Why do have such a scar?”

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Aisaka was in her underwear in front of me, but my eyes were drawn to the wrist-cut scars on her arms before her seductive body.

To be honest, even though I was excited by her body, I was at a loss because of seeing those scars.


Aisaka, who was hypnotised, didn’t say anything, but just stared at me.

She has no ego now, and is in a puppet, obeying only everything I say.

‘What are you confused about? If there’s a woman in front of you who doesn’t resist, what should you do..?’

She shouldn’t even remember that she invited me into her house and that she even let me do what I wanted with her body.

Well, there’s a lot of clean-up to be done, but as long as you take care of that, she’ll think nothing has happened and tomorrow she’ll go about her daily life as if nothing has changed.



If she answers whatever you ask, you could ask her what is happening to her.

“Those scars on your arm, how did that happen?”


Aisaka’s body trembled at my question.

She should not have an ego, but since she is so self-injurious, she may be feeling something even subconsciously.

As usual, there is no light in Aisaka’s eyes, and despite this state of affairs, she begins to speak.

“I had a boyfriend.”


She had a boyfriend, to which I nodded in agreement.

I knew that she had a boyfriend not at the same school, but at another school, because I had heard Aisaka talking about it in the classroom.

Well, I hypnotised the woman with the other guy, and that’s what I meant when I said I’d be throwing away my conscience.

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“He was my childhood friend, we were together all the time.
We broke up in high school, but we’ve been together since middle school and I thought we could go all the way to marriage.”

“…… I see.
That’s how much you liked him?”



Tears began to overflow from Aisaka’s eyes.

Even so, Aisaka continued to talk, although it was a little bit eerie as there was no change in her expression and she was only shedding tears.

“But that was my one-way feeling.
He didn’t like me for a long time already, and he was dating a girl from the same school.”

“… So?”

“I asked him if this was cheating.
But he was like, so what’s wrong with that, and told me that the reason he stopped liking me was all because of me, while kissing the girl he was cheating on me with.”


The more I heard, the more I thought the other guy was a scumbag imo.

Well, I tried to do as I pleased with Aisaka, so I’m no less of a scumbag.
But I didn’t expect such an obvious act to be committed against a classmate.

However, from my point of view, Aisaka doesn’t seem to be the type to drag it out that far, considering that she’s a gal-like person.

I thought there was more to this, and I was right, it seems.

“If that was all, it was still fine.
But he told my parents about this and that, and my mum and dad believed it and I became the bad girl.”


No, no, why don’t you believe your own daughter.
I wanted to tsk tsk.

When I walked into this house, I thought the family seemed a little warm and fuzzy, but apparently I was wrong.

“Because he was liked by my mum and dad.
So as soon as he played the victim, Mum and Dad believed, that I was no good, because I didn’t take his feelings into account, and he kept whispering lies!!!!”

The words were getting more intense and the amount of tears that were flowing increased.

I couldn’t help but take out a handkerchief from my pocket, place it over her eyes, and wipe away the tears.

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Even after all this, she did not regain her self-will, and her words did not stop even if my hand was in her eye.

“I loved him too.
I loved my mum and dad too, but suddenly everyone looks at me like I’m the enemy.
Suddenly the world has changed and I don’t know what to do anymore.”


Did she mean that the boyfriend she loved and the way her parents looked at her had changed and she had kept it bottled up inside her for so long that she couldn’t accept it?

“Is that why you cut your wrist?”

I didn’t want to die, but when I feel uncomfortable, I cut myself and when I feel the pain and it helps me to get back to normal and I feel safe.”

So that’s how she started self-harming?

I guess this revealed all her inner feelings, and there were no more words about the wound on that arm.

As I know from the various app descriptions, this hypnosis does not allow the person who has been hypnotised to tell any lies.

“So everything you just told me is true ……?”

To be honest, I’ve never had a girlfriend, so I don’t know the sadness of being cheated on, and my family is very nice to me, so I don’t know what it would be like to be in the opposite position.

But, it would certainly be hell if I were to be rejected by everyone and everything.

“…… Aisaka, you’ve always been so happy in the classroom and seemed to be enjoying being surrounded by your friends and I remember you sometimes asked for advice on love affairs.”

You guys talk so loudly, so I can hear you from a distance, seriously.

Well, but in the midst of all that brightness, this girl was carrying this invisible darkness all the time.
While I was thinking about how I couldn’t get a girlfriend, this girl, a classmate of mine, was carrying that kind of darkness.

“… put your clothes on”

I said that and she put her clothes on.

She put on her uniform exactly as before, and the gal beauty Aisaka was back to her usual self.

However, her eyes are red because she has cried, and there are tear marks that ruin her make-up.

“Aside from the boyfriend, it’s hard to be told like that by the parents.
Well, I fell sorry.”

I’m really a wimp.

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The problems she was having were none of my business, and moreover, it was nothing I, a stranger, could say about them.

Aisaka and I are just classmates who go to the same classroom, but we’re not friends and we don’t talk to each other much.

“Anyway, handkerchief, hey.”


I tried to pull away the handkerchief.
I was wiping the tears, but Aisaka gripped it tightly and wouldn’t let go.

I wondered if the hypnosis had lifted, but as usual, there was no change in Aisaka’s expression.

“Will you let it go?”


As I thought, her hand didn’t leave it.

Well, to be honest, losing one or two handkerchiefs would not be a problem, so I left them in Aisaka’s hands as they were.

“How far can you go with hypnosis?”

I don’t know exactly how far it could go, although it was explained to me that they would listen to everything I said.

She complies without hesitation to orders to take off her clothes, and seems to have enough power to tell me about her hidden past.

“She isn’t looking to die, but if I push herself any further….”

I didn’t want to think any further.

Even if it’s someone I haven’t talked to much, it doesn’t feel good to lose a classmate for such a reason.


I thought about it for a bit.

Aside from the guy who was her boyfriend, there are ways in which I might be able to do something about the family relationship.

“Aisaka, I’m sorry about that.
Well, you wouldn’t understand what I’m saying to you now, and I’m a total scumbag to begin with.”

However, if she hadn’t told me this, I might have devoured her lustfully, but let’s just call it what it is.

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“He ain’t the only guy in your life.
You’re always having fun in class, ain’t you? You’ve got friends you care about.
Unlike me, they like you a lot, don’t they?”

Ah, I’m getting depressed as I’m saying this.

Well, I’m not Aisaka, so I can’t understand all of her sadness.

But I think she should just forget about such a low-life and move on.

“Haa, it’s a shame, because if it were true, I surely would have been enjoying paradise as much as I wanted to.
I would have loved to squeeze those big breasts.”

Seriously, I’m saying everything that sucks.

I then left the house before Aisaka’s parents returned.

In the end, I couldn’t use this hypnosis app to make Aisaka’s body like mine until the end.

“Aisaka’s no good! Okay, let’s find the next girl!”

I’ll have to push through a bit more and become a lowlife, a real scumbag.

Kukku, I’ll definitely do it this time!

I was so determined.


“Hey, hey.
How has that girl been doing since then? I wonder if she’s still crying?”

“I don’t know.
But it’s a hilarious that even her family abandoned her.”

“Oh, my God…”

“It’s funny, isn’t it? What?”

“Who is this guy?”

Can I just say something?


What am I even doing here?

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