Why would a reborn soul spend time with students ? On the one hand, John is only 15, and on the other 25, which in total gives a number exceeding 40. Is he as wise as forty-year-old uncles? Definitely not. Naive as schoolmates in misfortune? Partly .

John, thanks to his character traits, is most likely forever stuck somewhere in between. The love of jokes, pranks and adventures did not help to determine the age of a person living his second life. The hard question to think about. If you dig deeper, it turns out that the gamers body is a cheat not only because of damage resistance and broken body physics, but also because at a certain age it simply stops aging. Is he immortal now? Partly. Is it possible to kill him? Yes, its really easy now. How long can John live? Tens, hundreds, thousands of years? Only time will tell. But thats not the main question. If Jonathans soul is over 40 or even well over 100, will he be a pedobear when dating a schoolgirl? I think everyone will decide for themselves, John does not care at all. He has hundreds of years of life in his pocket and then 80-year-old grannies will also be too young for him? I think there is a certain line that has developed historically or simply from the common sense of people.

Now John was sitting carelessly in the bus, casually assessing all the girls who were caught in his eye.

– ”Anyway, Jessica is the most beautiful, I will miss her. Yeah, a whole year without her, maybe I should go to visit my parents for Christmas? Lets see, now we need to arrange a fight, make friends with informals and seduce the teacher, Im all in business no free time. ”

The bus pulled up to the school, despite the fact that it was a school in a relatively rural area, the building was impressive. The ODwyer farm was almost in the middle of nowhere, but near a fairly large town in comparison with the nearby ones. Something like a district center, the main city within a radius of 50 kilometers. Therefore, children from all over the neighborhood towns came to this school.

– ”As far as I remember, there are many secluded corners where you can hide from the eyes of the crowd. Oh, here are my future friends quietly making their way to one of these places behind the school building. ”

Following a group of teenagers to a shady space in the backyard, between the school and the gym. John attracted the attention of the guys and girls who had just settled comfortably. The rock music playing from their phones created a classic scene of a ”Tough Guy ” walking in their direction. Given Johns new look, namely the color palette of skinny black jeans, a black biker jacket, a white T-shirt and fashionable black and white Converse sneakers, long straw-colored hair with shaved temples and piercings, John could well pass for the informal kid.

Approaching the teenagers, John pulled a friendly smile on his face and sat down at one of the empty seats at a table made of wood and iron.

– Hi everyone, I think we didn really hanging out at school before. My name is Jonathan Vick, but you can just John, Joe, Johnny or V. I hope we make friends with you, and if not, suck ass posers, ahahahah.

Silence reigned for a while, a little shock and misunderstanding were written on the faces of teenagers. After thinking over the guys words again, they realized that John had already communicated in their language and would be able to fit comfortably into their small club of interests. After a little laugh from one of the Gothic girls, the whole party laughed. The first to speak was a guy hung with chains and jewelry with black nail polish and eyeliner.

– Hi John, I didn think youd be interested with us, you usually kept to yourself from everyone.

– Yeah, me too. Its just that recently, thanks to a pretty bitch, I slightly revised my views when choosing a social circle.

– Well, the whole school has already noticed this, cool outfit, by the way. And my name is Julian Side.

– Nice to meet you and thank you, it was chosen for me, but I still like it.

– Who chose?

– Jessica.

After mentioning Jessie, one of the girls asked a question.

– Are you dating?

– Sort of.

-Where is she, by the way?

– She went to New York with her foster parents.

– I see.

The joy of this news was almost written on the face of the talking girl. Apparently Johnny was liked not only the teacher and a few silly girls from the support group. The girl herself was slightly below average height for her age, a neat and petite body had all the right shapes and bulges for a young woman. Tight leather pants, black shoes, a loose gray T-shirt from under which sports underwear peeked out, an unbuttoned shirt in a red and black check, some silver jewelry, cross earrings and a head with neatly arranged red hair of medium length, but with dark green nail polish.

– ”I haven noticed this cutie before, maybe it will be possible to spend time with her before moving to the big Apple. ”

(I don know if its common to name New York the Big apple, but in old movies it was common thing. So tell me if Im wrong.)

John held out his hand to her, which was convenient, because she was sitting at the opposite side of the table, they were separated only by a meter-long piece of lacquered wood. The girl returned the handshake with an almost imperceptible blush on her cheeks.

