Four: My first time.

We got to the partys venue, it was dark, some other students had given us a ride. It was a large hall. Some persons where outside, leaning on the cars parked around, some where making out.

I wore my casuals to the party, a shirt and Jean pant and a face cap. Dylan wore a sweatshirt and a trouser which I couldn figure out its colour; whether black or navy blue.

This should go fine I told myself staring at the sign above the entrance that read:


The party was what I expected it to be; a party.

There was music, not too loud, not too low, which was surprising, but it was okay because a lot of drinks were waiting on a table at a corner.

”Ill go get us some drinks. ” I said to Dylan nodding my head to the beat of the music.

”Ill be over there. ” He pointed to an empty bench.

I walked to the table, looking at all the beers and other drinks there. I took two beer cans from the ice bowl they were in. When I turned to leave someone bumped into me.

”Whoa! ” I said out loud realizing it was a lady and she had spilled some of the drink in her hand on her dress. Her red dress, with a v-cut cleavage.

”Im sorry. ” She said trying to wipe some of it off her open cleavage where her heart pendant rested, but she had three glasses of punch with her, two on one hand and one on the other, and it seemed hard.

”Lemme help. ” I said taking out my hanky to wipe it for her.

”It won get it off. Come with me. ” She said again before walking out. I followed her immediately, for some reason.

Okay, who the hell am I kidding, she was beautiful and hot, all of it, so when she said come with me, I just did.

”Where are we going? ” I asked when we got outside.

”To my car, where else, I need to get some baby wipes. ” She replied me.

”Why do you have baby wipes in your car? ”

”Its girl stuff, you won understand. ” She turned back at me and smiled for the first time since we met minutes ago. We had reached her car.

”Here. ” She said handing me the glasses of punch. When I collected the two she held with her right hand, she kept the last one on the cars hood. I passed her the others I had with me, both mine and hers.

With both our hands free, she slipped out the car key from her index finger, which she had won like a ring.

She opened the car. Bending inside halfway, she searched for the wipes. I just stood there looking around, they seemed to be more people outside than inside for the party.

I looked back in her direction and there she was, bent over, still searching for her wipes. I could see her thighs, the upper part of her thighs which her dress had been covering.

I looked away at first but then I looked back at her long slender legs. They were tempting. At that moment, I wished I knew her before now, I wished we were dating, I wanted to feel her skin. She must be a good kisser, beautiful girls like her always were.

”I couldn find it. ” She sighed getting her head out of the car. ”You know what? lets just your handkerchief. ” She said stretching her hands out in front of me.

I put my hanky in her palm, smiling awkwardly. Its been a while since I felt how I was feeling in front of a girl.

”Thanks. The names Ann. ” She smiled at me while cleaning her cleavage absentmindedly.

”Uh… Im Jerry. Jeremy. ” I heard my own shaky voice.

e new here? ”

”Of course Im new here, its an all freshers party. ” I said feeling how I thought Dylan must have felt, back in our room when he sounded smarter.

”Some peeps here aren freshmen, they just want to party, and theres no one to stop them so I had to ask. ”

”Oh. ” I didn feel so smart anymore.

”Nice meeting you Jerry. ” She winked giving back my hanky. I watched her gulp two of the half filled glasses of punch and throw the last one to the floor.

She locked her car , wore the keys like a ring like before and was about leaving.

”Are you leaving? ” I found myself asking. I didn want her to leave.

”Do you, want me to stay? ” She asked slowly.

”Yes! ” I said honestly. ”Tell me Im not that ugly for you to want to leave like that. ”

”Shut up. ” She laughed. ”Who ever said you were ugly? ” She walked back to where I stood slowly.

Her laughter was cute. It was gentle, kinda. It was loud but gentle, made me smile.

”So… whats Ann studying? ” I asked when she was finally back to where she stood, leaning against the car.

”Business management. ” She answered. ”You? ”

”Well… you
e looking at a future nations best architect. ” I said grinning.

”Boast. ” She looked at me shoving a strand of her hair back, smiling. ”Im hungry. ” She pouted.

”Oh. ” I looked around. ” Definitely no food around here, but we could order a pizza or something. One minute. ” I said searching my jean pockets for my phone.

”Or…. ” I stopped and looked at her. ”Or…we could go back to my apartment and we can make spaghetti together. ”

”What? ” I thought she was just joking but she looked damn serious. ”You have an apartment? ” Theres no way she had an apartment.

”Yeah I do. Students could also rent Mini apartments. ” She smiled. ”Wait…you didn know? ”

”Of course I knew. ” I knew about the mini apartments, but she didn look like she lived in one of those here in school.

”So we going? ” She asked.

”Okay then. ” I replied. I needed to see her apartment; thats if she had one and wasn actually drunk.

”Get in. ” She said when she sat in the drivers seat.

She backed out of the parking lane in a rough drive. She was drunk, I knew it!

”Stop the car. ” I pleaded. I wasn wearing my seatbelt and it was impossible trying to put it in right now.

”What? ”

”Please stop the car Ann! ” I yelled when she increased the speed.

”Okay! ” She yelled back stopping the car suddenly.

I came down immediately and she did same.

”Ill drive okay. ” I said and we switched seats. ”Give me the keys, please. ” She did. ”Okay now, you just have to tell me where to go. ”

”Okay. ” She chortled. ”Why are you acting like Im drunk? ”

”Cause you are? ” I looked at her before

”Im not drunk. ” She hiccuped and giggled again.

”yeah you are not. ” I said wondering to myself why I was driving her car to her house when she was drunk. She didn look drunk just before we entered the car, maybe she wasn drunk and just a bad driver.

She better be a bad driver because I don want her drunk, I want her to consent to whatever we are gonna do in a sober state.

The ** is wrong with me?! Im not planning for anything to happen, I mean if it does happen it happ…..

”Here. ” I stopped the car when I heard her say.

”You stay here? ” She did have an apartment.

”yeah? ” She replied smiling. ”Come on. ” She climbed up the stairs and I followed.

Where we just stopped was a private lodge for students, it was more expensive. It wasn just a room like the one Dylan and I shared, it usually has a mini living room and room and kitchen and some even had balconies like apartments.

They were apartments if you asked me. Ann seemed to be from a rich home because a months rent here could probably pay a years rent for my lodge.

I watched her fumble with the keys to the apartment.

”Let me help. ” I came up to her from where I stood.

”Its this one. ” She showed it to me.

I opened it and made way for her to go in first, since it was her house. When I walked in, I looked around. It was well designed, furnished pretty well. There was a big pink teddy bear sitting on one of the two couches.

I have to admit, I felt a little intimidated at the thought that she was probably richer, probably? She was obviously of a richer family, I mean there was a tv in here. I shouldn have come here.

”Are you just gonna leave the door open? ” She asked after she had go in and came back without her shoes. I looked at her feet, they were manicured. She had small feet. I smiled, my mum also had small feet.

I closed the door.

”So are we making the spaghetti? ” I asked and once again, I thought I sounded stupid because she had this smile.

”Seriously? ” She asked.

”What? ” I asked confused.


Heyy, its your author geni. Please note that everything written here is nothing but fiction.

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