d to make this quick I have other matters to attend to today. ”

”Ok course. ” The Librarian was happy this arrangement was good enough. She gestured for him to follow and introduced herself. ”My name is Marisole, I am glad we could do this. ”

”Ditto, I needed the money. And with the token, I should be able to find a good offense technique. ” As the two moved, he kept an eye on the place she led him to. ”Where are we going exactly? We just passed the last checkout desk. ”

”The Head Librarian wishes to speak with you. ”

”I am on a tight schedule I do not have time to speak with this person. We can schedule an appointment next time. ” William turned around annoyed. He did not like one who did not listen to what he said. ”Nextime hopefully this goes better. ”

Marisole eyes shrunk as he walked away. No one just walked away after hearing the Head Librarian wanted to speak with them.

What was worse, he still had the Manuscript to. Considering the gold and token were not passed over, it was definitely still an open trade. A few that spied on William for the Placeholders already left to go and inform their masters.

”OK! ” Marisole dragged him to the side forcefully. She was quite a powerful librarian! Even left bruises on him! ”Token now and the gold! Even throw an additional 5,000 for wasting your time! ”

The Head Librarian was ready to throttle her for not offering more. But William nodded along with that being fine enough. Rubbing his bruises as she pulled out the gold for him.


Library Later-


William returned later that same day. He needed to find some offensive techniques to use and find some course books for the Pillar Realm. To help facilitate breakthroughs for his students and himself.

In the next hour, he went through at least 33 books. Mostly bouncing around as one book mention another book and then that one mentions another and so and so forth. Luckily, he was able to mentally highlight passages scanned in his mind for later.

”Ugh.. my head hurts. ” William would kill for an aspirin right about now. But they didn have them here. Which sucked. Forgetting he had some gold, he could have went and bought some medicine. ”Well, at least I have a pretty good offensive technique now. ”

In his hand were the books that compiled an unusual sword tech quite well. Separate they were formidable but together they would reduce the strain on the person overall. All he had to do now was to start practicing it.

”You came back! ” Marisole said excitedly. ”Do you have the time? ”

Nodding, William followed her to the back. She was actually expecting him not to come back until the very end of the week. Little did she know William didn want to waste his time later.

William sat in a small room as he waited. Marisole went to go and get the Head Librarian.

”Lets see here.. ” William started reading everything over again while writing it down to piece it together better. Grateful the spellcheck from his computer was helping correct phrases and sentence structure.

”Well, Mr.Lancaster.. ” The Head Librarian interrupted his thoughts and writing. He didn feel the old-timer come in at all. ”..glad you traded the manual to us. Would you mind telling us where it came from? ”

”Don really know actually. ” William shrugged as it was the truth. The brain damage inflicted on the original had a lot of information missing. The Head Librarian would find that out after he ran a deeper search on him. ”But I can jot down what I vaguely remember. The other 11 Placeholders of the Akademy should know. ”

”Oh, and why is that? ”

”They were there when I acquired the thing. ” William jotted the information down, one-lining a few pieces as he was confused about some of it and how to get there. He started to get frustrated and finished up quickly before handing it over. ”The best I got. Get the rest from the others if you want to know so badly. ”

Going over it, the Head librarian was glad for the accurate detail given from what he did put. And a small bit of disappointment that the brain damage prevented him from providing accurate detail. But with 11 others have gone as well, it would be easy to fill in the gaps.

”I won pry to much, but are you cultivating it again? ”

”Nope, considering my former colleagues tried to basically kill me for it, just happy to get rid of the thing. Plus it seems really difficult. ” William would acquire what he could from the thing and that is it. Plus it is basically a deathtrap if the little I have read is a hint.

The Head Librarian was interested in what happened so William explained what took place not to long ago. Use to the type of backstabbing and whatnot, the Head Librarian nodded but remain passive.

Once finished, it was like a burden was remove from him. The headache disappearing as his Mind moved up a little. Reaching Gathering Realm IV came with some more space for storage.

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