– I don think weve met, whats your name? Im John, but you already heard that a few minutes ago.

– Pamela Queen, its very nice to meet you officially. Although we go to the same literature and drawing class, we haven talked before.

– Im sorry if I offended you, you know, until recently I didn pay much attention to classmates and surrounding people in general, hahahah.

– I can understand, its okay.

– Thanks.

Their handshake a bit too long, breaking contact Pamela didn know what else to say, but John, being no longer an old himself, but a new one, quickly found a topic for conversation. Favorite movies, rock bands, food, games and so on.

Five minutes before the start of classes, John got up from the table, said goodbye to everyone, winked at Pamela and left the backyard under the pretext of classes starting soon.

Walking through the corridors of the building, the guy remembered where his locker was and what lesson he had first on schedule. Finding his locker in a dense row of metal doors, John opened the combination lock. Immediately after opening, magazines of ambiguous content with naked women fell out of the locker onto the floor. And there was a note on the inside of the door.

= Another surprise from your good old Johnny, if you haven noticed yet, then youve just been **ed hard. Have a nice day Mr. porn magazine lover ahahahha. =

The children, who were at the neighboring lockers and passing by along the corridor, stared at a small mountain of waste paper with frozen faces. Some girls blushed and turned away, others showed their disgust, some guys smiled while others imperceptibly gave a thumbs up, and one of them patted the frozen John on the shoulder, saying something like – ”I respect your courage, you
e a real man. ”And disappeared into the crowd.

– Fuck!

John swore in a calm, confident and dispassionate voice. Starting to carefully collect the scattered magazines, he did not notice how a modestly dressed woman with glasses was walking along the corridor. The students hurried to their classes, leaving the guy alone. One of the magazines flew farther than the others, and it was the one which woman picked up, coming closer and closer to Jonathan, who was busy cleaning.

– Thats a stupid asshole, **ed me up. Well, never mind, Ill play on your girlfriend so much that even your **ing ghost will feel it. Although its a great joke, Ill have to find out where Julians locker is. Hahahah

Muttering curses to himself about his past self, the guy did not notice the lady standing next to him, who perfectly heard him and saw every cover in his hands.

– And who do you hate so much, Mr. Vic, that you are ready, as you put it, to ”Play ” on this mans girlfriend. Maybe I should inform the director and maybe the police about everything I heard and saw?

Cold sweat was pouring down Johns back in drops, if it happens as the voice said, it will be difficult for him to explain everything. Turning towards the speaker, still tightly clutching picture books for children from 18 to 100+, the guy saw the same woman with the same elastic ass that his girlfriend was talking about.

-Oh, Miss Smith, what are you doing here?And it probably seemed to you that I was definitely silent for the last few minutes, and magazines are just material for drawings, I have recently become interested in painting and portraits. You probably know that the most difficult thing in drawing a person is a properly constructed anatomy of the body.

– Are you saying that you keep a mountain of porn in your locker as references to the human body?

-Thats right.

Miss Smith picked up the magazine she was holding, looked at it, and then turned the cover to John.

– And this copy of ”Big-boobed Asian girls tied up in the basement ” is also just a reference, if I understood everything correctly?

… ”What an asshole you are, old John, ” the guy cursed again.

– Yes, it is. I can get the reference material back, otherwise Ill be late for class.

Jonathan tried to carefully pick up the magazine. Miss Smith held it in a death grip, not giving the guy the opportunity to quickly hush up everything and escape. After a minute of intense tug-of-war for porn, Lavender Smith let go of the glossy magazine.

– Be careful with your references next time, Mr. Vic. This time I will close my eyes to what happened, but know that you owe me. Do not forget to pick up this literature from school, next time you may not be so lucky with witnesses and you will go straight to the principals office.

– Thank you, Miss Smith, I assure you, this will not happen again.

-I hope so, Mr. Vic.

Putting the thick stack of magazines back in the locker, John slammed the door and let out a heavy sigh of relief.

– Goodbye Miss Smith, Ill see you in your lesson.

– See you later, Mr. Vic.

John was almost running away from the teacher, afraid to stay even a second longer than necessary, and felt that the crisis had passed only after entering the chemistry class. If he had turned around in the direction of Lavender Smith, who was looking at the back of the fleeing guy, he would have seen the eyes burning with desire and a predatory smile on the face of a modest teacher who accompanied Johns back to the end of the corridor.

– So the game begins !

The English teacher muttered.

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