” Her voice was getting smaller, afraid if he sensed a tiny hope in her voice, he would take his words back.

”Soon, Princess. ”

Hopelessness could be heard in his voice. This was the first Kathrina had heard him speak with no enthusiasm. She assumed something had gone wrong with his plan, but she didn care about him. She just wanted him gone; she needed freedom like she needed oxygen to breathe. Whatever happened to him was none of her business. He bathed in her misery, so she would do the same.


13th November 2010

The moment Kathrina felt someone touch her thighs, she woke up. The touch sent a shiver down her spine. It made her skin crawl. Her stomach felt like it wanted to pour everything she had eaten. She tried to be calm but to no avail. Her fear just grew more with every passing minute.

”Easy Princess. ”

That voice. Full of malice, there was no kindness in it. Kathrina could feel that this was the monster he had tried to hide from her. She just knew this time, nothing could save her from him.

”Do you like your new cage? ”

Startled, Kathrina only realized that there was no sound of cars. Instead, it was the sound of chirping birds and buzzing insects that she could hear. Kathrina fought a rising panic in her heart. They were not in the city anymore. Her heart dropped at the realization that no one would hear her even when she screamed her lungs out.

”Youll be staying here for two days. Alone, Princess, ” He stated while stroking her inner thighs. ”You know what? It will be a month since you were with me in two days. ” His hand kept moving towards her core. ”Before you go, Ill give you a present. Believe me, you will love it just as much as I do. ”

Nothing could prepare Kathrina for what was about to happen. Her body went rigid just as soon as the man touched her most private part. Her heart hammered in her chest; it beaded so fast, so she believed it would stop working soon. The color drained from her face, and horror could be seen in her expression every time the man gave a gentle stroke to her. She kept shaking her head to resist him, she tried to move her whole body, but it didn affect him. Her refusal only made him crazier.

”No, no, please. ”

”Its okay, Princess, youll love it. ”

He turned deaf to her plea. She was crying and screaming uncontrollably. Her face was filled with tears, and saliva dropped from her mouth. ”Please don …please…. ” She shuttered; it was hard to form a complete sentence.

As the man played with her body, Kathrina wished she was dead. She wanted to vanish from this world. Her tears couldn stop flowing from her eyes as she gave in to fate. She shut herself down. She couldn hear anything. She just wished he would be done soon.

”Don worry, Princess, I won do it right now. Im just touching you. ” The mans voice sounds hoarse. He looked at Kathrina with eyes full of lust. His Kathrina stayed still just for him. So beautiful, like an obedient Princess.

Kathrina didn care what he would do to her. She ignored him while trying to remember her happy memories with her family. They were so happy; she was so happy. So how did it happen? What went wrong? What did she do to deserve this kind of treatment? All her life, she was protected, and suddenly the world decided for her to learn the hard way. Maybe after this, she should die. After all, nothing was left for her.

”Lets wash you up. ”

Kathrina felt him lift her body from the ground. She lets him get everything he desires. Not long after, the water touched her naked body. It was cold, but she was unfazed. He helped her to bathe. She knew he tried to destroy the visible mark of his sin on her body, but the print he left on her soul would never fade. It would stay with her until she exhaled her last breath.

After some time, the man finally helped her to get dressed. The man still touched her body, but unlike before, his hands were not bare. He wears gloves.

”You look pretty, Princess. ”

His compliment made her sick. He took her for a walk, she didn know where maybe his new room. To her surprise, he bought her to another bathroom.

”You will stay here until someone finds you, Princess. ”

I will die before it happens. Thats what Kathrina thought, but she kept it in her heart.

”Don be too sad. Ill come to you again, and you will be completely mine at that time. ”

That was his promise to her. No matter what, he would make it happen. He just had to wait for Kathrina to be ripped then he would claim her again.

”See you soon, Kath. ”

With that, he left.


15th November 2010

Kathrina never slept after he left. She terribly wished to fall asleep, but God couldn even grant her a small wish. If she wasn wrong, it had been two days since he left, which meant this was precisely a month since her 15th birthday.

A month ago, she was just a kid ready to spread her wings, but now her wings had been clipped brutally by someone who claimed he loved her. The innocent her was long gone. Now only her dirty body remained in this world.

She was shivering due to the cold water, or maybe alcohol or something else she didn know. She stayed in this bathtub for two days, just like the man instructed. She didn eat or drink anything for the past two days, yet she didn feel hungry or thirsty. Maybe she lost the ability to feel everything.

She waited and waited until her body gave in to deep sleep. Then, she finally slept with a peaceful face, as if she had found her peace.

The sky lost its color to black, and rain started to fall bit by bit. The sound of rain mixed with the ambulance siren could be heard. Not long after, several people entered the cabin in hasty. They searched the whole place carefully.

”Here. ”

Someone else shouted from the bathroom to alert his team. He looked at the young girl who slept in the bathtub. Her face was pale, her eyes were swollen, and her lips were purple. Her hands and feet were tied with rope. Her clothes were intact, as if nothing had happened to her, yet he believed they came too late.

”Kathrina Reed, we found her. ”

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