retty sure that it was the staffs uniform. So she clearly knew that in that disguise she could easily get out of that place being less suspicious.

Despite wearing male attire Katrina still looked incredibly stunning, Roy couldn keep his eyes off her.

” Why are you staring at me like that?, do I look funny or something…. ” Katrina said keeping a little frown on her pretty face while looking at herself.

” No no no, its just that you look… ” Roy said with a smile trying to find a perfect word to describe Katrinas appearance.

” you look…..or just forget it, wear this mask to cover your pretty face ”

Roy said while giving Katrina a black cloth mask.

Katrina gave him a tight lipped smile while taking the given mask, she was rather frustrated because she hates it when one doesn complete his or her statement especially when talking to her. After a short while she completly forgot about her frustration and focused on the escape though she was still eager to know how she looked like, but then that wasn her priority at the moment so she quickly wore the black cloth mask which covered her nose and mouth.

After that Roy and Katrina quickly got out of the room, when they got out of the room Katrina took a blank stare at the two lying men, her raised brows were evident that she was surprised, wondering how they passed out all of a sudden but she didn ask, she just kept on walking following Roys lead.

Katrina even wondered why she didn ask or speak, that wasn like her at all, it was like something was stopping her to speak thinking that it would slow down the escape process so staying silent and doing what she was told was not an option for her.

Roy instructed Katrina to act natural, such as walking in a normal pace and to keep normal facial expressions that don express fear, worry or panic so as they avoid being suspicious.

Katrina totally agreed and infact she was good at it, though the mask she wore really captured peoples attention as she was the only one wearing a mask but that didn affect their mission.

They kept on walking through the long corridor, it was good that it was the orientation day as most people were busy watching the presentors on stage, even most of the guards were carried away by the show thus people could hardly be seen walking on that corridor so there was less focus on them, this made things easier for Katrina and Roy.

As it was the orientation day, people were freely entering in and out of that place without any questions, so the plan that Roy had in mind was to quietly walk out of the main gate. He clearly knew they were guards every where but most of them were busy watching the show so Roy saw this as a golden opportunity to escape easily using less efforts so Roy consulted Katrina about the plan and Katrina was glad that the escape plan was as easy as that.

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