What do you see or hear first after waking up? Ceiling in your room? Pillow? Maybe the face of someone you
e in love(If you
e a lucky bustard)?

Jonathan Wilson Vic a member of middle class family,his grandmother is old fashioned Irish catholic and his grandfather is Soviet Union soldier. His father is American man,whose family has their family tree from Scandinavian vikings, some members from his side of family told little John, that they were Odins descendants. Pretty unusual composition for the family in American outback. John used to wake up, watching at the thick wooden balks of his grandpas barn and hearing the swarming sound of farm animals. Ordinary morning for John became the shocking discovery for Yamaguti Todjiro.

– What a good dream. What kind of American schoolboy am I ? Im just a retired yakuza member. Living in the old flat on Tokyo outskirts,no wife,no children. Owning the small bar and working as barman at nights.

– And… well,stop thats not it.

– I was sitting with my laptop in my room, new episode of my favorite soap opera was just released. Before watching, I had cooked noodles , prepared a pack of chips on the table with a bottle of cola.

– My name is Art… Ale… Ano… Can remember…

– What the hell ? From there do I have this memories of old gangster and American schoolboy from country of anime waifus & rising sun and the nation of Uncle Sam with all-might green values.

– But my head is foggy,remembering only anime,manga,novels, movies about super heroes, cartoons and serials.

– What am I doing here and there is that ”here ”?Whats my name? Who are my parents, am I an orphan? Or vice versa Im from a very wealthy full family. Do I have a girlfriend? In that case she must be beautiful, hmmm-hmmm-hmmmmmm.

– My head hurts, filling like I got drunk, had some fight and got drunk again. Those guys probably had beaten me on the head and maybe by their legs, shit…

– Which set of memories is mine? And mine is… whose? My that someones on A, or that dude from yakuza or the one from little Jonathan?

– Don know, well its not important, judging by memories of mister ”A ”,Im was **ing reincarnated. Isekai. Without Track-kun Or saving millions of people. Normal guy 20+ aged on the clear spot I was reincarnated and there we are,all three of us in the one skullcap!

– Who is the main personality in this pot of schizophrenia? That is truly me, because its my monologue we are leading dear readers.

Sudden ringing if my ears and headache. Paper letter lands on the main hero face.

[Please be kind, DO NOT break the fourth wall. DO NOT make cringe scenes without reason. With respect and warning, general Rob Kenobi. ]

– Кhaaa holly peace of pie, it freaking hurts.

After moments of punishment far harmless joke, mister ”A ” had begun remembering the talk between him and some bearded man. The was something about luck, random choice, wishes and reincarnation.

– Lets begin from the beginning,as someone says. Remember that I was watching something on my computer, closed my eyes ant then opened them again I already wasn in my room. Darkness and stars all around me, plus general Rob Kenobi straight in front of me.

Master Kenobi told me, that it was randomly chosen from all people who aren satisfied with their lives ,as a candidate far reincarnation in multiverse.

– Amount of wishes ? Its very simple, I was given a six-sided cube with the appropriate markings and I threw out the number 4.

– – [ Well, so that Mr. [email protected]&%# you are lucky and not very lucky, as a rule, the number 3 or 5 falls out, there are of course exceptions, in the form of losers with one or lucky sons of heaven with sixes. But you are one of the few who threw out a four or two. So you are a lucky son of a bitch among them.]

– General, tell me more about the opportunity that has fallen to me, please.

– [Here. ]

– RoB handed me a piece of paper, a beautifully designed contact with spaces in several places.

– = Rebirth Contract =

– This contract is a guarantee of the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties. The Supreme god @&@%#%&@, hereinafter referred as ROB, and the mortal [email protected]&%#, hereinafter referred as the protagonist, sign this contract, committing themselves to fulfill the conditions contained therein. The Contract comes into effect immediately after signing.

– 1.1 Rob gives the protagonist -4- wishes to choose , excluding omnipotence, omniscience and omniscience.

– 1.2 Also the strength of Rob himself and too op abilities, skills, perks, passives and so on. Excluding them from the list of possible desires, but not prohibiting the acquisition of them in the further adventures of the protagonist. [Otherwise, it will be boring for both parties who signed this agreement.

– 1.3 Desires cannot contradict each other and/or be the forces of other people, gods, aliens, fictional or real.

– 2.1 The protagonist undertakes not to do unjustified evil and/or other actions discrediting the name of ROB.

– 2.2 RoB undertakes not to interfere or interfere with the protagonist in his adventures. Excluding the issuance of assignments and/or requests on a mutually voluntary basis.

– 2.3 Rewards and punishments must correspond to the complexity of the task, otherwise the task is considered invalid and can be changed or rejected at any time from the moment of acceptance.

– 2.4 The protagonist is forbidden to mention the existence of the contract.

– 3.1 Desires:

– – _____________ –

– – _____________ –

– – _____________ –

– – _____________ –

– 4.1 The protagonist has the right to customize his appearance, prehistory in the destination world and the beginners starter pack.

– 4.2 RoB undertakes to provide the protagonist with a standard assistant system with functions: Inventory,Map,Status, Store. This system can be improved at the expense of desires.

– 5.1 If the protagonist or ROB refuses the conditions listed in the contact and/or violates them, the protagonist is sent to his original world with the erasure of memory and the withdrawal of all acquired abilities.

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