[TL: Light change in name Agatsuma to Wagatsuma, I made a mistake there previously.]

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About a week has passed since I fought off the stalker who had been stalking Homma.

Because Honma was the one involved, the police asked me a lot of questions, and at the same time, I found out that the man turned himself in as I had ordered him to do.

“Well… they said he was acting somewhat strange, but he was very clear in his answers.
But after some time, he started denying the charges… and the police seemed to have a creepy feeling about it.”

After what happened, I continued my relationship with Honma.

I’ve been in a relationship with Homma ever since that happened.

[Senpai, good morning.]

However, there was one thing that was unexpected.

That is that she started talking to me when she found me, even if she wasn’t in a hypnotic state.

“…well, it’s like a benefactor in a way.”

The part I had overlooked was that if you are hypnotising one person and trying to hypnotise another, the person who was originally hypnotised will come back to their senses, and I didn’t expect her to come to her senses and follow me to the police station.

It seems that in Honma’s mind, I was her senpai who had fought off her stalker by whatever means, and every time I saw her, she wanted to thank me for my help.

“Mmm, this is a great chance to get close to a girl… but seriously, I don’t need any Thanks.”

To begin with, I can’t touch girls without this hypnotic power.
Try touching a sane Aisaka or Honma… just imagine how scary it would be.

“What are you mumbling about?”

“There’s really been a lot of that lately, you know?”

Akira and Shogo looked suspiciously.

Hypnosis apps are certainly versatile, but that’s certainly why they have their drawbacks.

This thing is certainly awesome power, but you have to think about the what-ifs, like with Honma.

“Charging Max is a definite thing.”

Hypothetically, what would happen if he was in the middle of doing naughty things to the girls and the hypnosis wore off?

[Bastard, are you doing?]

[What the hell are you doing, senpai…]

Aisaka and Honma, in my imagination, had eyes that wanted to kill me already.

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So I’m doing something that could get me killed, but I still have to be properly careful so that it doesn’t happen.

“I don’t want to worry my sister or my family.”

I’m like, What the hell am I talking about?

Then class starts as usual, and it’s quiet in the classroom because there are only those taking the class seriously.

Of course I wasn’t making a fuss either.
I was copying what was written on the blackboard, but my mind was occupied with my next target.

“Saika Wagatsuma… kukku kukku…”

Following Aisaka and Honma is a girl called Sober Girl, who is enrolled in the next class.

It is true that she is plain as people around her say, and I don’t deny that she is plain, and I don’t know if she has a communicative disorder or if she is too dark to make contact with the people around her, but I know.

“Only girls like that are very erotic.
That’s what long years of history says.”

It’s an area that every boy has seen in pure romantic comedy, or even in many genres of erotic manga, where the plain girls are actually quite naughty.

It’s not always the case, and this world is real, but I believe it, my dear Wagatsuma!

“What are you mumbling about, Masaki-kun? Please solve this problem.”

“Leave it to me.”

Of course, I solved the problem.

After that, I couldn’t wait for the end of the school day to arrive, but I tried my best to suppress my feelings of impatience and held back.

And finally -.

“Alright, then, everyone please be careful going home.”

“Thank you.”

I quickly packed my things and was about to leave the classroom when I was stopped.

“Hey, wait, Masaki.”



The one who approached me was a classmate who had previously complained bitterly about why Aisaka was inviting me.

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It seems that he doesn’t like me because I’ve been talking to Aisaka lately anyway, but I don’t have time to waste on you.

It seems that my feelings towards Ero were too strong, and that I made a low voice that I wouldn’t normally make, and if anything, I even glared at him.


“I see.
Well then.”

I heard a desk kick behind me, but I immediately went to Wagatsuma.

It was the next class, so there was no need to rush that much, but even so, my heart was telling me that this inquisitive mind had to be dissipated today.



Just as if by divine guidance, I bumped into Wagatsuma, who was just about to leave the classroom.

She was frightened, but said she was sorry, and just as she was about to walk next to me, I activated the hypnosis app.



Hmm, I feel like I’m getting used to this villainous wait.

Since we only have contact in PE, even though we are in the next class, the girls are looking at me strangely, but it’s nothing to worry about.

I’m going to leave school with Wagatsuma in a hypnotic state and head straight home… but before I do that, I’m going to have a little taste of it.

“Is this where Wagatsuma lives?”


“Then there’s a park nearby.
Let’s stop there.”


I don’t know, but Wagatsuma’s speech is very bland.

It may be because she’s in a hypnotic state, but even so, her voice lacks any sense of control or will.

“…Well, it’s okay.”

I’m not going to meet a woman with such landmines so many times, like a wrist cut like Aisaka or an Extreme-Prevert like Honma.

“Okay, let’s sit here.”

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We sat on a bench set up in the park.

I look out at the scene of young children playing football in the distance, and I turn to Wagatsuma, who stares at me intently.

“I’m going to touch you.”


Without hesitation, I reach for Wagatsuma’s breasts… and…


I was tremendously surprised.

The reason for this was simple: the softness that could be felt in the palm of this hand was wonderful, but more than that, I was surprised by its size.

I didn’t realize it because I had always only seen her hunched over, but apparently she has an asset even more amazing than Aisaka.

“How many cups…?”


“… Oh, surely that’s an H.”

As I thought, Wagatsuma, who is known as this sober girl, had a naughty body.

I was almost speechless with shock, but taking advantage of the hypnotised state, I buried my face in her bosom.

The feeling was wonderful, different from Aisaka’s and Honma’s, and the slight scent of perfume – why do girls smell so good?

“I can’t get enough of this.
Let’s go to your house, Wagatsuma.”


I’m already a samurai.
fighting desperately with myself.

Wagatsuma takes me to her house, and when we go through the front door, for a moment… just for a moment, really, I feel a bit lonely atmosphere.

“Where are your parents?”

“I don’t think they’re home yet.”

“I see.”

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There was a sense of life, of course, but it was still somewhat lonely.

I went straight to Wagatsuma’s room, but… it was too clean, giving me the impression that it was somewhat tasteless.

Well, but there was a part of me that felt like this plain atmosphere was also a kind of unanimous interpretation.

“Well, then, let’s have you undress right away.”


She removed the ribbon from her chest and got into her shirt with a shuffling sound.

The only thing protecting her now was the shirt and the bra underneath, and at this point, the size of it was even more noticeable.

“Come on, come on, take it off, take it off.”


As if following my words, Wagatsuma took off her shirt… and there I was stunned.

“…Hey, Wagatsuma…”


“I was so excited that I overlooked a lot of things, but… what are those bruises on your stomach, your arms and on your thighs?”

Numerous marks, already turning blue, were etched on Wagatsuma’s body.

The bruises, which often appear when someone hits hard with something… I waited for Wagatsuma’s words, wondering if it was possible.

“…My father beats me up.
My mother won’t help me either.”


I see, this time it seems she is being abused and beaten.

“…Sorry, a little time.”


I screamed out loud, because there was no one here but me and Wagatsuma right now.

“Why the girl I’ve been eyeing are always harbouring something dark ah ah ah ah ah!”

Could this hypnosis app be manipulating me in reverse?

Is it manipulating me to meet girls who are like this? Is it my imagination? Hey, I’m a bit scared!

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