stantly, the flash of lightning revealing their figures. The troll slammed its mace against the pillar with an explosive sound crushing the rock into powder, hoping to bring the elf down onto the ground. Alexis had waited for the moment of impact to assault the troll, leaping from the tilting pillar with a moment of surprise.

”Hah! ”

Alexis rotated himself in mid-air, adding momentum to the tendrils that struck down at the height of velocity, causing three reverberating thuds smashing behind the trolls skull, using the recoil to backflip lightly onto the ground with an elegant pose.

”Grrrak… ”

As if the troll lost all thoughts, it stood dazed, swaying like a concussed boxer. The blunt injury to the back of its skull seemed to have caused severe damage to its ability to balance. Once the damage caught up, blood poured from its nose and ears falling to one knee.

”You shouldn have called me a vile elven whore I know Im beautiful. However, Im a male! ”

Alexis walked towards the trolls front. Its mace lay on the ground several metres away. The troll struggled to look towards Alexiss face, its remaining eye filled with acceptance and peace. Alexis honestly didn dislike trolls. Unlike other games, they were an honourable race who would accept combat results completely. The troll seemed to have fought to its last breath, spreading both arms and offering prayer to the god of battle, Delithas.

Not interrupting the trolls prayer, faith was more important than anything for monsters and demons in this world. This little addition to the game, Normally, their prayers are ignored by players as a BURST phase. not wanting to treat his world like a game anymore, Alexis knelt, holding his hand in front of his chest, offering prayer to his mother Candra, the fallen goddess of earth and love. Now the goddess of chaos and evil.

The pair silently prayed for almost ten minutes. The troll didn make any moves. The trolls body remained bleeding as its exhausted muscles began to wither, barely able to hold up its arms anymore as they drooped to the side of the troll.

”So this is how the weak debuff manifests in reality. ”

Alexis wanted to test a theory hed read once in a forum post. It stated that if you ate a trolls living heart, youd gain their regenerative ability permanently. Being someone who could die at any moment, this was something vital for Alexis.

”Sorry, but I have to do this, big guy. Forgive me in your next life, right? ”

A single tendril transformed into a sharp blade, thrusting into the trolls exhausted body, easily piercing through its now slightly tender flesh and bone. The troll let out a slight whimper, gargling on its blood, going into shock as the tendril brought the heart into Alexiss mouth.

”Ugh… ”

The heart had an extremely iron-like taste, the thick fishy-smelling blood making Alexis feel nauseous, forcing his body to accept the horrible taste and texture chewing down the large ball-sized heart. Upon swallowing, Alexis felt a burning hot sensation filling him. It started from his stomach, spreading to every part of his body, causing him to sweat heavily, leaving a thick grey and disgusting-smelling viscous substance.

”Argh! It smells like shit! ”

Now hed have to take a shower. The guild knew that some dungeons would leave people a mess depending on the weather conditions and arena type. Thankfully, the guild built a restroom outside the dungeons entrance containing a bathroom, shower and nap room.

The rooms had the same technology as the dungeon. Each person would enter their personal space. However, Parties and raids could join a group restroom fitted to suit groups of up to eight.

”Lets see if anything changed. Hopefully, it wasn a hoax. ”




– Creates a mantle of shadow increasing defence and resistance significantly. Able to control up to three tendrils of chaos, dealing 1-7 damage with a maximum range of five metres. Costing 1 MP per attack

– Health will constantly regenerate when below 1/3 of total HP.

– Fuses with current Demon, boosting attributes unlocking their particular spells.


– Allows the Summoner to summon a demon, binding them and sharing attributes permanently (Current: 1/1)


”My HP is pathetically low. I hope I can earn a new summon soon. Next level, Ill receive a new spell. However, the game didn have a summoner class, so I don know what to expect. ”

Alexis was currently taking a shower, with Imra rolling around on the fluffy double bed listening to his complaining. She was initially pouting because Alexis refused to let her join. Imra, a master of seduction and distraction, managed to get him to promise a date during this weekends free time, so she was elated.

”Hmph! You just summoned me, and now you
e thinking of other women? I hope you don summon that psychopath minotaur Salia! ”

Imra did not know the effects her casual statement would soon come true, causing her almost endless fights for the prime seat beside Alexis.

Alexis came out of the shower, his tanned muscular body still dripping wet on show, he decided to give Imra some fan service for all her hard work. His body walked towards the bed sitting down with a thunk beside Imra.

Imra was enchanted by his upper body, before her vision trailed down to his obvious large package, her cheeky hands reaching to move the towel only to be slapped away by Alexis, who held her chin sliding across her lips and squishing them with his thumb.

”Mmmmm, ” Imra said, trying to protest.

”Not now, the academy curfew is 9:00 PM and its already 8:34 PM, we have all the time in the world to mess around. Behave for me kay? ”

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