Babysitting the bad boys

*Chapter 7* who are you* #crystal POV#

*Marks P.O.V*

when I left the dinning room I was about to climb the stairs I saw Crystal she was coming at my direction I thought she was going to her room but after I passed her room she was still following me she was even tip toeing while following me I wondered where she was going to so I stopped walking for a few seconds and turned back but she was hiding behind one of the pillars now I am very sure she is following me I continued walking towards my room I was acting like I didn notice her presence when I reached the front of my room I stopped again and said my why are you following me but I got no reply I turned my head to look at the passage that lead to many rooms I didn see her I opened the door and heard a little noise coming from behind one of the pillars I saw her she was trying to hide properly I close the door to my room and I went in front of her she thought I went into my room but she was entirely wrong I looked at her she released her breath it was then I realized that she was holding her breath all this while she was taking in mouthful of air which see was devouring like a beast who was starved of air she slowly opened her eyes when she saw me see was shocked shock was was clearly written on her face she was red as a tomato then I asked her why she was following me I came to say sorry she said why I asked her and she said she wanted to apologise to me about what happened some minutes ago so I said okay before I could finish saying what I wanted to say she ran away to her room I entered my room and opened my laptop I checked some things on it I was about to call Mitchell my girlfriend but just in time my phone rang when I checked it it was Mitchell I smiled and picked up the call.

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