Katrina clearly knew that it was a mans touch, she even became more nervous .The unknown person untied the piece of cloth that was around Katrinas eyes but yet she couldn see clearly as it was too dark then her mouth was also untied, despite the fact that her mouth was untied, she was too weak to speak though a lot of questions kept wondering her head.

The guy lit a candle that he was holding, the candle light was enough for Katrina to clearly see the person, he was a good looking young man with dark eyes and jet black hair with fair skin, his face clearly expressed the worry inside him.

” Hey, here is the food and water ” the guy finally spoke slowly in a whispering manner while handling a container of food and a bottle of water.

On seeing food and water, Katrinas eyes squinted slightly, her cheeks rose with delight resulting to a big smile on her face, without uttering any word she then quickly grabbed the food container and opened it, she then started eating so fast like she was in some sort of competition where the loser pays with his or her life.

She threw another amount of food in her mouth before she finished to chew the previous lot, she barely chewed, not that the food was so good, it was some cold boiled Irish potatoes infact that was her worst dish, but at the moment she cared less about the taste, all she wanted was to fill her tummy with something, she ate as if she shared the same plate with a large group of hungry dogs. Within a fraction of second the container was empty, It appered clean as if nothing was kept on it.

She then quickly opened the bottle and drank the water in it non stop, the sound of the swallowed water was clearly heard, she made sure that she drunk water up to the last drop. She then breathed out heavily and she gently kept the container and the bottle down.

Katrina slowly gazed at the young handsome man who was standing still near the chair she was sitting, when their eyes met the young man smiled gently.

”Thanks ” Katrina said, his is the right word to say at the moment she thought while keeping a smile that didn come from the heart, it was rather fake as she kept reminding herself that she is still in the face of danger though she wasn sure if that man was a bad guy or not considering that he gave her food, It was clear that he went against the orders due to the worry that was expressed in his face.

The guy moved closer to Katrina and squatted. ” Im quite impressed, you ate too fast than I expected ” he said gently while smiling a little.

” Anyways, I know you have a lot of questions to ask me but I am sorry to say that I can answer them at the moment ” he paused a little then he continued.

” Listen to me carefully, I gave you food and water so that you can have enough strength to escape, I will help you escape from here. ” he spoke seriously in a low tone.

” B- but…. ” before Katrina could utter another word, she was interrupted by the young man.

” I will do the the talking, I have to get out of here before I get caught ” he insisted while looking at the door trying to lower his voice as hard as he could so Katrina had no choice but listen to what the mystery man was about to tell her.

” Tommorow is the Orientation day, The Emperor will arrive with a large number of recruited men, this usually happens once after five years at that day all the gates are left wide open and the outsiders are allowed to participate as well, so this can be used as a loop hole to escape, how and what time we will escape, leave that that to me, just relax I will follow you personally ” he said slowly looking straight at Katrinas eyes.

” Good night ” he concluded while standing, he then slowly moved a few steps heading to the door but before he could open to get out, he suddenly turned and said,

” Oh, one more thing, don get too excited and do something that could keep our entire escape plan in jeopardy. ” before Katrina could even lift her mouth the young man had already gone out.

Katrinas eyes shone bright with delight, she wasn sure if that was real or some sort of dream so she pitched herself so hard with her long nails almost pulling the pinched skin off, so as she can clear her doubt. ” It isn a dream ” she confirmed.

She couldn sleep that night,

the young mans words kept whispering her ears again and again, that made a big smile on her she wasn sure when was the last time she felt that happy as she had completely given up and from no where a ray of hope showed up.

Katrina couldn help but think that the young man was heaven sent. That night seemed very long to Katrina she wished that the time could fly so that she could get out of that hell hole.

She was too excited that she began to become impatient.

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