Chapter 1 [Transmigrating]

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this little section here used to say i wouldn’t be picking up this project but due to certain developments, i will be translating up til chapter 20, which are the free chapters on jjwxc.

it was a nightmare to mtl.
i’ve learned a lot of new chinese expressions and idioms…

Chapter 1: Transmigrating

“Brother Qin asked you a question! What kind of death are you looking for?”

As soon as Qin Shiwu opened his eyes, a large mouthful of pool water came in through his mouth and nose, the hair on the back of his head was grabbed, pulling him out of the pond and flinging him to the ground.

Qin Shiwu rolled and lay down on the ground, thinking vaguely: Who would dare to hit me in Provincial No.
1 High School?

He remembered that he had a big fight with his parents in the student affairs office, and then flew out of the building*.

(* 飞檐走壁: idiom meaning to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts.)

When he reached the wishing pond, he was unknowingly tripped over by a blind student and fell into the pond.

Fortunately, the water of the wishing pond was not deep, but his head was suddenly hit hard, and when he raised his head again, he heard someone swearing at him.

Qin Shiwu’s position in Provincial No.
1 High School is indestructible and he is a well-deserved gang leader.
From juniors to seniors, who doesn’t retreat after hearing his name? Who dares to beat and scold him in school?

“Brother Qin, this boy is very insidious.
How about letting it go for today*?”

(* 要不然今天打一顿算了?: mtl translates this as ‘why don’t you beat him up today’ and other similar questions but 算了 means something like drop it or leave it at that, and according to the 2nd dialogue after this one, i decided to leave it as ‘drop it’ lol)

The voice came up in his ear again, and what fell with the voice was a fist hammered in his face.

Qin Shiwu was beaten in the head, and he heard another sentence: “What are you being arrogant for? Our Brother Qin is in charge of Provincial No.
1 High School, understand?

Yes, Brother Qin is in charge of Provincial No.
1 High School.

Qin Shiwu, whose face was black and blue, admitted dazedly.

He is the “Brother Qin” of Provincial No.1 High School, but who is this second “Brother Qin” bold dog who came out of nowhere?

Is the title “brother Qin” hereditary?

Dare to take advantage of his quarrel with his parents to make a sneak attack? It’s really fucking bad…

“Brother Qin, this kid seems to be an idiot.
Beating him is like beating cotton.
It’s no fun.”

Qin Shiwu lay down on the ground for a while, and after a sharp pain in his body, he suddenly sat up, ready to give a kick to the person behind him.

But when he sat up he first saw a teenager standing in front of him, about seventeen, tall, fair-skinned, refined features, sharp and beautiful, blue and white school uniform worn crookedly, sleeves pulled up to the wrists, layers piled up in many folds, zipper open, revealing the two skull broken sleeves inside, looking at him indifferently.

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It seems that he is the Brother Qin.

When Qin Shiwu saw the teenager’s face, he paused in bewilderment, pinched his face and blurted out, “… Dad?”

The person beside the teenager also froze for a moment, turned his head and said, “Qin Chu, this kid has been beaten out of his brain?”

Hearing the name, Qin Shiwu froze in place… it’s really his dad’s name.

The teenager named Qin Chu, in theory, is Qin Shiwu’s father, with the exact same looks and temperament.

But from a scientific point of view, he is not Qin Shiwu’s dad.

His father is in his thirties this year, and the teenager in front of him, carved out of the same mold as his father, is clearly only seventeen years old.

Moreover, his father is currently furious in the student affairs office.
If he wants to beat him up, he would do so in the student affairs office.
How can he run to the pond? Not to mention there are people around him calling him “brother Qin”.  

It is only logical to call Uncle Qin!

Qin Shiwu was confused.
He pinched his face first and gasped in pain.

Immediately afterwards, he confirmed in his heart: I’m not dreaming? Am I still dreaming? Does it hurt even if you’re dreaming?

“Fool.” Hu Si, the man beside Qin Chu, spat: “now you know to call dad.
Why were you arrogant just now?”

He turned his head, “Qin Chu, do you still want to fight?”

Qin Chu looked at Qin Shiwu and said condescendingly, “if there’s a next time, don’t come to school.”

These words were extremely arrogant, as if the school was owned by his family.

The appearance of this stinky fart also made Qin Shiwu feel particularly familiar.
After thinking about it, isn’t he just like this when he makes a show of authority at school?

