Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 29: Elders Respite

28 Drople

Emery continued to practice the basic water element cultivation. He could feel there was only a thin layer left before he could gain a new understanding of the water elemental spirit. Without realizing it, several hours had passed and evening had arrived. Unfortunately, Emery still couldn ’t break through that layer, if he could just get one more day he would most likely breakthrough. He couldn ’t help but wonder though why they had such a limiting time studying in this magus academy.

Emery got out of the room and went to enjoy the view of the lake ’s bottom with the fishes of all sizes swimming around. It didn ’t take long for the acolytes in a separate room to finish their training and Klea came out with Magus Carla.

Carla stood before Emery and checked his status through her wrist. ”Spirit power twenty six and a quadruple element! You have quite the boy here, Klea! Hmmm. Spirit aptitude though… It ’s too bad it ’s low. ”

His eyebrows slightly twitched, Emery didn ’t like hearing as if he was already a failure. He clasped his hands before him and tried to be humble. ”Magus Carla, would it be fine if I stay here longer? I would like to practice more. ”

Carla gave it a thought and said, ”As far as I ’m aware, the rate of cultivation amongst all the elemental institutions is the same wherever you go. The same goes for the origin stone room. And considering your spirit aptitude rank… you ’d be lucky to achieve another point in spirit power even if you stayed here until your seventh day. ”

Emery ’s shoulders slumped but he straightened it immediately, determined to not give up.

Klea took Magus Carla ’s hand and said, ”Sister Carla, give him some advice please. ”

Carla smiled at Klea and said, ”Let ’s see… Since I saw that you have four elements, which one have you tried so far? ”

Emery answered, ”I cultivated in the institution of stone in my first three days. ”

Carla furrowed her brows. ”Ughh, am I right to assume you ’ve met Darius? ”

Emery nodded.

Carla sighed. ”You had such a stupid man taught you in the first crucial days. I ’m sure he gave some exaggerated story about how earth is the strongest amongst all the Ten Elements. Well, it ’s not exactly over the top, but he ’s barbaric measuring of the spirit energy through a strength test is just old fashioned. Boy, did you know that even a single continuous droplet of water can deform a stone? Open your mind and hear this, the spirit of water is always flowing and relentless, the potential for strength is limitless. ”

Carla crossed her arms. ”Let me ask you this first. What do you think of the water and earth elements? ”

Emery placed a hand on his chin, thinking. He said, ”I think they ’re the opposite of each other. Earth focuses on keeping in place as if it was a stubborn man. While water focuses on adapting to any situation. ”

Carla clapped, her eyes beaming. ”Excellent! I ’m glad that you ’ve somehow reached an understanding of the two elements. Now, listen to this. I happen to notice magi who have multiple elemental affinities exceed on the secondary elements. Having even a little understanding of the main elements would help the secondary elements by a large margin. And since you ’ve studied earth and water, it ’s secondary element is— ”

”Plant! ” Klea exclaimed.

Carla smiled sweetly at Klea and said, ”Well done! ” She turned to Emery and continued, ”Studying in the institution of plant will give you a higher chance of possibly achieving spirit power thirty, rank two acolyte, but whether you ’ll succeed or fail, it all falls on your determination. ”

Emery ’s face shone. He bowed and said, ”Thank you, Magus Carla! ”

Now that he thought about it, it made sense. Also, Emery studying the plant element might really be the way for him to go. After all, back home, he had always loved being around nature and exploring its nooks and crannies and strange plants and animals. Inside him, he couldn ’t help but blame his own stupidity for not realizing this sooner.

Even though Emery didn ’t manage to get more than two spirit powers increase, it felt like he had increased in spirit.

”We appreciate your help so much, sister Carla! ” Klea said. She turned to Emery and said, ”Let ’s go! ”

As Klea took Emery ’s arm, he suddenly slipped on the wet floor and dragged Klea down with him. Then, something soft landed on Emery ’s hand, he had his eyes closed, he squished it once, then twice, wondering what that soft feeling was. A soft moan entered his ears, next a womanly scent wafted in his nose.

Emery ’s eyes widened and crawled away. That soft feeling, could it be? It probably was, Klea ’s cheeks were red and her arms were covering her chest. Emery nervously laughed and slightly jumped as Klea stood up. He could still feel it on his palm; his face was turning hot.

”I-I ’m sorry! I-I didn ’t mean to! ” Emery put out his palms.

”Its.. ok i don ’t mind ” Klea ’s tone was low.

This was the first time Emery had heard Klea like this. He prepared himself to be slapped and closed his eyes but that never happened.

”Well, I guess it ’s better you than Ptolmy, ” she said and walked as if it didn ’t bother her that much.

On the way to their private quarters, Klea seemed to have forgotten about it and talked like normal. As for Emery though, he tried to keep his distance but she kept sticking to him.

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