Chapter 17 – Dungeon Practice (5)

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“What, crazy!”

Baek Yoo-seol used blinking after abruptly shifting his body to face his chest front.
Shortly later, the flame exploded into sparks where he was going to land by a hair’s breadth.


It had the same explosive power as a small bomb.

Because of the acceleration of the fall, he couldn’t control his body even after the blink was over, hitting his head on a rock and hurting himself as a result.

“Oh, my”

Even on the dirt floor, the sound of heels could be heard clearly.
Baek Yu-seol patted his head, stood up, and looked back. 

“Hong Bi-yeon…” 

She was approaching slowly with her staff pointed this way.
Baek Yu-seol became more and more confused.

‘No, why is she here again?’

I don’t know what kind of grudge everyone has toward me. 

Hong Bi-yeon said while aiming her staff at Baek Yu-seol.

“Commoner, why didn’t you just take another stick from them?”

“What are you talking about? I couldn’t take it.”


“No, in the first place, why does it matter if I took those sticks or not?”

She did not respond.
Writhing his brows, Baek Yu-seol inquired.

“I wonder if you… If I took it all away, were you planning on taking them all at once from me?”

She was silent again, but it was as if she had already answered with her silence.

“Such shameless.
You’re a human after all.”

“I’m a royalty.”

Considering that she believed she could take away my stick in the first place, it appears that it was not her pride as a royal that motivated her, but rather the confidence that come from knowing she was strong.

“No, isn’t that too much? That’s right, I even gave you a special lecture.”

Do commoners not know the difference between a public servant and an apostle?”

She flicked the staff up and down.

“Get ready quickly.
Taking away things like commoners does not reflect the dignity of royalty, so I’ll deal with you properly.”

“Dignity is such a bitch.
Is it okay for you to tease the weak in this manner?”

“…weak? you? Don’t be silly.”

Hong Bi-yeon frowned.
As if she was genuinely offended and disgusted.

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“I’ve been watching how you were messing with them, all this time.”

Hong Bi-yeon had been watching the Raiden gang and Baek Yu-fight seol’s fight since they first met.

Their point stick was prized, but dealing with six people at once would sap her stamina, so she thought of taking the point sticks all at once when the fight was over and they were physically exhausted.

Currently, she had 4 point sticks, and she had defeated quite a few monsters, giving her a whopping 144 points.
But she still had a long way to go.

It was because Haewon, whom she had previously met, had points in the 200 range.

‘I can’t go back with poor grades again this time.’

My mother, she will punish me.

She was desperate.
More desperately than anyone else in Stella, she was working hard to get grades.

I must win first place.
Only if I win first place in this academy of geniuses and nobles from all over the world will I be recognized.

‘However, that commoner is playing around.’

Because Hong Bi-yeon had always worked hard, she was dissatisfied with Baek Yu-seol, who possessed power but did not use it well.

‘If you don’t do your best, you don’t deserve points.’

However, she couldn’t let go of the tension, whether the other person was a commoner or not.
Hong Bi-yeon increased her mental power to the maximum.

She recalled Raiden, who had just been brutally beaten.
Regardless of how pitiful they usually acted, their magical abilities were not pathetic.
It was good enough for them to be admitted to Stella.

Although far inferior to Hong Bi-yeon, they were still the elite of the elite who grew up in a wizarding family in their own way, as were the boys who followed Raiden.

If you have the skills to mess with those guys…….

‘I have no choice but to burn it with all our might.’

Even Baek Yoo-seol, who had been joking around without even using magic until now, would have no choice but to respond sincerely if she was sincere.

… It was unjust to Baek Yu-seol, who had always been sincere, but Hong Bi-yeon thought so anyway.


The sparks from her body began to spread in all directions, linking the trees to each other.

The waves of flame ate and swirled around the trees.

Because the 4th class fire field couldn’t be implemented yet, an advantageous environment was created by combining 1st class spark magic and the surrounding terrain.

‘She’s smarter than I thought.’

In a cold sweat, Baek Yu-seol looked at the burning field.

As she aimed the point stick, Hong Bi-yeon’s brow twitched at the prospect of dealing with it.

“Your wand, aren’t you going to take it out properly?

“I gave it to you.”

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“Isn’t there a basic cane given to you at the time of admission?”

Oh right.
Was there?

In the first place, there was no point in using a cane, so Baek Yu-seol completely forgot about it.

A wizard, like a Korean soldier who must always carry a K-2 rifle on his body, should always carry a cane.

“You’re still joking around.”

Hong Bi-yeon swung the staff with an angry expression.

“I don’t know about the other idiots, but you’d better be serious with me.”

Hwareuk!! A barrage of flames and flowers set flies soaring high in the sky, much like a snake.

“If you don’t, you’ll really die.”

In time, the barrage of a flame started to explode!

Even after using two or more flashes in a row, it seemed impossible to completely escape that vast wave of flames.

Knowing that Baek Yoo-seol can move quickly, Hong Bi-yeon had already prepared countermeasures.

‘This is going to be a little difficult…’

Even the tiny fireflies that were playing near Hong’s body would erupt if he got too close.
He’d been playing PVP with pyrotechnics wizards and had been beaten by them numerous times, so he was aware of the threat.

