akes an auto and reach to her hostel after getting fresh she leaves from there to interview.

And the boy after spotting his sister, turns back to see the girl but to her luck she wan not there, he looks around to locate her but he cant able to find her so he walks to his sister.

”Chote what happened to you? why are you drenched ? ” Asks anjali trying to suppress her laugh.

(yes the boy is arnav, he came to pick anjali as she is coming back from Lucknow after visiting her favorite temple. And weather is not good to flight so anjali came by train)

”Its nothing di, some irritating idiot spilled water on me accidentally. Lets go… ” he said and left with her to home. Arnav drops his sister in home and changed his dress to another three piece suit and started to office.

And the irritating idiot i mean the girl reached to interview hall but seeing the queue she know she have long way to go. She sat down waiting for her turn.

After two hours:After two hours of waiting and the weird stares she is getting from other girls who came for interview, she is tired, one side of her brain is telling to leave but she know that is not the possibility to do as she came from computer science background it is tough to get a job and this is her first interview in this big city.

She used to work in small school in her town. But due to recent financial crisis in her home she decides to take up a job in city to support them.

After what feels like eternity her turn came. A lady called her name ”khushi kumari guptha ”(Yes she is our heroine khushi). She enters into the room and got shocked by seeing the sight Infront of her. Three perfect Os formed on her face.

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