Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 30 – Fleeing

Chapter 29 – Making A Move

“Blackblood Seal!” Bloodhands furious shout suddenly resounded. A strand of scarlet red blood instantly effused out from where Bloodhands hand held the tip of the sword, and then black energy tainted the scarlet red blood, causing it to instantly become black blood. The black blood swiftly flowed along the sword, and in the blink of an eye, it passed through the sword and spread onto the womans body.

At the same time, Bloodhands right leg suddenly stomped on the ground, and he utilized the force from this to leap forward. The sword left his body and carried out another string of fresh blood, yet this time, it was black in color.

When she sensed the black blood enter her body, and the sword in her hand had actually become black in color and lost all of its spirit, the womans icy cold face wasnt as indifferent as it was before this. She finally revealed a trace of a serious expression as she raised her head to look at Bloodhand, and then she said in a low voice, “You actually dared to utilize a Forbidden Divine Ability. Arent you afraid of dropping a realm in your cultivation and be forever unable to advance again?”

The womans words seemed to have hit Bloodhands sore spot, and his ghastly pale face was covered in a savage expression as he said in an insane manner, “Dropping a realm in my cultivation? Thats better than losing my life! Fairy Su, do you feel like the Profound Energy within your body is gradually flowing away now? Haha! In another moment, youll become a cripple that doesnt possess any Profound Energy. At that time, Ill make you suffer! Cough….” He seemed to have become too excited, and it caused two strands of black blood to spray out from the two holes on his chest.

Yang Ye frowned when he heard Bloodhand, and he said in his heart, Shit! Bloodhand is going to win!

With Bloodhands degree of ruthlessness, Yang Ye would most probably be killed. However, he was helpless at this moment. Even though Bloodhand seemed to be heavily injured already, Bloodhand was still definitely not someone Yang Ye could go against right now!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and looked at the white clothed woman at the side. At this moment, he just hoped that the woman had some sort of a contingency plan.

The womans beautiful brows knit together when she noticed the Profound Energy within her body was swiftly flowing away, and she glanced at Bloodhand who stood in the distance while a resolute expression flashed on her face. With a flip of her hand, the sword in her hand vanished. After that, she fully opened her right palm, and then she bent her ring finger and little finger before her thumb pressed down on them. After that, her index finger and middle finger were pressed together to form a sword.

She flicked this sword towards Bloodhand. In an instant, a strand of sword qi shot out explosively from the tip of her finger.

“Youre courting death by doing this!” Bloodhands eyelids twitched when he saw the woman utilized her Profound Energy by force, and then he dodged to the side while he shouted furiously with a voice that carried a terrified tone. At this moment, he was already completely spent, and if he were to be struck by the womans sword qi, then he would probably be the one to die.

The woman paid no attention to Bloodhand. The tip of her feet tapped lightly on the ground before her figure rose into the air, and then she charged towards Bloodhand as if she was gliding in midair.

She rapidly swung the sword shed formed with her fingers while she flew in midair. Every single swing caused a strand of fierce and swift sword qi to shoot out explosively. As she charged rapidly all along the way, shed executed no less than a few tens of strands of sword qi, and the sword qi that covered the sky seemed like dense droplets of rain descending towards Bloodhand!

As he hid within the bushes, Yang Yes heart surged like the tide. This… this sword technique is too formidable! Its absolutely much more formidable than the Energy Split Sword Technique! This womans status in the Sword Sect is absolutely not low, and its possible that shes an elder.

Bloodhands eyelids twitched when he saw so many strands of sword qi assaulting him, and he was extremely astounded in his heart. A trace of a resolute expression flashed on his face, and he disregarded the blood that flowed from his chest as he stretched his right hand forward and clenched it. A bloody glow effused out and instantly formed a black energy shield. As his Profound Energy was ceaselessly poured into the black energy shield, fresh blood sprayed out like fountains from the two holes in his chest.

