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Hello! my name is Veronica Damas, reading novels is my passion but writing them is my dream, I hope WEB NOVEL will act as a catalyst towards attaining this dream as I hope that my work will be potrayed through different readers world wide.

BEHIND THE CURTAINS is my first novel, the tittle it self conveys what is written, in a nut shell its a story about a young girl named Katrina who is wanted, she doesn remember her past and the worst part is she doesn know how she ended up in the captivity of unknown men, she asks her self a lot of questions which remain unanswered, on her way to find whats behind the curtains she encounters a guy named Roy who claims to be her saviour, Is this guy nice or not? can he help Katrina find her answers?

In order to find out just follow the novel of BEHIND THE CURTAINS, welcome.

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