Hate You, Love You

The Man Who Slept with Me

”Ah, stop! Stop it; it hurts! ” I squealed as I felt something darting through my lower body.

The man forced, pushing as hard as he could until I felt like something was tearing down there. It hurts, but …

Oh, no … no!

It was true, it hurt, but when I felt the man start to move slowly, the feeling turned into pleasure. He seems to be proficient in doing it. However, who is this man? Do I know him? Is this abuse?

No, I don think so.

”Who are you? Where are we? ” I asked, like a fool, as this man continued to move while I was just wondering myself.

You are stupid, Zane!

I don know this man, do I? From his stature, he was probably the same as someone who might have met me once or twice. However, who?

And … Yes, I could see his face, but my head was too reeling to recognize or remember who the man was.

”Do you want me to stop? ” the man asked in his soft, baritone voice. It was even so gentle that I seemed to be in heaven.

He didn stop moving; the question may be trivial.

My hand reflexively touched the mans face. A firm jawline with fine hairs adorning it, and light brown eyeballs framed by thick and defined eyebrows, makes him look so handsome. He is familiar, but who?

Maybe Im making love with an angel.

”Answer me, Miss Carra! Do you want me to stop it now!? ” he jerked but kept moving slowly over me.

And one more thing I have to note; he knows my name!

Oh, as to the question—whether I want him to stop or continue it—of course, i want him to keep moving there, above me! Go on … because I love it. I like it when the man moves, plus his muscular fingers squeeze the front of my body. His sighs, his low moans … I love them all!

Help me … I think Ive started to go crazy!

Im assuming its Ray who is now on top of me and taking everything I have for him to enjoy tonight. However, why did his voice sound different? And how could he have the audacity to do this to me?

”Miss Carra, I will stop if you say stop! So answer me! ” He started to force me while I was trying to restore my consciousness to the level it should be.

”No, don stop! You
e already in there, ” I replied, already floating in the air because of the favors this man gave me.

”This is your first time doing this, hm? ” he asked, sounding breathless.

I nodded, on the verge of being conscious and unconscious, enjoying every move that gave me a great sensation.

How could he know? Oh, are there any bloodstains, as people like to say? Or … because I was in pain just now?

I don know … I don care either. Because before long, the movement is getting faster. Then not long after, there was an extraordinary magical feeling as if it exploded from down there, from the lower part of my body that I had always guarded.

Not only my, but the mans body was also tensed, and his moans filled the room where we were.

We both moan.

Oh, so this is what having sex feels like? Thanks to you, Ray—or whoever you are, for showing me one worlds pleasures.

And Ill make sure to have sweet dreams tonight …


I woke up in a mess; Dizzy head, messy hair, and one more thing, naked.

Note that! NAKED!

My memory is trying to collect bits and pieces of events that brought me to this place. However, I only remember the taste of last night because everything else had just evaporated.

And … there he is, a great man who has contributed to giving me what I have never felt—a pleasure.

He was still asleep with his back to me, and I could hear his soft snoring, which meant he wasn awake after our beautiful night.

From his muscular stature, it could be Ray. However, the copper-colored hair was not Rays.

Then his scent … oh, why didn I sniff him last night?

I drew closer to him, sniffing and smelling his scent. More profound, as if trying to recognize who took my virginity last night.

No, wait!

First of all, I have to get dressed first, then leave this place. Because I, frankly, don know what to do if that guy wakes up from his sleep.

What if he asks to make love again?

No, no!

I shouldn give pleasure to strangers so easily twice. If one is considered a mistake, then twice is stupid unless I want to.

Yes, I want to.

No, I don want to! I have to go!

I stuttered, trying to comb my hair with my hands, so Mariana didn know that last night I slept with a strange man—or maybe that was Ray.

It doesn matter who it is, for sure it was enjoyment, and I probably won forget it. And if asked if I want to repeat it, then the answer is yes. Of course, with the same man.

Im not a slut who will easily give my body to different men for momentary pleasure.

”Zane, where have you been? ” Mariana—who came suddenly, makes me almost jump. Her eyes couldn help but look at my still unflinching appearance now.

”Are you okay? ” she looked around as if looking for someone who might come with me. It could be Ray.

”Uhm … I … I was looking for you and Ray too, last night. Where have you guys been? I haven paid for the drinks I ordered because I didn have rufiyaa. I wish you guys were there. ” I combed my long hair back and tied it up.

e there, Zane. Did you forget? We couldn find you anywhere. ” Mariana paused her sentence. ”I thought you were home because the last time I saw you were so messed up. ”

This is weird. Maybe because I was drunk, I couldn find them. Or that strange man—I still think it was Ray—took me away.

”Zane, forgive me if what Ive been trying to do doesn make you happy, ” said Mariana, which made me shake my head quickly.

”No … thats not true, Mariana. ”

Of course not. I am happy. Who said Im not satisfied? Even last nights incident made me so happy and happy.

This is crazy.

”Wheres Ray? ” I asked Mariana, who then looked behind her back.

”Miss Carra? I looked for you everywhere, and you finally came home, ” said Ray, who had just emerged from his room.

What? So … who slept with me last night?

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