Even though his chest was bleeding without end, Bloodhand didnt stop pouring his Profound Energy into the black energy shield. He knew that this was the womans final attack, and he would be the final victor if he was able to withstand this wave of attacks. On the other hand, if he was unable to withstand it, then the consequences were obvious. So, he had to withstand this wave of attacks no matter what!


Countless strands of sword qi blasted onto the energy shield, causing incessant explosions to resound within the forest. At this moment, the woman had descended to the ground as well, and she stared fixedly at the place where the energy shield and sword qi collided and exploded. If Bloodhand was able to hold on, then it was obvious what would happen to the white clothed woman whod lost all her Profound Energy!

“Haha!!!” After a short moment, the energy shield gradually vanished, and Bloodhands unbridled and roaring laughter resounded from behind it. After the black energy shield vanished completely, the figure of Bloodhand who had a ghastly pale countenance was revealed. At this moment, even though his countenance was ghastly pale, his face held a trace of a smile, and it was a smile from surviving a calamity.

The woman took a deep breath and revealed a wisp of a bitter expression when she saw Bloodhand was still alive. After that, she closed her eyes slowly before she flipped her right hand, and her sword appeared once more in her hand. Even though shed lost all her Profound Energy, it didnt mean that she was willing to wait for death to arrive!

“Arent you extremely disappointed? Fairy Su, didnt I just kill a few outer court disciples from your Sword Sect? Yet you pursued me for three days and three nights! What will I do now? Not only will I humiliate you to death, but Ill even hang your corpse on the Imperial Citys gate and make the Sword Sects reputation sweep the floor! Cough….” Bloodhand held the bloody blade in hand as he gradually approached the woman.

At this moment, he was extremely complacent because hed accumulated a bellyful of resentment since a long time ago after hed been pursued by this woman for three days and three nights. Now, victory was within his grasps, so he fully vented the resentment in his heart.

The woman didnt provide the slightest reaction towards Bloodhands words, and her face was extremely calm as if she hadnt heard him at all!

Bloodhand instantly felt bored when he noticed the woman didnt become terrified from his words. Hed originally intended to terrify the woman so that she would beg for mercy. However, he was disappointed because the woman before him was truly calm like motionless water in her heart, and she wasnt affected by anything in the outside world!

“Its over!” Bloodhand shouted in a low voice as he charged towards the woman. He didnt utilize the bloody blade, and he kicked at the womans stomach instead. Obviously, he wanted to cripple her Dantian.

When she sensed the sound of air being torn apart by Bloodhands leg, the woman suddenly opened her eyes before she hurled the sword with her right hand, and it transformed into a cold glow that shot out explosively. At the same time, she overlapped her hands before herself, and then suddenly pushed them forward to block Bloodhands fierce kick.

Bloodhand hadnt imagined that the woman still had the ability to attack, and in a moment of carelessness, the sword pierced through Bloodhands chest again. On the other hand, the woman was blasted flying from the force of his kick, and she fell heavily to the ground after flying a few meters away.

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart upon witnessing the sword penetrate through Bloodhands chest. However, the smile on his face froze before it could even stretch out. Because Bloodhand whod had his chest penetrated by a sword for the third time hadnt fallen to the ground. He gradually sat down cross-legged on the ground, and then withdrew a talisman and tossed it into the air.

After it flew up into the sky, the talisman shook before it vanished in the sky.

A Transmission Talisman! Yang Yes face turned grim when he saw that talisman. As its name implied, the transmission talisman was utilized to transmit messages. This Transmission Talisman Bloodhand utilized was obviously a mid-grade Transmission Talisman, and it was capable of transmitting messages through a distance of 400km. In other words, Bloodhand had companions within an area of 400km in the surroundings!

Yang Ye decisively withdrew a high-grade Strength Talisman and slapped it onto his body. After that, he withdrew the dagger before his right leg stomped swiftly at the ground, and then his figure shot out like a cannonball towards Bloodhand who was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

When he was only 10m away from Bloodhand, he suddenly slashed the dagger in his hand at Bloodhand!

