I run. Im running. I keep on running and running. Why didn God inform me that my life would be a movie marathon when I was a kid? Im so exhausted. My throat is already drying. Water! I want to drink water. The weather here is draining me more. Its so hot in the afternoon, yet I am here- running.

Im also tired of hiding. I just want to live a peaceful life. Why do they keep on chasing me? They won benefit from me because my family is feeding me, and I don have work; thats what they called me. I am the stupidest, less beautiful, less talented, and less skillful among my half-siblings. My sister told me that I am a burden in our family, and she also said to me that I am lazy even though I already clean the whole house.

By the way, I am their maid in the house, and every day they slap on my face that I am their burden because I don have work.

They also told me that I look like a phone because I keep scrolling on social media for the whole day, and thats the most lest thing that is not true. The truth is I am a princess, a spectacular one.

When I saw a taxi stop in, I hurriedly got in.

”Brother, everywhere! Bring me everywhere that far from here! I will pay! I will pay any amount! Just get me out of here! ” I say while my hands are trembling and my heart keeps pumping faster than a normal heartbeat. I m scared that they are going to catch me. My forehead is also sweating, and my clothes are already wet because I run from those chubby subordinates. Im also breathing fast. I can rest peacefully knowing I am in this place and they are near to me.

The chance that they caught me is so high.

I didn notice the driver; I focused on those chasers. ”Brother! ” I called him again because he didn reply to me and didn speak. What is this drivers problem? I look at the driver in front, and my forehead creased. He doesn look like a taxi driver but a rich man. His clothes are well-iron, and hes wearing a coat and white polo long sleeves. My eyes drop to his wristwatch. Woah! That looks expensive. I think he also smells good.

”Brother, cmon, lets go! ” I hurriedly and nervous command him, ”turn on the engine, and I will pay you! Lets go! Someone is chasing me. Thats why I am in a hurry and am not a snatcher or kidnapper, okay? ” I cleared him. He might mistake me for being like this.

I do not want to choke! My family already strangles me; I am already narrow on how they treat me and want me to marry the man they chose. Thats hell crazy! They just want money and fame! They
e just only thinking about themselves. What a loving family they are! I don want to get married to a miserly man! I don have work; will I match that kind of man? No way in my not-so-sexy body! Even though I have a lot of pimples all over my body, I deserve better! I know what I deserve!

Once again, I look at my back to see if they are there, and I haven seen them. I turned my gaze again to the taxi driver, who was mysterious-looking in the rear mirror. I also look at what he is talking about.

”Hi. ” I shyly greeted him, and I smiled.

I am with someone, and I didn notice. I am too occupied with that chaser.

Hes wearing a suit, a rugged look, and he is only staring in front. I greeted him, but I deserved nothing. He looks mean.

His suit looks expensive and high quality. Theres a small embroid in the hem of his case, and I look at his watch. This mans shoes are shining in black and seem expensive; he also smells sandalwood. If I steal that watch from him, I will be rich!

Hes tall and White skin. He is an American! For sure, he is rich and has a lot of money. He is okay to my taste, but I don like foreigners; they are hard to talk to. I don know how to speak English well, and my nose is bleeding talking to them. They also have an accent that I don understand every time they talk.

I bow my head slightly and hold on to his arm when I notice those chubby men that passed by in this car.

Is this car tinted? I am silently praying that they didn notice me. The cloth in his suit is so relaxed and calm.

They are in front of the car and looking everywhere in the place. I bite my lips hardly in nervousness.

The one looked in this car, and I hid my face in a man sitting beside me; his sandalwood smelled in my nostril. I hugged his body, and he stilled a little seemed. He seemed shocked at what I did. I like hugging him; he truly mells so pleasing. Ill just iron his suit later.

Oh my! He also smells like dollars! If my father chose him for meI wouldn think twice about marrying him, and I won complain for the rest of my life. He looks so damn rich, and he smells like dollars!

Talking to him wouldn be a problem because there is a translator online.

I lifted my gaze, and my eyes grew more prominent when I saw one subordinate near this window, and he was looking everywhere too. I want to get nervous and scared, but the smell of this man I am hugging is eating my whole system.

”Don give me to them, ” I beg, almost crying. I bit my lower lip because of nervousness.

If they got me, that would be my dead end.

”Brother! ” I called the driver, almost begging, ”can you turn on the engine and lets get out of here? I am willing to pay. ” I cried, but no tears.

That driver looks at the man beside me that hes asking for a signal, and this handsome man nods his head slowly

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