Until after the two of them left, Qin Shiwu was still stunned in place and did not react.

He looked to the right and found that this was the school’s garbage disposal place, in the vegetable garden behind the playground.

Qin Shiwu had studied in Provincial No.
1 Junior High School for three years, and had just been promoted to senior high school.
The school had not changed.
He couldn’t be more familiar with this place.

Five minutes later, a melon head* student appeared in the vegetable garden.
He hurriedly ran over and shouted, “Qin Shiwu, are you okay?”

(* 瓜皮头: apparently this refers to bowl-cut-like hairstyles? look it up on google images and see for yourself lol)

Qin Shiwu was beaten black and blue.
He didn’t look okay at all.

Guapitou* just asked out of courtesy and didn’t care about Qin Shiwu’s wounds.

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(*TN: Guapitou = melon head.)

The main purpose is to gossip.
Guapitou said: “I told you not to provoke He Yuanyuan.
Don’t you know the relationship between Qin Chu and her? An unmarried man and unmarried woman.
What is this? This is an ‘undisclosed couple’! You are rushing to harass people, aren’t you looking for death?”

Qin Shiwu returned to his senses, ignored Guapitou’s artificial nonsense, and pointed to himself: “my name is Qin Shiwu?”

Guapi measured his forehead: “You were beaten silly? You’re not blaming me for not coming to save you, how dare I save you? The school teachers turn a blind eye to Qin Chu.
If I save you, I can only be beaten with you.
It’s better for one person to die than two.”

Qin Shiwu swallowed and asked calmly, “What year is it now?”

Guapitou reported the current year, and thoughtfully said the month and date.
After that, he hesitated: “what’s the matter? Is your brain is really damaged by Qin Chu?”

… Fuck.

Sixteen years ago!

Qin Shiwu thought in horror: what’s going on?

He just had a fight with his parents.
How could he go sixteen years back in time?

Although Qin Shiwu usually read a lot of novels and watched a lot of TV dramas, he was always skeptical.
He never thought that he would win the jackpot one day and promptly transmigrate!

If it was really sixteen years ago, then that… that Qin Chu just now was really his father? When his father was young?

Qin Shiwu hurriedly asked, “Is this Provincial No.
1 High School?”

Guapitou nodded: “It’s Provincial No.
1 High School ah.
Did you drink too much water from the wishing pond, and it got into your head? Why don’t you shake it and see if you can shake it out?”

Guapitou looked at Qin Shiwu and thought he was weird.

As everyone knew, Qin Shiwu was a famous doormat.
Because of being a stutterer and physically challenged, he was targeted at the beginning of his first year of high school.

Not to mention being isolated by the people in his class, the boys in the class still like to instruct him to do things and tell him to run errands.
He let himself be bullied in silence.
Later, these students became more aggressive and bullied him even more severely, causing the entire senior year to know his name.

So much that it is common for the whole school to make fun of it.

Guapitou said, “How come you didn’t stutter when you spoke today?”

Before he finished speaking, Qin Shiwu suddenly gave him a heavy push.

Guapitou usually likes to sit with Qin Shiwu, for no other reason.
Before Qin Shiwu transferred to Provincial No.
1 High School and appeared in front of everyone, Guapitou was always the one who was bullied by the class.

Since Qin Shiwu came, everyone shifted their artillery fire to bully Qin Shiwu, and Guapitou also found the pleasure of bullying people, but he didn’t dare to bully Qin Shiwu too much.
He usually pretends to be a big brother in front of him and asks Qin Shiwu to let him copy his homework and so on.

He was afraid that he would be bullied too hard, causing Qin Shiwu to transfer schools.
That way, Guapitou will return to the position of being bullied.
Therefore, he had to stabilize Qin Shiwu.

For a long time, Qin Shiwu has always been obedient to him.
When had he ever pushed him?

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Guapitou suddenly fell to the ground and said angrily: “Qin Shiwu! You are sick!”

Sixteen years later, who would dare to scold Qin Shiwu for being sick in Provincial No.
1 High School?

He was called “Prince” in No.
1 High School, and his fights were extremely vicious.
He belonged to the “three no products”: no parental intervention, no teacher discipline and no classmates and friends.
If it weren’t for the fact that Qin Shiwu was in a hurry to confirm one thing, Guapitou would have been pressed on the ground to greet the earth.

