Two: Meeting my roommate.

I laid lazily in bed, looking at my rooms ceiling. I just finished packing my last bags for college.

”Jerry! Moms calling for you downstairs. ” I heard my younger sister scream from across the hallway.

”Tell her Ill be down soon. ” I replied even though I knew she might not hear me.

Walking down the stairs, I heard my parents talking in whispers.

”Talk to your son. ” I heard my mum.

”You talk to him, Ive discussed pretty much everything I need to with him. ” My dad whispered back.

”Did you talk to him about sex? and abstaining from it? ”

”Honey thats what schools are for, besides hes 19, he surely knows about sex. ” My dad was right. I did know about sex, who didn ? And although I haven had sex before, I was pretty sure I would be good at it. It looked easy in all those porn hub videos.

”Mom, dad, Jerrys been standing here eavesdropping on you both. ” My sisters voice surprised me from behind. ”Excuse me. ” She said walking past me.

With both my parents eyes on me, I smiled sheepishly.

”Done with the bags dad, we can leave now right? ” I tried changing the topic. I wasn ready to listen to their advice on sex and drugs and other stuff.

Many of my friends didn know I was a virgin, Ive had girlfriends, so they just generally assume things. I didn know what my parents think, I don want to know.

”Jerry, come sit, lets talk before you leave. ” My mother pointed beside where she sat in the living room.

I sighed. I didn have a choice right now. Its not like I couldn avoid this whole sex talk thing my mum was heading for, but lately Ive learnt to do whatever it takes to make my mum happy. Not just me, everyone in my family.

We found out few months ago that my mum had cancer, but we don talk about it much. She asked us not to; so we just act like things are okay and try to keep her as happy as we could. Doctor says she still has a shot at survival, and in a month or so, mum would get surgery, and hopefully things will be okay.

”Jerry, Im guessing you know what we talking about right? ”

”yeah mum, I think I do. ” I said sitting where she had pointed.

”Brie come sit with your brother, you need this talk too. ” I looked at my sisters direction and it was clear she was just trying to sneak back upstairs. I muffled an urge to laugh.

She dragged her feet over to the living room and joined where I sat.

”Now honey, when a boy becomes your age…. ” She started but I didn let her finish.

”I know mum, he becomes a man and can get a girl pregnant and all of that. ” She smiled.

”I know you don wanna talk about this but we have to. ” She looked at my dad, like she was deciding whether to tell me what she had in mind.

Bries phone rang loudly.

”Okay mum, gotta go. ” She stood up, placing a peck to our mum. She had a perfect excuse to leave, she was going on a picnic with some of her girlfriends. She just escaped with a phonecall.

When Brie left, the atmosphere became quiet again.

”Mum, you know me right. ” I said holding her hands in mine. ”Im responsible, and I plan on been responsible, just like dad. ” She smiled when I acknowledged my dad.

”I know. ” She rubbed my palm gently and I looked up and saw a tear in her eyes.

”Mum, come on, don cry. ” I came in closer and hugged her.

e finally leaving. ” She said wiping beneath her almost pale eyes, where the tears had escaped to.

I hugged her more, trying to stop her from crying.

”Jerry. ” She called.

”Mum. ”

”Look at me. ” I separated from her to look at her. ”Whatever you do, please don jeopardize your education. ” I heard her say, finally we were off the whole sex talk.

”I won mum, I promise. ”

”Okay. ” She sniffed while nodding.

”Dad. ” I stood turning to look at him. He brought out a handkerchief and wiped an imaginary tears dramatically.

My mum and I laughed.

”Alright lets go. ” My dad said smiling.

Everything was in the car now. I closed the car boot and walked to the front passenger seat. I looked back at our house and mum was standing at the door smiling and waving.

She was a beautiful woman, even with thew scarf she had to tie to stop her hair from falling around the house.

I waved back and blew a kiss to her. Her smile widened, I could see it from where I stood next to the car.

The drive wasn quiet, my dad turned on the car radio. I looked outside the window the da drive. We finally got to our destination. Just when I was about to get down, my dad locked the doors. I looked back at him, shocked.

”You didn let your mum finish her sex talk with you, so now I have to. ” I heard him say.

”Dad, are you serious right now? ” He couldn be serious. I had to ask.

”Don worry, it won be nasty. ”

”Jeez. ” I sighed rolling my eyes.

”I know you haven had sex before.. ”My eyes widened at his statement.

”Nope, Im leaving. ” I said and made to open the door. shit! I cursed inwardly. I forgot he had locked the doors.

e listening to me, whether you like it or not. ”

”Fine. ” I said wondering why I couldn be like one of those jerks who could disrespect their parents, I was basically a good boy!

”Like I said, you probably haven had sex, if you have, I would know. ” He smirked and I wondered where this was heading to. ”And you might want to do so, I mean you
e in college now. Im not to decide your choice on abstinence, but if you plan of having sex, don get a girl pregnant, I beg you. ” He said with a serious face.

”I won alright, can I leave now, I have things to unpack. ” I pleaded and he unlocked the doors.

After I got my bag from the car and was about walking into my lodge, I heard my dad call again.

”Here. ” He handed me some cash.

”For? ” I was surprised, he doesn just give out money to me or my sister, he believed one had to work for what they wanted.

”Just have it, Incase you need anything. ” He said winking.

e winking dad, I don get that. ”

”You know if you
e with a girl having a private moment and you need to buy something protective. ” He winked again.

”I don under.. ” Then it hit me. He was referring to condoms. ”Im going in now dad. ” I sighed walking towards the lodge.


Heyy, its your author geni. Please note that everything written here is nothing but fiction. Please vote as you read, and comment also. Im very much opened to constructive criticism.❤️✨

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