uted. Katrina trembled Oh God help me, I guess I have welcomed my own death she thought. ”Hey tie this girls mouth and send her inside, then there you will receive your payment. ” They then did what they were told.

Katrina was taken inside the big black gate, she was surprised to see a big campus inside, there were a lot of men in Black with weapons guarding the area, despite the fact that it was getting dark she clearly saw everything, she was really scared, I wonder what they are operating in here, I didn see even a single woman she thought.

After a while she was dragged into a small dusty room which had only a tiny window on top, it was really dark in there with only one wooden chair in the middle which she was tied to. The men left and the door was locked from outside, despite the fact that the room was dusty and had poor ventilation theres nothing she could do about that as she had no say, on top of that her mouth was tied.

” I have no idea what these people will do to me, anyways what do they want from me? I really can die here all I have to do is escape from here but how do I do it, its guarded every where, no, that doesn matter Katrina you have to try at least. ” she thought, she kept on thinking how to escape from there.

After sometime the door of the tiny room that Katrina was in opened and tall fair skinned man walked in with a plate of food in his hands. ” Here is your food ” he said softly keeping the plate down gently. Then he turned wanting to leave but Katrina started squeezing her body side by side making the chair to produce some sound also she started producing some sound like indicating that she wanted to speak something.

The man turned and removed the piece of cloth from Katrinas mouth. ”What is it ? ” he said it seriously looking annoyed. ”Excuse me I am so hungry but how can I eat while my hands are tied? so would you please untie me ” she said softly keeping an innocent face. He smiled a little ”sure, youve got a point, silly me. ”he said, he then untied her and said ”enjoy your meal ” . ”Thanks ” Katrina replied while smiling.

This man is so kind Katrina thought while taking the plate of food. When the man wanted to go, ”wait please ” she requested, the man turned ”can I ask you for a favor? ” she added, ” I am listening ” the man replied seriously. ” Would you please help me escape from here, please have mercy on me ” she insisted. ” I wish I could help you but I can , as you can see this place is heavily guarded so there is no way anyone can easily escape ” the man replied sadly.

”Okay, Im sorry ” she said while standing up. ” for what ? ” the man asked staring at Katrina, she smiled ”for this ” she said while kicking him hardly on his legs she then used all of her strength to push him aside then he rushed outside the room door, she ran as fast as she could through the corridor on the way she knocked a young man who wanted to stop her but couldn , she kept on running.

A few hours later she found herself in the exact same room which she was in earlier, obviously she was caught and dragged back. This time, she was tied double tightly and more security was added, two strong men were kept in front of the room.

” May I go to the washroom please. ” Katrina said softly looking at the man standing in front of him. ” Hey, don try to outsmart me, do you think I will let you escape again ha ” the man said harshly. ”But…. ” before she could go on she was interrupted ” shut up, just do your business here but I won untie you. ” the man insisted. ” mmmh, your so cruel.Anyways where is my former guard? ” she asked.

”Boss killed him the instant that he found out that you escaped under his watch, thats the rule here, there is no room for traitors, lazy and useless people ” the man said. ” ”What? you people are monsters, the poor man had no fault at all, I just took advantage of his kindness but you killed him, how can you be so cruel like this? ” she said feeling so much pain while tears falling down her soft cheeks. ”Hey ” he shouted at Katrina while pointing a figure at her ” Stop lecturing me, by the way we have been too easy on you, from now on no eating, drinking as well as speaking ” he said while closing Katrinas mouth with a piece of cloth then he went away.

Katrina felt like a sharp arrow has struck her heart at that moment, She cried a lot, she felt helpless but had nothing to do about it. Days passed and that man meant every word he said as she was neither given food to it nor water to drink, the hunger and thirst she felt was even worse than death itself. Why are they keeping me tied up for all these days? what do they want from me? What is the main motive behind all this? she asked herself without getting any answer.

One day at midnight, It was so silent that even a tiny pin could be heard once dropped. A sound of footsteps was clearly heard despite the fact that the person tried to avoid the sound. The steps were heading towards Katrinas room, then the room door was suddenly opened slowly, by the time Katrina was extremely exhausted and fast asleep so she couldn notice the entrance of the unknown Person but she woke up suddenly after she felt a cold touch in her skin, she almost screamed but couldn while her heart is racing so fast than normal.

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