Diary Of An Emperor

A Sedentary Life(part-3)

o called graduation gift, it was the entrance ticket, I did cry but they were happy tears!!

It was a month before my Medical entrance exams; the day of
ationwide genetic engineering exam. I told my Mom that I am going for a ”haircut ” and will be back in few hours(I was too anxious to make a good lore). This was my first exam and only one which I had studied secretly for and on my own(without any coaching), I remember, it was hot summer day, I had cold sweat; I was basically feeling like that one guy with durag who misses his mothers spaghetti….

I remember, the day I turned 17 was the day I got results of all the en exams I took(9 medical & 1 genetics); I cleared 6 out of them, first result I got was og genetics, I was happy will be and understatement; I was dancing contemporary on the beats created by that guy who impersonates Muzan furiously….haha… I had placed in top ten nationwide, after completing the
outine, I first called my Teacher and told her everything; all of my results and how I was afraid that my family will be angry after hearing about genetics, but she told me not to worry, she said even if they get angry, they will support me nonetheless. I told my Mom everything; from beginning to end, and to my surprise she hugged me, congratulated me and said she supports me fully. With that confidence, I called my Dad and repeated the same thing; well I guess used all my good luck on my exams, he matter of factly told me with a commanding tone that I will be attending Medical University and if argue one more time; I can say goodbye to any monetary help(tuition fee and miscellaneous) and will be kicked out of family, also if my Mom tries to help me, she should be ready for a divorce….BEEP(phone disconnected)..

I had seen a few movies by then, and seen many scenes where they slow the time for characters only and everythings else moves normally; I always knew until then that was fake, but after talking to my dad, my Time stopped, my brain malfunctioned and I first time felt the meaning of heartbreak….

My Mom fought or at least tried to fight for my dreams, but for naught. I didn want my brother to face tough times(divorce and all) due to my selfishness; I agreed to pursue Medicine, also for the first time in my life, I in spite of my dad, told him in an angry tone; I will go to a foreign country to continue as an university student; even though i had cleared the seat in my countrys most Prestigious university and would have gotten a scholarship too!

Dad threw a
age fit on me, but I silently with my emotionless eyes looked into his, and didn budge from my decision; I shouldn have felt happy that time, I should have agreed like always, that is what I think now….

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