Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 13 – Baoers Shock

Chapter 12 – Gifts From The Elders

After she put the Spatial Ring away, Baoers little face revealed a wisp of a smile. However, she seemed to have thought of something and turned around to look at the Outer Court Disciples below the arena, and her expression instantly turned cold before she said, “Geezer, Baoer isnt an unreasonable person. They didnt intend to give me my Energy Stones and even intended to kill me to keep me quiet, Disciples like this have bad dispositions, and theyre countless times inferior to the Little Laborer!”

“Yes, yes!” The round faced elder hurriedly nodded, and then he said in a light voice, “Then… then Baoer, lets end this matter here, alright?” The reason theyd gathered sufficient Energy Stones was for the sake of making Baoer cool down and take back what shed said earlier. Because they couldnt afford to offend the Talisman Peak.

“No, Im going to look for my grandpa and ask him to uphold justice for me. All of you are dead!” Baoer glared at the round faced elder and spoke with anger. Shed never been bullied since she was young, yet these Outer Court Disciples actually intended to kill her to keep her quiet today. She was unable to swallow this grievance!

When they heard Baoer still intended to go tell her grandfather, the faces of the four elders twitched, and they said in their hearts. How can you act like that? Youve taken the Energy Stones yet refuse to put an end to the matter? Arent you bullying us?

Suddenly, the round faced Elder looked at Yang Ye who was by Baoers side, and he hesitated for a moment before walking over to Yang Yes side. He patted Yang Ye on the shouted and said with a smile, “Youre Yang Ye huh? Heroes really do emerge from the young. You actually defeated Duan Jun that was at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm. How extraordinary….”

Yang Ye had a slightly strange expression because he recognized this elder before him. He was called Feng Yu and was an elder that possessed extremely great authority in the Outer Court. At that time, it was precisely this old man and the other two old men by his side that had called Yang Ye the number one piece of trash in the sword sect, and theyd even ridiculed Elder Qian for being unable to see clearly. Yet now, hed come to praise Yang Ye instead.

Yang Ye turned around to look at Baoer while he felt even more curious towards Baoers identity. He was naturally aware that this elder had definitely praised him because the elder wanted him to help persuade Baoer. However, Yang Ye wouldnt persuade Baoer so easily, and he intended to allow Baoer to torture these old fellows first.

“Of course, just look who Little Laborers friend is.” Meanwhile, Baoer walked over to Yang Yes side and nodded to the old man with a round face, and then she said, “Geezer, even though youre ugly, youre discerning ability isnt bad. The Little Laborer is extremely formidable. All of these disciples of yours are idiots because they actually didnt believe he could win. Theyre really idiots!”

Its working!Besides Elder Qian, all the other Outer Court Elders here exchanged glances, and they were delighted in their hearts. The round faced elder said with a smile, “Yes, yes, hes a genius. He defeated someone at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm while at the sixth rank, hes a genius, a huge genius!”

“Feng Yu, didnt you say that I was unable to see clearly and recruited the number one piece of trash in history into the Sword Sect? So, when did Yang Ye become a huge genius in your eyes?” At this moment, Elder Qian spoke with ridicule. He still remembered how these old fellows acted when Yang Ye wasnt able to become a Profounder, and even until now, these few elders still used Yang Ye to ridicule him. Now that he had an opportunity to slap them on the face, he would naturally not let it slip by.

When they heard Elder Qian, the other Outer Court Elders were shocked in their hearts. Feng Yu looked at Yang Ye and said, “You, youre that Yang Ye? That Yang Ye who wasnt able to become a Profounder after a year?”

Yang Ye nodded.

When they saw Yang Ye nod, their expressions became slightly unnatural. Theyd indeed spoken those words at that time. It was extremely normal for the Outer Court Elders to frequently quarrel with each other. If Yang Ye wasnt friends with Baoer, then even if hed attained the sixth rank of the Mortal Realm, they still wouldnt take him seriously at all. However, this number one piece of trash of the past was the little she-devils friend now, and he was the person that was most likely to be capable of making the little she-devil take back her words from just now!

The elders were conflicted. Beg for mercy? They were unable to stoop so low and lose face like that. Dont beg for mercy? Then once the little she-devil returned and told the old devil about it, then the Outer Court would be finished.

