sister won’t find out, and I’m not worried about anything, because she’s not the only one who would never find out, but no one else would either.

“However, it’s that kind of carelessness that leads to troubles.
I have to be careful about a lot of things too, don’t I?”

A hypnosis application that shows absolute power at the moment, the power to be both a true god and a devil?

Well, my use of it is completely demonic, but it’s a power I have, so I have to use it.


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Bad idea, I can’t stop the creepy smile from leaking out.

I intend to continue my one-sided skinship towards Aisaka, and even if she were to make a new boyfriend, it won’t change.

I’m not going to let go of that softness and warmth so easily after experiencing it, and I’m going to do whatever I want with Aisaka.

“And I’ve already decided on my next target.”

The next target’s name is Honma Emu, a beautiful second-year girl one year below me.

She has semi-long black hair, a piercing gaze and, although not as big as Aisaka’s, she has nice big – by the way, Aisaka is said to have F-cups, so this will be taken as a test.

“Queen of Ice, now that I think about it, she’s amazing, isn’t she?”

Queen of Ice, I didn’t expect to hear such a chuunibyou-like name.

It’s not that she started calling herself that, it’s simply a nickname she’s given because she has turned down numerous confessions.

But the way she turns them down seems to be quite harsh and has attracted a lot of animosity… but it doesn’t seem to be that way, and apparently she feels a strange excitement when she is cursed by a beautiful girl.

“They’re all perverts, our high school.”

Absolutely outrageous, that’s why I’m going to have my way with her hot body!

I’ll use this hypnosis app to control her, who has been rejected by so many men, and this time I’ll completely release the lust I have deep inside me – I clenched my fists and vowed so.

“…I’m counting on you tomorrow, buddy.”

For me, the app was already my partner.

I opened the app screen, tapped the screen a few times with a thump, then switched off my phone and turned off the lights in my room.

“I’ve finished my homework, I’m ready for tomorrow, I’m a student before I do anything evil.
It’s important to do what you have to do well, man.”

And with that I went to sleep feeling good.

The next day, after school, I wanted to go to Honma immediately, but a little accident occurred here.

“Oh, Masaki, sorry, could you put this away for me?”


The physics teacher stopped me and asked me to put away the tools because he was busy.

I thought it was annoying and considered going through with it under hypnosis, but I nodded that I understood and received the tools from the teacher.

“…huh, what a drag.”

I put the tools away while complaining like that, but the students who were not in club activities had already started leaving the school.

Honma shouldn’t belong to any club activities, and I’ve basically got information that she gets to and from school early, so maybe she’s already gone home.

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“Shit! I mean, since we’re in different grades, isn’t it hard to ambush her?”

I’ve just now realized such a problem.

Just as I was thinking that I had to give up, today – a junior boy ran in front of me crying.


I tilted my head and wondered what was wrong with the sight of him crying profusely.

In the direction he ran, there was a staircase leading to the rooftop, and from there, to my surprise, the person I wanted was walking towards me.



I just couldn’t help but let out a loud voice.

I guessed what had happened from the sight of her walking with an imposing figure, and from the appearance of the boy earlier.

“There was a guy who just cried and ran away…”

“I was confessed to and I just turned him down.
It’s disappointing to cry so soon…”

I didn’t think I could answer honestly, but I could see from Honma a sense of disappointment towards the other guy.

Even though she had refused his confession, she was probably taken aback by the way he ran away crying.

“…That’s nice.”

“What is?”

Her cold gaze mirrors mine.

I grinned, activated the hypnosis app,, and told Honma this.

“Take me to your house now.”


Her cold stare faded away and she looked as dazed as Aisaka.

She walked past me as it was, and when the distance between us opened up, she stopped and waited for me, as if wondering what was wrong.

“…Kukku, okay then, let’s go.”

Oh no, I can’t stop smiling, my heart pounding with excitement.

Like Aisaka, I slightly attracted some stares as we left the school building together, but fortunately there weren’t that many people, so I didn’t mind.

“Where are your parents?”

“They always come home late.”

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“…You don’t get on well with them?”

“No? They both think well of me.”

He is a little sensitive to complicated matters, partly because of Aisaka.

They seem to be a simply busy family, and the only time they can talk satisfactorily is on holidays… but even so, they seem to be a properly close family.

“This is my home.”


Homma’s house was a mansion.

It is as if to say how much money was spent on it, but according to what I hear, her father is the director of a hospital, and if that is the case, then it is a convincing mansion.

I was a little overwhelmed, but Honma took me inside the house and we went straight into her room.


I was excited to see the room of the opposite gender following Aisaka.

The fact that the room was white in color meant that no dirt was visible, even though it would have been noticeable if even a single hair had fallen out.

I have a good feeling that she pays a lot of attention to cleaning.

Of course Aisaka’s room was clean, but Homma’s room was a tad too clean.

“…I’m just saying, which mouth is talking…”

Well, that’s that and this is that.

“Well, then, let’s get on with it… but first of all, are you having any problems and thinking about suicide?”

“No, I don’t.
I have worries, but they are not serious.”

“I see.
Then that’s good.”

I am relieved that nothing unusual seems to be happening, as was the case with Aisaka.

I beckon Honma to me and reach out my hand to her, who approaches without showing any resistance.

“I’m going to touch your breasts.”


I had already touched her before getting her consent, but that’s a little late for that.

I said they were slightly smaller than Aisaka’s, but they are in the category of big breasts, so they are still very comfortable to squeeze.

I pressed my face against it as it was, and pushed it around as much as I wanted.

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However, I felt a strange sensation when I was rubbing Honma’s breasts like that.

It was that the feeling through her uniform was too soft, and I couldn’t feel the firmness of her underwear that I felt when I was with Aisaka.

“…….Are you by any chance not wearing any underwear?”

I haven’t been wearing a bra all day already, and I’m not wearing any underwear either.”


What do you mean?

I didn’t understand a word she said… but I had the nerve to order her to do it.

“No, take it off.”


She took off her uniform with a shuffling sound.

It seemed to be true that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.
She really wasn’t wearing anything… Of course, all her important parts were in full view.
It really seemed that she had spent her time at school with no underwear on.

“H-hey, w-why did you do that?”

Oh no, I can’t stop my voice from shaking.

This is more due to the bewilderment I feel when a slight irregularity occurs than to excitement.

“It’s -”

She takes a step forward and I pull back a little, which is bad enough that I bump into the wardrobe behind me.

Then, with a rattling sound, one of the boxes in the wardrobe fell.

The impact of the fall had removed the lid of the box, and the many items stored in it were proudly waving hello to me.

“What’s this… strings, handcuffs… chains? And… wow.”

There were adult toys, just like all the items I’ve seen in erotic manga, that were used to discipline women.

As I looked alternately at the items and Homma, I blurted out.

“Maybe you … М?”

I like to imagine being blamed.
Hopefully, I would be even happier if you would use terrible words to turn the tables on me and pounce on me.
I also have a fetish for smells.”


I quickly finished cleaning up that day and went home from Honma’s house.

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