“Energy Split Sword Technique!” A golden strand of sword qi shot out explosively from the tip of the dagger in Yang Yes hand. After he executed this strand of sword qi, Yang Ye didnt stop, and he successively executed another two strands of sword qi.

“Kid! Dont you dare!” Bloodhand was horrified when he saw those three strands of sword qi that suddenly shot towards him. He stretched out his right hand and clenched it, causing a slightly thin blood shield to flash into appearance, and the blood shield had just appeared when a mouthful of blood sprayed from Bloodhands mouth.


The first strand of sword qi blasted onto the blood shield, and the shield shook slightly while Bloodhand who sat behind the shield spat out another mouthful of blood. When the second strand of sword qi blasted onto the blood shield, the already dim blood shield dispersed in the air with a bang.

Bloodhands pupils constricted into the shape of needles when he saw the blood shield vanish. Never had he imagined that this piece of trash at the Mortal Realm would actually be able to break through his blood shield. Even though he was exhausted, this fellow before him was only at the Mortal Realm, the Mortal Realm!


The golden strand of sword qi penetrated through Bloodhands heavily wounded chest, and then a shrill and miserable cry resounded while Bloodhand was blasted flying.

Moreover, right when Bloodhand was blasted flying, a figure appeared before him, and the dagger in the figures hand swept towards Bloodhands head.

When he saw the dagger sweeping over, Bloodhand disregarded the injuries on his chest, and he clenched his right hand before swiftly smashing it at Yang Yes dagger.


Yang Yes dagger that was suffused with a golden glow sliced through Bloodhands right hand as it if was cutting through vegetables, and then it didnt slow down at all as it swept towards Bloodhands neck.

“How could this….” Bloodhands eyes were opened wide and filled with disbelief. He wasnt even able to finish his last words when a head that carried a strand of black blood along with it was tossed into the sky.

Yang Ye wouldnt give this fellow an explanation. After he sliced off Bloodhands head, Yang Ye hurriedly put away the bloody blade that Bloodhand held in his right hand and the spatial ring Bloodhand had on his hand, and then he ran to the white clothed woman that sat cross-legged on the ground.

“Gold element Profound Energy? A disciple of the Sword Sect?” The white clothed woman gazed at Yang Ye and was slightly shocked. Shed clearly witnessed the entire process since Yang Ye attacked until the battle ended, and it was exactly because shed witnessed it clearly that she was slightly shocked. Yang Ye was actually someone that possessed the gold element Profound Energy of legend, and hed even shattered Bloodhands blood shield. Even though that blood shield didnt even possess 3.5% of its usual strength, it wasnt something a Profounder at the Mortal Realm could shatter!

Yang Ye didnt answer the woman, and he said in a low voice, “That Bloodhand utilized a Transmission Talisman earlier, and his help is definitely rushing over right now. Can you still run?”

The woman was stunned when she heard this, and then she shook her head and said, “No, that Blackblood Seal was a type of forbidden technique amongst Divine Techniques. Presently, my cultivation has been sealed, and only by returning to the Sword Sect would I be able….”

“Forgive me!” Yang Ye interrupted the woman, and then, under the astounded gaze of the white clothed woman, Yang Ye carried the woman up into his arms before he dashed swiftly towards the distance.

He didnt dare to leave the woman here. Because he would be finished if the woman exposed him as Bloodhands murderer after Bloodhands help arrived. Even though this woman before him didnt seem like such a person, Yang Ye didnt dare bet on it. Of course, he could deal with the woman with a swift slash to the throat, but he was truly unable to do it.

Only attack when attacked, this was Yang Yes principle in conducting himself. If Bloodhand didnt make a move against him, then he would have just fled and not risk his life to kill Bloodhand!

As for rescuing the woman, besides being worried that the woman would give him away, it was also because the woman was from the Sword Sect. Having one more friend was better than having one more enemy. Moreover, in his opinion, it made no difference whether he fled alone or fled with her!

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