The birds were happily chirping in the sky, their beautiful sound was clearly heard, a narrow ray of sunshine penetrated through the small window that Katrina was kept and hit Katrinas face that she felt its warmth with her eyes closed, a huge beautiful smile curved up her face as she slowly opened her eyes. It was such a beautiful morning to her, she couldn remember how she fell asleep last night but that wasn important to her at the moment.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she quickly looked at the rooms door eagerly waiting for it to open. As she was wondering what time will the mysterious man arrive, she suddenly heard a sound of drums that were systematically hit resulting to a fabulous music that touched Katrinas heart and arose her desire to see what was going on outside.

Katrina was full of life that day, the thought of her being free made her very happy, she just couldn stop smiling but then she waited and waited for the rooms door to open but unfortunately the young man didn show up, her smile slowly started to fade away, she waited for almost five hours since she woke up.

After sometime the door suddenly opened, Katrina whose head was facing down with sadness immediately rose with delight expressed in her eyes. She couldn help but focus on the door greatly expecting the young handsome man but things just turned the other way around.

An ugly looking guy with a moustache wearing a large black coat that was almost turning grey entered the room and walked towards Katrina and bent a little facing her straight.

” Today is the Orientation day, and the emperor will be arriving so you better not create any problem for us, okay. ” he said harshly looking at her with his hostile eyes that made Katrina incredibly nervous.

” O-Okay ” she said slowly while shaking her head up and down, the man moved more closer to Katrina who flinched backwards and the man said ” I will be watching you ” he whispered but his deep voice was clearly heard, then he left the room.

Katrina breathed out heavily with relief but then annoyance was clearly seen in her eyes, the hope of her getting out of that place kept diminishing slowly, she started blaiming herself for being over excited about escaping while it was almost afternoon and no one showed up. She wished she could have believed the saying that if you expect disappointment, you will never be disappointed, at the moment she was more than disappointed.

No, don loose hope Katrina, the day isn over yet so keep on waiting. she finally encouraged herself and kept on hoping.

It was orientation day, by the time a lot of people as well as the emperor had already arrived, the emperor was sitting on his special seat calmly watching the presentors performing on stage, people where laughing and cheering for the presentors, every one seemed to enjoy the event.

The young handsome man who had visited Katrina last night, was rushing towards Katrinas room when he accidentally collided with the ugly moustache guy and a small leather bag he was holding fell down.

” Hey, can you see where you are going ” the moustache guy yelled with anger looking at the young man.

”Sorry sir ” he said while picking his small leather bag and moved forward. but before he could take a few more steps.

”Stop ” the moustache guy commanded so the young man had no choice but to stop and he slowly turned around facing the moustache guy confidently.

” I haven seen you before, who are you exactly? ” the moustache guy asked with curiosity while moving closer to the young man, before the young man could answer he was strangled tightly on the neck.

” Are you an intruder?, tell me who you are before I choke you to death. ” the moustache guy spoke angrily while still strangling the young man, his cold eyes almost popped out as he fumed with anger.

The young man tried to free himself as he had a difficult time breathing but the moustache man couldn let go of his neck. ” Th-the emperor sent me to-do, to….. ” he said it with great difficulty but before he could continue speaking,

as soon as the moustache guy heard emporer he quickly left the man alone.

The young man was so glad as a while ago he thought he had stepped one foot on the grave, he kept on coughing and breathing heavily continously.

” hey, explain yourself, you said something about the emperor, go on, I am listening ” the moustache guy said, this time his voice had a polite tone, though his deep voice was still scary.

The young handsome man stood still holding tight his leather bag, he coughed a little and said ” My name is Roy, I am one of the emperors men appointed to handle things in todays event ” he said it clearly with confidence.

” Oh, is that so? then why where you heading in that room ” the moustache man said while pointing at the room that Katrina was in.

Roy looked at the room and then he faced the moustache guy and smiled, ” Why would I go in that room, actually I wanted to clearly see the number of the men outside the room so as I can bring them something to eat. ” he said politely looking straight at the eyes of the moustache guy.

The moustache guy bent his head a little with shame, he then raised it again looking at Roy and said, ” Oh, I am so sorry, its just I am being extra careful as….. ” before he could continue he was interrupted by Roy, ” Its okay, I understand ” he smiled a little while holding the shoulder of the moustache guy.

The moustache guy smiled back though his smile was fake and it was clearly seen, it was as if he was forced to do it.

” Okay, go back to work. ” he said while removing Roys hand from his left shoulder. He then walked away.

Roy breathed out heavily though he spoke confidently to that man but deep down he was incredibly nervous.

I got lucky this time but I don think that will happen next time, that fool almost strangled me to death, let me plan my next move before he finds out that I lied to him. he thought while holding his neck, he still felt some pain.

He then realized that they were two men standing outside the room that Katrina was in, after he confirmed that, he turned and went away.

After sometime he went towards the two men and offered them each a glass of juice, they were glad and drunk the juice offered by Roy without hesitation, they were quite hungry so they finished drinking it right away and immediately returned the glasses to Roy who was carefully looking at them as if he was eagerly waiting for something to happen.

He was indeed waiting for something to happen as he spiked their drinks with some special herbs that can make one to feel dizzy, get severe headache and pass out for a while.

He stood there waiting for them to pass out, I really wish the herbs could work a little bit fast he thought.

” Hey, what are you waiting for! ” one of the men said harshly to Roy.

” Oh, I- I am going ” Roy said while turning around to move, but before he could take a step, the other man complained ” gosh, this headache is racking my brains off. ”

” Me too man, I am feeling too dizzy, ” his fellow replied. Roy smiled gently as soon as he turned , the two men had already passed out.

He was so relieved, he immediately ran towards the room that Katrina was in, he slowly opened the rooms door and entered quickly.

The creak of the rooms door made Katrina to lift her head slowly to see who entered, she didn believe that the young man that she has been waiting for since morning has finally arrived.

A big smile curved up Katrinas face, she was extremely happy, ” I am glad you came ” she finally said.

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