TW : This chapter contains depictions of self-harm and can potentially harm the reader mentally.

Kathrina looked at the window aimlessly. She felt nothing had changed since the last time she spent her time in the exact spot doing the same routine. The rain had been pouring hard since last night or maybe since yesterday. She was not sure anymore.

The blazing sun had not visited her room since she woke up. Every day all she could see was the dark sky, and all she could hear was the thunder to the point it seemed normal. But, if she had to be honest, she doesn even know the definition of normal anymore. She felt lost like she had no sense of reality. Each day it became so hard to bear. She was constantly in pain while reminiscing about everything that had been taken from her.

Kathrina left her spot and moved to her dressing table. She saw her reflection in the mirror and tried to smile. Sadly, it didn come out as she expected. The one who looked back at her had a scary smile with dead eyes. It wasn a good sight. She hated it. She took the scissors from the drawers and cut her long hair without batting an eye. The room was filled with nothing but the sound of her breath and scissors. She felt so peaceful. Its been so long since she experienced this kind of feeling.

It took several minutes to cut her hair till it only reached her ears. She looked at her reflection again, and this time it showed a girl with uneven short hair. She was satisfied with her work. If only this feeling could stay for a while, then it would be perfect, but she knows all too well that after this short-lived happiness is gone, she would cry until there is no tomorrow. She wished all of this to end.

”Kathrina baby, mom made your favorite breakfast. Lets eat together with your dad and your brother. ”

Kathrina heard her mothers soft voice. It made her feel so sad for her mom. She wanted to end everything, but her mother would cry in agony when she found her daughters lifeless body. She tried to fight, but she was exhausted. Playing a good girl, pretending everything was okay to lessen her familys guilt, took so much of her energy. She felt like a piece of herself had died every time she did it. She could not do it anymore, not today and not tomorrow either. She just wanted to close her eyes and f

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