The level was much higher than expected.

‘If it was a real battle on a flat ground, I would have been robbed in less than a minute.’

Would there be a fight in the first place? Let alone one minute, it would be settled in a matter of thirty seconds.
Only two flashes could not beat a monstrous being named Hong Bi-yeon..

However, things were very different now.

The constantly changing terrain and the point stick in Baek Yu-seol’s hand were acting as variables.

This point stick would be able to destroy Hong Bi-yeon’s flimsy magic shield, which was renowned for its weak defense.

‘It would be difficult to knock her down, but …’

At least he won’t be helpless.

Whoa! Whoa! Pop! Pop!!

A mass of flames was fired from the tip of Hong Bi-yeon’s staff, as a pillar of fire rose from Baek Yu-seol’s feet.

The intention was to take the flow from the opponent by using target and shooting alternately.

“Crazy, I’m not kidding, really.”

Indeed, it was a formidable force.
If she get one right, it was all over.


Not a single attack reached Baek Yu-seol.

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By twisting his head, he narrowly avoided the barrage of flames passing by his cheeks, and by blinking flexibly, he evaded the large waves of flame.

It was even possible for ‘parring’ with this point stick, but after seeing the flying flame arrows, he hit it as it is!

“W, what…!”

For the first time in her life, Hong Bi-yeon was visibly perplexed by the sight of magic being struck down by a weapon.

The flame arrows were as swift as an arrow, so it might not be possible for ordinary people, but Baek Yoo-seol had raised the Magic Leakage Delay level to the maximum level at the time of playing the game, and he could clearly detect the range of attack with his eyes.

Even though the level was low and only detectable with the sixth sense, for now, it was sufficient.


As he blinked behind the rock after deflecting all the balls of flame that came flying in succession, the waves of flame hit the pitiful air.

“How long are you going to just dodge!”

Of course, Baek Yu-seol didn’t just run away.

He was slowly awakening his senses by waving the point stick to momentarily radiate magical power to ward off magic or find the optimal path with minimal blinking.

Sensory enlightenment through practice.
He was now using Hong Bi-yeon for his ‘training.’

She was different from the rest of the world.
Although her level was still low, she was closer to a ‘real’ wizard than anyone he had ever faced.

Instead of a 3D game operated by a keyboard and mouse, Baek Yoo-seol moved, in reality, to slowly realize the sense of dealing with the wizard.


The flow of mana fluttered like it could be caught at his fingertips.
The ‘sixth sense’ felt just as familiar as touch, sight, and hearing.

‘Ugh, how the hell are you avoiding  it?’

Hong Bi-yeon screamed inwardly.

How can you move freely in this place that is still constantly entangled and intertwined?

She thought she could shoot him down enough if she got it right even once, but she kept missing narrowly.

‘This terrain is full of trees, surely I have an advantage?’

Hong Bi-yeon thought she made the terrain her own by setting fire to the trees.

However, in fact, this living and moving terrain were always on the side of Baek Yu-seol, whether it was on fire or not.

Rather, every time a burning tree soared high and then shrank, repeatedly obscuring her gaze, couldn’t Baek Yu-seol dig into the gap?


When the flame did not reach him despite such a wide range of shots, Hong Bi-yeon made the flames even stronger.

A move to prepare for big magic!

And that moment was a gap.


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Baek Yu-seol in an unexpected movement used a blink and appeared in front of Hong Bi-yeon.


In a very brief moment, their eyes met, and Hong Bi-yeon, who had a wrinkled expression on her face, shut her mouth.

‘Area Crash!’

An explosion of flames erupted from Hong Bi-yeon’s body.

Baek Yoo-seol knew that magic well.

It was a magic that was used as a counter to the opponent approaching by a pyrotechnics bishop, which causes a small four-back explosion within a radius of 2m around the body.

He was able to deal with such a rudimentary response because he had been subjected to the magic so many times before.

With just one step back, he was able to get exactly 2m away from Hong Bi-yeon, and pooong!

As soon as the four-back explosion hit the air, he approached without leaving even the 0.1-second gap and stretched out.

……the point stick.



Hong Bi-yeon’s chest was stabbed with a point stick, and her sloppy magic shield broke, pushing her body back.

If it had been Hong Bi-yeon from the future, she might have fallen gracefully or prepared a second countermeasure before being stabbed, but she now fell backward, most likely due to her lack of combat experience.

Dump! Hong Bi-yeon’s face shook from shock, whether from hitting her bottom on the floor or from being attacked.

The flame died away, and silence took its place.

It was Baek Yoo-seol who opened his mouth first. 

“I won.”

Not yet, there is a pyrotechnics aura surrounding me.
If you had hit a second time, you would have been immediately swept up in the explosion.”

“I know.
That’s why it didn’t go in.”

“Pretending to know!”

She became depressed and shut her mouth as she yelled.
It was because she believed that if he had used a real wand and fought her, she would have been defeated sooner.

‘What the hell… What is your identity?’

Contrary to what she believed, the rumors about him were also complicated.
Looking into her corner, he said.

Stop hiding now and come out.”


When Hong Bi-yeon turned her head in surprise, a black-haired girl crept out from behind the rock.

She still looked discontented.

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