Diary Of An Emperor

A Sedentary Life

hen that I told him full of determination that ”I have decided to become a scientist ”, even though I was child then, no more than 6 years old, those were heartfelt words, as I iterated earlier I was more than a smart kid and due to those reasons I jumped straight from 1st grade to 3rd grade, well also because the Principal and Class-teacher had personally requested that of my parents in the PTA. Although, it was mostly a proud feeling that welled-up in my heart after this decision, I also had a trace of fear; I used to get bullied a lot. It was in one of the literature(not English) classes, when our teacher was reading us a chapter on Madam Curie and he gave us many tad-bits about other scientist, it was Fascinating for me, all of it, so much so that when I came back home I read the chapter many times, I had even taken notes(a childs version), at night when it was time to sleep I asked my Mom about everything that I can think of regarding scientists; after all she was the know-it-all and my one of the first Idol, and ever since that day Madam Curie became my third idol for a long time to come. After listening to my full-of-determination afore-mentioned words my Dad had big smile on his face and he hugged me. lifted me up, and threw me up….and now I live on moon…lol sorry.

Well, its always good to know that whatever you are trying to achieve and working hard for, there is someone supporting you and cheering for you; especially when you are a lonely kid. I worked hard in my studies, so hard even, that I stopped any and every form of entertainment; for a year I was just eating, sleeping and studying, in the end Dad enrolled me in Taekwondo classes, so that I don stunt my growth, as there was close to zero physical activity from my side for a year. Fun fact, I received dark-blue belt in two years and even got Silver-medal in International Taekwondo tournament(children category) against a player from Bhutan, I didn neglect my studies either and topped every exam… also I got sexually-assaulted by a girl and her best friend(12th graders), and around that same time Mom got severely ill and was transferred to the capital of the country( only there the hospitals were competent enough to treat her), during that time the capital was having
iots of some kind and Dad deemed it unsafe for children, he brought us to his Elder brothers family and asked them if they can take us in for a few months; until my mothers surgery. On the other hand, the lady-of-that-house(my aunt) thought that we were there to ask for some Monterey help, so she instigated and asked her husband to kick us out of the house; in the middle of the night. My father was very angry and hurt due to this but he held himself up and took us to our mothers side of family(they live in a castle as a joint family), and they took us in generously and my two uncles(Moms two younger brother) even went back with Dad to the capital to look after her until she was discharged. Well, for me at least, it was the first time I have seen two sides of people but I was none the wiser to understand it.

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