Six: Monday Lectures.

I rolled in the bed and I felt someone. I opened my eyes, it was Ann from last night; we had later left the couch for the bed in her room. It was a little wild yesterday with her.

I sat up rubbing my eyes. I had to leave, I didn want to meet her awake. Getting down from the bed as quietly as I could, I looked around the room for my clothes but it wasn there.

Looking at the bed once more, I saw her pretty face. Even with a messy hair, she still looked pretty as ever. I could see her bare back, the way she laid, the blanket only covered from her waist below, I felt like I wanted to kiss her again but I couldn .

Scurrying away from the room, naked as I was, I thought I was lucky that the door to the room was open and so I didn need to make any noise while I left.

In the living room, I saw my clothes where I had taken them off yesterday night. Turning my boxer inside out, I put it on, along with all my clothes.

Leaving her apartment, about to go down the stairs, I met her opposite neighbor. She looked at me for a while.

” I don know you? ”

”Yeah Im not from around here…I came to see a friend. ” I lied scratching my head.

”Oh. ”

”Yeah… Ill be on way now. ” I said and started down the stairs, feeling awkward.

I had taken an in-school cab back to my lodge. As I walked up the stairs, everyone seemed to be busy because i saw different lodgers standing outside their rooms, some standing and talking and some cleaning with their doors open.

Wondering why they were all cleaning at the same time, I remembered it was Saturday. I had earlier read in the lodges rulebook that Saturdays were meant for cleanup.

When I reached my room, I searched my pockets for my door keys, then I remembered I had given it to Dylan last night along with my phone on our way to the party, so I started to knock on the door.

Was he around? because no one was opening the door. I knocked again. Was he mad because I left last night?

”Dylan?! ” I called while knocking again and it worked. He opened the door, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and looking at me. ”Heyy. ” I said trying to get in, he didn stop me.

When I walked in, the room was neat; he was done with clean up, not that the room was in general dirty but it was tidier than it was yesterday. I sat on my bed to take off my shoes but he still stood there looking at me, his expression not helping much in determining his mood right now, so I decided to ask.

”Bro are you…. ”

”Get to the shower, you stink. ” He said and went to his table where I assume he was reading.

”Im sorry about last night man, it just happened…. ”

”I didn even wanna go in the first place, you made me go with you and then bail out on me like that?! ” He was angry, now I knew.

”Im sorry I swear. ” I pleaded because I wasn good with arguments and I wasn planning on starting my first semester having a fight with my roommate.

”So was she worth it? ” He asked, my apology did help.

”What? ” I asked not exactly sure what he was talking about. I stood up and took my shoes to

my corner of the room.

”The girl you bumped into and ended up hooking up with, did it go well? or you just left with her for nothing? ”

”How do know that? ”

”Well…you see, when you said you were gonna grab us a drink, I saw when you bumped into her, from where I sat, I also saw you go outside with her and I thought I should follow you because we came together ” He made air quotes when he said his last two words.

He continued.

”….and we needed to look out for each other, but then I saw you talking and laughing with her and I didn wanna ruin things for you, so I went back inside, an hour later I come back and you
e gone. You obviously left with her,

without informing me. ”

”Okay, Im sorry I left like that, really. ” I apologized again.

”Yeah but it went fine right? You did actually hookup with her right? ”

”Yeah. ” I said, nodding before getting into the bathroom not wanting to go into details about last night with Ann.

I hoped she didn remember who I was because last night was supposed to be a one night thing, and even though we had told each other our names, I hoped not to see her again.

It was nice with her though, the long night we spent talking about unrelated and random things and the time we finally kissed, and how close our bodies were, when we did it. Her soft skin, her scented hair, her lips.

Maybe Im lying to myself right now, if I had another chance I would wanna have sex with her again. The only reason, I won want to see her was because I know how bad I was when it came to relationships; I have not very good histories with both of my highschool exes.

And besides, relationship would be a big distraction for me. I turned on the shower, its droplets fell on my face. After I had showered, the first thing I did was hop on the bed, I was tired. Dylan just looked at me from where he sat and went back to what he was doing; reading.

As for me, sleeping was pretty much all I was doing today and after that, I planned on calling my mum, to check up on her.


Heyy, its your author geni. Please note that everything written here is nothing but fiction.

Please vote as you read, and comment also. I am very open to constructive criticism.❤️✨

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