Qin Shiwu’s heart beat fast, and he performed “light exercises” again, “flying over the walls”* for a while.
When he passed the junior high school teaching building, he found a mirror at the corner.

(*飞檐走壁: same idiom used as before (when qin shiwu recalls fighting with his parents) meaning to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts.)

He hurriedly leaned over the mirror and stared at himself.
Qin Shiwu’s current face was extremely strange, not his face.
His face looks like his father’s, with bright features, and belongs to the kind of beauty that is very strong and compelling.
It was basically issued by a factory in Qin Chu and following Qin Chu’s original issued appearance, it was very different from the current slightly handsome face*.

(* Tn: I’m still not sure how to translate this but I think it’s a really weird and roundabout way of saying that Qin Shiwu’s face is very similar to Qin Chu’s, and compared to that, his current face is very different lol)

This little stutterer Qin Shiwu has a handsome face, but his hair is very long, his bangs almost covering his eyes, and there is a pair of old and ugly, black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, which look like cultural relics unearthed more than ten years ago.

Thinking of this, Qin Shiwu pinched his face, his heart rapturous: isn’t this sixteen years ago!

Guapitou caught up breathlessly: “Qin Shiwu, why are you running so fast? You have to buy water for brother Gu later.
Do you still have money in your school card?”

Buy water? Qin Shiwu raised his eyebrows.

The person who dares to make him run errands to buy water in No.
1 High School has not been born yet!

“Ask you something.” Qin Shiwu is in a good mood now, and he has even forgotten that he had a big fight with his parents before transmigrating: “Who is that Qin Chu?””

Guapitou muttered and thought: Was he really beat silly?

“You don’t know Qin Chu?”

Qin Shiwu laughed inwardly and said, “Of course I know, isn’t he my father?”

“The prince of Provincial No.
1 High School, it’s too late for you to say that you don’t know him.
You knew that now, why bother his woman in the first place.”

What’s that?

As far as he knows, his father has no women, but there is one man, his mother!

Qin Shiwu grasped another key point and asked, ” The prince of… Provincial No.
1 High School?”

Guapitou looked at him in surprise, “Otherwise? The teachers don’t dare to control him.”


Qin Shiwu’s mind was confused.

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How could his father be the prince of the school?

Qin Shiwu grew up listening to his father’s outstanding deeds since he was a child.
He knew that his father went to Provincial No.
1 High School like him, but… He heard others say that his father was clearly a well-mannered scholarly genius with high grades and known for his excellent character and learning…

Prince? That’s his name at Provincial No.
1 High School!

When he heard this, Guapitou burst into laughter, pushed his glasses and repeated every sentence he heard Qin Shiwu said.

“Excellent in character and learning?”


“Scholarly genius?”

“Hahahaha!” Guapitou laughed back and forth.
“Who are you talking about? Qin Chu? Spare my life.
The Qin Chu whose nine subjects’ scores added up to less than 100 points at the end of last semester?”

“Fighting, skipping class? No parents, no teachers, no classmates and friends, bastard lawless ‘four no products’ Qin Chu?”

Qin Shiwu was stunned:

It’s worthy of his father! There is one more “no” than him*!

(* TN: yknow when qin shiwu described himself as the prince of his school, he said he belonged to the three no products)

Guapitou trembled with laughter and suddenly, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

Qin Chu stood behind him and asked conspiratorially, “this classmate, you’re in my way.”

Before Guapitou could get a chill from behind him, he was kicked off the steps by Qin Chu and rolled twice on the ground.

Only then did Qin Shiwu realize that his father had also arrived at the school building.

After Guapitou was kicked, he didn’t dare to make a sound and stood aside with his head skillfully lowered, without a sound in the air.

Qin Chu dealt with Guapitou, and his gaze fell coldly on Qin Shiwu’s body again.

Guapitou’s performance shows that what he said is true.
Qin Chu is indeed a school bully with bad grades, which is completely different from his father who is of excellent both in character and learning.

Qin Shiwu’s three views were severely damaged, and he couldn’t believe that the bastard in front of him was his calm, cold, majestic and polite father.

When Hu Si saw Qin Shiwu, he said happily: “Qin Chu, isn’t this the kid who was so scared that he called you dad just now?”


i stayed up til 7am to translate this and im so glad i was too sleepy to post it immediately bc upon revision this was filled with mistakes everywhere holy shit

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