4 – Invitation

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“A wild spirit user! You’re a wild spirit user!”

Black drooping lines appeared on Shu Feng’s forehead, and he gave Ding Xiaoxue an askance look.

The beautiful woman in an office uniform, with light makeup and extraordinary temperament, smiled faintly and said, “Shu Feng, was it?! Xiaoxue likes to joke around.
Just a moment! I’ll issue you your ID card now!”

After drawing his blood, taking a picture, verifying his fingerprints, and a series of other procedures, Su Yi handed Shu Feng a white card.

You now have the identity of a spirit user.
With this white card, you can freely enter Beiling Street.
In addition, this white card has an overdraft limit of 1 million.”

“However, I suggest that you don’t overdraft the card.
Because if you can’t afford to pay it back, you’ll have to work in the Erosion Realm.” Ding Xiaoxue advised.

Shu Feng felt a slight chill in his heart and uttered, “I got it.”

Ding Xiaoxue said, “Shu Feng, do you want to join Flameguard? It is an official organization of the Qianyuan Republic.
Once you join, you will be equivalent to a civil servant with first-class benefits and treatment.”

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he said, “Tell me about the benefits and treatment!”

Shu Feng’s family is poor.
After awakening his ability, his first thought is about how to make money with his ability.
He is very interested in Flameguard.

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“If you join Flameguard, you’ll immediately get a cultivation method, the Spirit Cultivation Method.
The monthly salary of a level-1 Apprentice Spirit Warrior is 10,000, of a level-2 Apprentice Spirit Warrior is 20,000, and so on.
The monthly salary of a Spirit Warrior is 200,000.
Anyway, as long as you join Flameguard, your monthly salary won’t be less than 10,000.”

“After joining Flameguard, the organization will cultivate you.
You’ll be able to go straight to Shuijing High School.”

“In Flameguard, there are various secret methods of the four complete cultivation paths.”

“These are your rights.
Now your obligations.
From middle school until university, you will be a student and thus won’t have to take compulsory missions.”

“However, after you graduate from university, you will officially join Flameguard and will have to take compulsory missions.
Of course, you can also choose to transfer and become a civilian staff member.
Anyway, you will have to work for the country.” Ding Xiaoxue explained.

Shu Feng said without hesitation: “I’ll join!”

Outside Beiling Street, it’s basically impossible to find information about spirit force on the Internet.
As a pauper, Shu Feng has no funds or opportunities for growth.
If he doesn’t cling to Flameguard’s thigh, he basically won’t be able to get in touch with beings such as spirit users.

All right! Shu Feng will never admit that he covets the monthly salary of 10,000 credits.

Shuijing High School is a high school placed above elite high schools.
In fact, it is one of only three super high schools in the entire country.

Shuijing High School is the high school with the best faculty and facilities in the country and it only recruits geniuses in various fields.

Compared to Shuijing High School, Leijiang No.
1 High School is like a chicken in front of a phoenix.
There’s no comparison.

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Shuijing High School recruits students from all over the country.
Even if it’s a business tycoon with 10 billion in assets, but if their child is stupid as a pig, they won’t be able to enter Shuijing High School.

Shu Feng, who is a mediocre student, originally didn’t even have the qualifications to take Shuijing High School’s entrance exam.

Ding Xiaoxue said, “That’s all for today.
Let’s meet again tomorrow.
I’ll take you to join Flameguard.”

“Thank you, Ding Xiaoxue.”

Shu Feng expressed his thanks with a sincere look on his face.
If it were not for Ding Xiaoxue’s help, it would be basically impossible for him to come in contact with the world of spirit users.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled and said, “In fact, I didn’t help you entirely out of the kindness of my heart.
Every time I bring in a wild spirit user, I get 10 contribution points.”

“Contribution points represent the contribution you rendered to Flameguard.
After joining Flameguard, the organization will provide basic training and give you basic guidance.
Next, if you want to buy all kinds of formidable secret treasures and more advanced cultivation methods, you will need contribution points and money.”

Shu Feng looked at Ding Xiaoxue askance and walked outside.

After having dinner at home, Shu Feng went back to his room and rolled about in bed, filled with excitement: “From tomorrow on, I am a man with a monthly salary of 10,000.”

Leijiang City is a small, inland, tier 3 or 4 city of the Qianyuan Republic.
In this small city, a monthly salary of 10,000 is already on the level of the manager of some small or medium-sized enterprises, of a minor elite-level figure.
Shu Feng’s monthly salary of 10,000 can greatly improve the situation at home, which made him feel quite excited.

“However, the monthly income of a dishwasher in the Erosion Real is 20,000 credits.
My income is half that of a dishwasher in the Erosion Realm.
Judging by this, the Erosion Realm must be really dangerous.
I can’t go to the Erosion Realm until I reach the Spirit Warrior realm.

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Shu Feng is really curious about the Erosion Realm.
After all, in the Erosion Realm, the coordinates of a new world can fetch you 10 billion.
If he is lucky enough to find a new world, he’ll be able to get 10 billion.
He’ll be able lie on a bed made of money and count the money until he has hand cramps.

The next day, in the afternoon, after school ended.

“Shu Feng, let’s go home together!”

Under the attention of the students of class 53, Ding Xiaoxue walked in confidently, and then left the classroom with Shu Feng.

Lin Jia sighed slightly: “Amazing! Shu Feng, that fellow is really amazing! To be able to pick up an unattainable flower like Ding Xiaoxue, that’s incredible! Why doesn’t she like me instead? Obviously, I’m much more handsome than Shu Feng.”

Wang Lu looked at the backs of the two and said with a look of astonishment on her face, “Ding Xiaoxue wouldn’t really fancy Shu Feng, would she?”

Zhong Jietong uttered, feeling uncomfortable, “Don’t talk nonsense! How can someone like Ding Xiaoxue take a fancy to Shu Feng? You shouldn’t spread such rumors!”

Wang Lu felt wronged: “I just made an offhand remark.”

Beiling Street.

Ding Xiaoxue said eagerly, “Before joining Flameguard, let’s test your spirit force level and measure your aptitude.”

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Shu Feng asked, “Aptitude?”

“The most important thing in spirit force cultivation is aptitude.”

“Spirit force cultivation aptitude is divided into six levels: mortal, ordinary, excellent, elite, genius, and freak.”

“Mortal are ordinary people who cannot awaken a spirit ability.
More than 99.99% of people in the world are ordinary people who can’t awaken.”

“Ordinary are awakened spirit users with spirit force value ranging between 1 and 3 points.”

“Excellent are spirit users with spirit force value ranging between 4 and 9 points.”

“Elite are spirit users with spirit force value ranging between 10 and 19 points.”

“Genius are spirit users with spirit force value ranging between 20 and 99 points.”

“Freak are spirit users with spirit force value higher than 99 points.”

“For ordinary people who can’t awaken naturally, they must take a top-level potion in order to awaken as spirit users, and then they can carry out spirit force cultivation.”

“A bottle of a top-level potion that can awaken ordinary people as spirit users is worth at least 30 billion.
Furthermore, such potions are usually not in stock.
Once they appear, they will be bought out by large corporations in order to cultivate legitimate heirs.

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