Death Flagged Eroge Prince

Succubus Heated Pillow

ra asked, rubbing her soaking flowerbed against his solid lower body.

”When we travelled the Mildarian continent for years, I never knew you were this horny! ” Alexis teased her, knowing that, despite being bound, he had the final say, unable to resist rising to full mast in the face of her full-fledged seduction.

Imra made a pouting face as she gave him a bite on the neck, ”Ugh! ” leaving deep tooth marks, bright red blood flowing down from the mark as she gave a bright smile, showing her teeth covered in his blood.

e such a horrible man, for many years always impotent, avoiding all of us even when a succubus could have cured your problems! I won ask all the way. Just my mouth, kay? ” Imra said, putting on an extremely cute and innocent face as she tied her purple hair into a large ponytail out of the way.

He found her nape and pointed ears extremely sexy, pondering for a moment before giving her a nod. His eyes closed as he felt her lowering downwards, reaching for his waist. Alexiss last thoughts were, ”How does she move her throat like that? ” before falling into a burst of pleasure.


The clocktower outside the window struck 9:45PM. More than thirty minutes had passed. Now feeling satisfied, Alexis was sprawled over his bed, his head resting on Imras stomach, who also seemed completely fulfilled; the taste and amount were completely beyond her wildest dreams. She was still able to savor the remaining taste in her throat.

”Hmph! Why don you show some restraint next time? Its far too thick for that kind of intense usage. My poor throat aches! ”

Alexis gave her a tired look, thinking, ”Yeah right, youd jump at doing it again if I offered! ” Her demonic nature was truly not to be underestimated. He now understood why they were called lust demons. Maybe hed have lost his life without the Incubus factors within his body, only feeling a slight exhaustion instead.

The pair cuddled up after becoming completely relaxed. Alexis felt her warmth and soft skin were greater than any expensive blanket hed ever used. Maybe only losing out to his mother, who used to sleep with him as a child. Irma lost to his mother in both size and enveloping comfort, though hed never tell her that as shed try to compete with an evil goddess from this world.

Imras face was the last thing he saw before he fell into a peaceful deep sleep. As he dreamed of her and another woman, her beautiful tanned skin and purple hair seemed to imprint themselves on his subconscious as his ideal woman. The other woman was tall, almost 220 cm, carrying a large axe and had two thick bulls horns on her head. The rest of her was blurred. However, seeing her oblivious laugh when a chunk of her arm was missing felt nostalgic.


The sounds of birds disturbed his peaceful sleep. He could see the sun still rising outside the window. Various colored birds were singing in the willows inside the garden next to his dormitory. Alexis pushed Imras slightly sweaty naked body to the side, his legs feeling slightly weak. Shed probably had another snack during the night, his eyes giving her a sharp look as she slapped her ass cheeks with a strong slap, causing them to ripple as she jumped up with a squeal.

”Ahhhn! If you want to play with my ass, just ask me, Alexis. ”

Her sleepy voice still does not forget to attempt seducing him. She was lazily rolling over and falling back to sleep with her limbs spread apart, showing her forest garden in all its glory, causing Alexis to gulp down his saliva. Forcing his head away from her, he approached the window.

Below, he could see several students rushing towards the dungeon and others heading slowly whilst chatting among friends, from humans, dwarves, and elves, to beastkin and even a few demi-humans. They all seemed so vibrant and excited for life, but Alexis knew that within the year, more than half of them would die. Some would even die later today after the dungeon wave broke out.

A bird-winged beastkin saw his naked figure in the window, causing her to blush, dropping all her belongings for class. Alexis watched her cute hands stumbling around, picking things up whilst still peeking at his fully naked body constantly, as her friends had no idea what was wrong with her.

”Interesting, I had forgotten she was at this academy in the prologue… ”

Alexis watched the winged girl move away reluctantly with her two friends, one a badger and the other a ferret. ”Maybe I should help save her two friends at least. ” She was one of the few heroines that didn discriminate against people who didn believe in Solana, actively helping them despite being a believer. For some reason, he couldn understand the tall womans name, leaving him frustrated and helpless.

He turned his body and headed into the shower, carrying a spare pair of black jeans, blue boxer shorts, and a white shirt, which now had an emblem depicting a succubus armed with a spear that Imra had sewn herself. That girl was weirdly talented at the most random things.

”Today will be a very long day. Don let me down, Alice. ”

Alexis started to open the door, with the sleeping succubus absorbed into the tattoo leaving a wet sloppy kiss on his cheek before she vanished, forcing him to wipe the lipstick off as he paced down the corridor.

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