”Rodger, didn I tell you to look at Claire? ” Kienzo calmly asked the older man.

His eyebrow furrowed, and he had been worrying.

He clenched his fist while looking at the air. His laptop is open, and when he sees the time, he stops walking and finds his wife. It was already late in the evening, and she had not been home; he didn know where she was.

He can sit and relax; Kienzo feels different. He feels something is not going on smoothly.

”Sir, I drove you to the office, right? ” the old man politely asked him, ”and besides. Sir, I was in the parking at the firm. How can I look at her? ” The older man reasons out.

Kienzo veins popped out, and he clenched his fist tighter.

”Okay, I understand. You can leave now. ” Kienzo said respectfully and full of authority.

”Ill find her, Sir. ” That older man said before he left the condo.

Kienzo brushes his hair in annoyance.

He needed Roger to help him a while ago and a driver to assist his client. That client had been bugging him. He can drive while talking to someone. He had been so busy with his work that he didn know where his wife was. Kenzos secretary is also active with numerous calls and clients.

Its getting late.

He grabs his phone from the table. Why did he think of it by now? He must call Kyran and ask for help.

What is the sense of having a friend if he won ask for it?

A few rings later, his friend answered his call. ”Hello? Whos alien is this? ” Kyran asked.

Kienzo didn mind his question and focused on his goal.

”Ky, can you track where my wife is? ” He asked in a low tone of voice. Must say it was a murmured.

This is the reason he can focus on his work. Its been two in the morning, yet Claire is still not home.

Or maybe she did what she told him? That she won stay with him. Damn! That woman! That woman really has a plan and decides on her own.

”Ah? Wifi? Yes, I have wifi; why? ”

Kienzo closes his eyes. When is he going to talk to Kyran? He never talks to him.

”Ky. ” He called his name impatience.

”Enzo? ” Kyran mentions his name too.

”Track my wife, now. She is not going home. I lost track of her. ” Kienzo said like a child.

He felt weak and scared.

”Do you have plans to buy a ten-wheel truck? why? Had you built an open block business? ”

”Ky. ” He called his name in a weak tone, ”please, fix yourself! ” He burst out.

He doesn have any patience.

His wife is missing, and yet Kyran is making fun of me.

”Ah? Hotdog? ” Kyran is making fun of me.

He ended the call and covered his face with his palm. He sighed.

He wanted to throw things at this moment and yell.

He threw his laptop in annoyance. His breath is becoming heavier.

His eye becomes darker and more dangerous.

”Fvck! ” He gets up from his chair.

He will go to Quezon City.

He opened the door of his condo and was about to go when he was still.

He couldn move, and his breath took away.

Thanks to the jeepney driver that accompanied the condo safely. I owe him my safety for this day.

”Hija, this money is too much. ” He said when I gave him the money.

”Hmm, thank you so much, ” I told him and returned my back when he accepted the money that I paid for his service.

Gas is expensive, and I must pay him to triple for the service.

I wiped my face.

Its already midnight.

I was scared, terrified. I don know what to do and how to go home. I don even know what that place is.

I walked and found a machine to withdraw money from the attorneys card, and I found that I could ride that accompanied me going home. I was scared to ride a taxi, so I chose a jeep.

That jeepney driver doesn want to accept my offer because it is far from their place to my place. I force him and beg because I don know how to go home.

I rode in the elevator and was already in the floor unit in just three seconds.

Room 1128

I wiped my face again, and I fixed myself.

I pressed my fingerprint, and I was about to open the door.

I gonna pay back his money.

I was shocked. Why is my attorney still awake? I didn expect that he was still awake at this hour. My chest tightened when I saw his face. I wanna hug him to feel better, but I can . We are still strangers, and I shouldn show any weakness in front of him.

We look into each others eyes. I look at my attorneys deep black-brown eyes.

He sighed.

”Where have you been? ” His face is blank, and his voice is cold. His hair is messy, and he is wearing a hoodie and pajamas. Ash grey hoodie.

He is still in the door and holding on to the doorknob.

I swallowed because I felt that I would cry at any moment. I didn talk; I did not want to have a breakdown in front of my attorney. I do not want him to see me crying. He should know that I am strong.

I smiled at him, ”why you
e still awake? ”

He didn blink or move, and his facial expression didn change. I don know if he is mad or what. I can read his face.

Don answer me with another question. ” He said, hardened as he looked straight into my eyes.

”I came from work. ” I lied, and I entered. Does he don want me to go inside?

”Can I stay here until I get my salary? I don have a budget to move yet. ” Im suppressing my tears.

He closed the door and faced me, ”what happened to you? Why do you have scratches? Did the Chinese chase you again? ” He asked while looking at the scratches on my arms. Huans fingers are extended. He scratches my arms accidentally. I didn notice these scratches if he didn tell me.

His face came closer, ”did you cry? ”He is looking at my face very well. Is he inspecting me to see if I am telling the truth?

I look at his left side.

”No! My eyes are like that whenever I am tired and sleepy. ” I lied, ”I go; I will take a warm bath before going to sleep. I pushed him to give me away, and I hurriedly entered the bathroom.

He is like an investigator. He keeps on asking questions and suspecting me.

Im gonna see Weltry tomorrow; I will borrow money again so I can already move. I will handle my problem too and find another cash to pay an attorney for the help he did for me. I am really dead.

How to sleep without thinking about liabilities? Then, remove your brain.

When his secretary called me, I entered his office.

”Weltry, ” I called his name, almost crying when I entered his office.

Weltry was fixing papers when I saw him, and he looked at me when I miserably called his name. ”Lemme guess, you
e in trouble again? ” he put down the papers he was holding and sat on the visitors chair; he didn ask me to sit. Mean Weltry, I have a thick face, and I will grab this opportunity.

I pouted at his question. ”Weltry, can I borrow money again? ” My question is interpretive, ”promise this will be the last. ” I raise my hand, making a pledge. I badly need money right now. The bank of the universe is calling me, and I am nervous I will have a lousy record again.

e going to borrow money again? ” He raises his eyebrow and leans on the chair. He already knows why I am here.

I pouted while looking at him. I know I have a thick face, but I feel shy. I am proud of myself because they say you should be proud of yourself. No one is gonna be proud of you except yourself.

”Yes, hoping, and after I borrow money from you, I will eat in the most expensive restaurant and buy a milk tea. After that, Im gonna post it on social media. ” I stated while laughing at my idea.

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