and married. As she is from poor family manorama treats her badly.

Prakash brothers: Servants for raizadas

Aman Mathur: PA of ASR and loves him like brother. Always do whatever ASR asks without questioning. Loves someone from 4 years but no one knows.

Khushi kumari Guptha: A 23 years-old, village girl, landed in Delhi to search for a job. A single child. Having responsibility of her family. No boyfriend.

Garima and Shashi Guptha: Same as show. Shashi is having some bad habits which will be revealed further.

Madhumathi and Maadhav Mehra: Madhumathi is sister-in-law of Garima guptha, a widow. Late Maadhav Mehra(Brother of Garima) plays important role in khushi life.

Savithri Guptha: Grand mother of Khushi guptha, having amnesia. She will forgot everything within minutes.

More characters will be revealed in story. Currently Khushi is having no friends.

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