boss, where theres danger, theres Dale! ” I grinned with confidence. After this, Id be two million rich, wasn that great?

We set off immediately and arrived at the underground garage, where our enemies were lurking in wait for us. A question came to mind, and I decided to ask against all odds.

”Um, boss? ” I called ”I don mean to sound rude but I gotta ask. Youve never met me before, how are you so nonchalant about putting your life in my hands? Do you trust me already? ” I asked and he answered immediately.

”I don trust you, but I trust Nathan. Im sure he has a good reason for hiring you. ” What he said made sense. ”By the way, do you know how to fight? ” He asked and I nodded ”Good, because I won save you! ”

Save me? What did he… my unfinished question was immediately answered when I caught sight of a few guys approaching with confident grins, which I was pleased to wipe off with my fist. ”Am I fighting these guys? ”

”Are you scared? If you are then its not too late to … ”

”Tch! ” I interrupted him. These guys were a piece of cake. I could even handle guys twice their size.

In less than 3 minutes, I had them all on the floor, moaning in pain. Oscar, who had been watching without action, looked at me a bit impressed.

”I see you
e not just a little boy! ” He said.

”Im 23! ” I pointed out matter of fact

”You don look like it. ” He said and I felt my head steam. Why didn he say these earlier? Where was I going to let off the steam now? ”Lets go! ”

I watched him as he walked towards the car. I took hold of one of the guys leg and twisted it. That did the trick.

”What a bunch of weaklings. You call yourselves assassins yet, you couldn even scratch a little girl. Tch, pity! ” I hurried on to catch up with Oscar. He got in the back seat and I took the stearing wheel.

My God! I thought as my fingers swept along the controls. The car was so cool. It gave out that rich scent. The seats were made out of pure black leather and the stearing wheel was covered in leather as well. The feeling of driving this sort of car was awesome. Rich people enjoyed all the good things life had to offer, I was so jealous.

”If you
e done feeling the car, then drive! ” Oscar ordered and that made me a little bit embarrassed. I was caught again.

”Where to, boss? ” I asked as I turned on the engine

”Lions Estate! ” He said and I set the GPS to Lions Estate.

Jeeze, thats where most of the expensive houses are built. I even heard there was a house worth a billion. Why would a house need to cost that much? Its just a house, or was it made out of gold? I thought as I drove out of the garage.

I was driving happily and enjoying the moment when the biker gang showed up. At least, thats what I call em, its fun.

I looked at the side view mirror. Behind us were two cars and three bikes. The bad guys really knew their stuff. They chose to come out when we were at the lonely route to the estate. The estate was still a few miles away, so whatever happened at this point wouldn be their business.

I grinned at the fun ahead and looked at the rear view mirror to see my boss sitting silently with a calm expression. He didn look like someone who was about to die.

”Hang in there boss, the ride is about to get…bumpy! ” I hit the accelerator and turned the car around. A little mistake would cause us to somersault but I knew what I was dealing with and had everything under control.

Some of the guys behind us couldn keep up and lost their balance, causing them to get off the road terribly. Instead of heading towards the estate, where it was safe, I decided to take these guys for a little spin.

Oscar didn do or say anything to stop me, so I took it as a go ahead signal. I was mad while driving but my mind was sane. The ones who were truly mad, were the ones who blindly followed me. I hit the accelerator and increased speed, moving the gear however I wanted. My hand speed was incredible so there was no way I would lose control of the car.

Unknowingly to the guys behind me, I was headed for a cliff. Oscar saw this and yelled.

”Have you gone mad? ”

”Not yet boss, just sit tight. ” I charged for the edge with full speed until the moment was right. My pursuers followed blindly and I snickered. As soon as it got to the spot I wanted, I quickly turned the car around.

The pursuers were confused to see me charging at them, and as I passed inbetween them, they quickly made advances to turn but it was too late. Just like that, the cars and bikes flew off the cliff.

”Woo hoo! ” I exclaimed loudly. I felt hyper. ”Those goons are hell stupid! ” I laughed and forgot I was in the car with my boss.

”Youll block my eardrums. ” He said and I gasped.

”Ops, sorry boss. ” I said and focused on the driving. I looked at the rear view mirror and saw him sigh while massaging his forehead. Even if he didn say it, I knew it. He was scared at the time.

I wondered for a while why he didn just hire professional bodyguards to keep him safe but, I simply brushed it aside. He must have had his reasons. Besides, as long as I got paid, none of that, was my business.

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