Diary Of An Emperor

A Sedentary Life

Its a cold Christmas night, theres light snow-fall, everything except my apartment is lit-up nicely, this all truly looks beautiful or for some people with good eye for photography; it looks picturesque. The wind has picked up slightly, feels good to smoke a cigarette and drink some hot cocoa sitting on 25th floor balcony, thinking back to every moment of my 24 years of life; thinking hard to finalise a decision.

I once used to rattle proudly in front of my friends, family and even strangers; each and everything that I have done whether right or wrong, I do not regret. Well, once it was true and sounded brave and righteous to me.

I was never a genius but I can still say I was more than smart, being the eldest son in a middle-class family; Dad was in army and was a hard-working, well-respected man, he was a genius in History, Geography, Civics, Mom was even more of a scholar than him; getting double-PhD in Chemistry and being overall state-topper in Physics and Bio. I idealised them ever since I can remember, I wanted to gain same respect they get wherever they go. I also have a little brother; unfortunately he suffers from a chronically-fatal disease, fortunately he is alive and walking down the road to success.

As my parents were government-employed, Dad being in army was always moving from one dangerous place to another; and did not want the family to be always worried about their life, so me, my brother and Mom lived together; Dad always coming home for one and half a month every year. Mom was a Professor in government-run University-cum-school; because there were many such educational centers, we used to move every two years to a different location. Although, we were living a good life with good food a roof to stay under and safe life, because of constant moving as a young kid in the time when mobile phones and android or iOS were not a thing it was hard for me to make friends or even if somehow I managed to befriend someone, we usually moved to some new place in a month or few, in the beginning I used to think that my mother hated me or something and thats why she deliberately moved every time I befriended someone, but later I grew up from such childish thoughts and gradually started being alone, wherever we moved to, so I never knew what friends are and even though I became ook-smart, due to no social life I never became street-smart. Well, I at least travelled around 85% of my country and saw many reath-taking sceneries; as at that time the country was not that developed there was a lot of nature around, heck I am proud to say I have seen so much Flora & Fauna that most of the people younger than 20yrs nowadays may have only heard names of. I fell in love with nature, I fell in love with beautiful night sky, I fell in love with stars and lastly I fell in love with science.

I still remember that day vividly; Dad was on leave and as always he was playing football with me in a park, it was around 8 am in the morning, as we were playing he was subtly and genuinely giving me some life lessons or tips if you may. It was t

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