work and sleep. Sleep is like heaven where as work is like hell. Only because money is needed to live i am working. First of all i need to kill that stupid people who invented money. Imagine we were in those days where we dont have to work and get money, we can just do forming and stay in forest houses. No current, No vehicles, No Transportation, No study, No exams, No Laptops and phone… ” Khushi was cutoff by Arnav.

”Noo, i am fine with this way of living. I dont want to live in forests ” Arnav told almost immediately imagining himself living in forest.

They reached her hostel, khushi came out of car and bend down to say bye to him.

”Bye arnav, all the best for meeting. don take stress ” Khushi told concerned.

”Bye khushi, sleep well and eat food… don skip meals ok. Will meet on monday evening. Take care ” Arnav replied and started the engine.

Rest of the weekend went well with khushi sleeping all the time and arnav working.

On Monday:-

Khushi and arnav are in their respective offices.

Its 3 in afternoon khushi is working on her work space, its been nearly a week she joined office still she didn made any friends. Lavanya is the only friend she have in office, she is also her roommate.

They all are working, suddenly watchman came to khushi and handled her a gift box.

”Uncle, who sent this? ” Khushi asked watchman.

”dont know madam, some delivery boy gave this and asked to handover to you ” Watchman replied and went back.

”Khush, what is this? who sent this, your boyfriend? ” Lavanya asked little loudly gathering everyones attention.

”Lavanya ji how many times i have to tell that i dont have a boyfriend ” khushi whispered smiling awkwardly to others.

”Liar liar pants on fire ” Lavanya sang.

”Khushi open it, what is there will see ” One of khushis colleague suggested.

Khushi started tearing gift wrapper slowly, there is another wrapper in it. She teared it also, another wrapper is there.

By the time khushi opened third wrapper a spring doll came up with horror music making khushi and everyone shriek in fear.

(Imagine Annabelle devil doll with spring and horror music playing background)

”Ahhhh, devimiyya save me ” Khushi shouting and hugged lavanya who is beside her, lavanya condition is also not better than her. It took a good 2 minutes to come out of shock.

Lavanya came out of hug and thought to go to her desk to drink water.

”aahhh, khushi …devil is here, save me please, devil ” lavanya started shouting as soon as she turned other side seeing the person standing infornt of her.

”Lavanya, open your eyes. Its not devil ” Khushi told and lavanya opened her eyes to see her manager standing infront of her like angry bull.

Everyone suppressed their laughs.

”Ms.Guptha, in my cabin now and Ms.Kashyap stop day dreaming ” Told manager angrily and went inside her cabin. Khushi followed him silently scared of his reaction.

Khushis manager is a middle aged man with half bald head and round big stomach. From the time she joined, she didnt saw him smiling at all.

”Take your seat Ms.Guptha ” Her manager told once they reached his cabin.

”Sir i dont know who sent that gift pack, please consider my apology for this time. I will make sure to not repeat it. ” Before she completes he started laughing.

”I didnt called you for scolding gupta, someone pulled nice prank on you. Haha. I cant laugh outside, i have strict image you know. ” He told still trying to control laugh.

”But try to not repeat this in office atleast not infront of everyone, next time if you get parcel you can bring it to my cabin and open. You can leave now. ” He told

Khushi got up and reached door to leave when her managed called again.

”Ms.gupta, Am i really looking like devil? ” He asked making khushi suppress her laugh imagining lavanya face.

Khushi went out and took lavanya to canteen. She shared what happened in boss cabin, they thanked their stars for not getting termination letter.

”Khushi, who did this prank? ” Lavanya asked confusedly.

”Arnav Singh Raizada ” Khushi told seeing his name flash on her mobile.

”Jhansi Rani how is my gift, you liked it? ” Arnav asked as soon as she attended call.

”You lard governor, i hate you ” Khushi told breathing fire which made arnav laugh.

”Arnav singh raizada never keep debts, is my payback nice? ” Arnav told, khushi know he is surely smirking other side.

”I wont talk with you ” Khushi told again.

”Ok, i will pick you up from office. Wait outside for me. I have a gift for you ” Arnav told ignoring khushi.

”I don need your gift, it will be other prank. I know ” Khushi replied.

”No khushi, its really a gift. You pranked on me and i returned it, so now scores are equal. Bye ” Arnav told disconnecting the call.

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