“Geezer, you said Yang Ye is the number one piece of trash in history?” Meanwhile, Baoer gazed at Feng Yu with a hostile expression. Shed just said that this old fellows discerning ability wasnt bad, yet she never expected that this geezer had actually said Yang Ye was the number one piece of trash in history. The strongest amongst the Profound Energy of the Five Elements, the gold element, was a piece of trash, then what about her who possessed the wood element? Baoer was slightly angry.

Feng Yu smiled embarrassedly and said, “No, it was us that were blind in the past, and we apologize for it….”

“Brother Qian, we apologize for that. Even youre aware that its extremely normal for us to quarrel with each other. So, dont make a fuss about it with us, alright? Haha….”

“Yes, Yang Ye attained the sixth rank of the Mortal Realm in a short period of time. He can definitely be considered a genius with such natural talent. It was us who were blind, dont take it to heart.”

Brother Qian, Yang Ye can be considered to be partially your disciple. Yang Ye is your disciple and Baoers friend, so in the end, were all family. Hahaha!!”

“Yeah, were all family. It was just a misunderstanding earlier. It was just a misunderstanding! Haha!”

It was naturally impossible for a few elders to apologize to a Labor Disciple. They were unable to disregard their status, so they could only apologize to Elder Qian.

When he saw the elders apologize, Yang Ye was slightly amused. However, he didnt feel complacent. He knew that these elders had only apologized because of Baoer, otherwise, even if hed attained the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm now, he would probably be an insignificant disciple in the eyes of these elders.

If he wanted to make these elders really think highly of him and understand how blind they were in the past, then he had to pass through the Outer Court Exam and use his strength to prove it!

Elder Qian didnt become complacent as well, and he similarly understood this principal. If it wasnt for Baoer, these old fellows would absolutely not bend before him. Even though it was like this, he still felt extremely satisfied because hed been infuriated by these old fellows on many occasions in the past year.

It was best to stop being going too far. Yang Ye pulled on Baoers hand and walked to the side before he said, “Baoer, take back what you said earlier, alright?”

“If I take those words back, would they stop looking down on you in the future?” As she looked at Yang Ye, Baoer blinked. She wasnt stupid, and she naturally knew that it was definitely because of her that those geezers suddenly apologized.

Yang Ye nodded and said with a smile, “Yes, if Baoer takes back those words because of me, then theyll definitely owe me a favor, and Ill definitely receive a great deal of care while Im in the Outer Court.”

Baoer pondered deeply for a moment, and then she smiled as she nodded. She pulled Yang Yes hand and walked over to stand before those five Outer Court Elders with anxious expressions, and she said, “All of you geezers, Ill let the matter go this time. But let me tell all of you, I did it because of the Little Laborer, and if all of you dare to bully me again. Hmph! Hmph!” She grunted twice, and her intent to threaten them was obvious.

When they heard this, all the Outer Court Elders instantly heaved sighs of relief in their hearts. Feng Yu hurriedly said, “We wont, we absolutely wont. In the future, if another dares to disrespect Baoer, then Ill smash him to death!” When he spoke up to here, Feng Yus wrist spun before a sword appeared, and he passed it to Yang Ye and said, “Little Yang, this is a high-grade Yellow Rank Dark Iron Sword. Its of no use in my possession, so you can have it!”

When he saw Feng Yu give Yang Ye a sword, Cao Huo withdrew a piece of iron armor and passed it to Yang Ye before he said, “This is a high-grade Yellow Rank Dark Iron Armor. Its of no use in my possession as well, so you can have it. It ought to be of use to use!”

“These are 10 Meridian Shield Pills, and theyre able to protect your meridians well and allow your meridians to endure intense training. Take it!”

“This is the copy of the Yellow Rank sword technique, Energy Split Sword Technique. Take it and cultivate it as well….”

In next to no time, all the Outer Court Elders besides Elder Qian had given Yang Ye a treasure. Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he took all of them. He knew that these elders before him were trying to curry favor, and he knew why they were trying to curry favor as well. If he refused, then these elders would definitely think that he held hatred in his heart, and he would definitely encounter trouble while he was in the Sword Sect in the future.

After he received all those treasures, Yang Ye turned around to look at Baoer who was grinning at the side, and he felt extremely curious in his heart. He was curious about Baoers identity. He knew that the identity of being a Talisman Master was extremely lofty, yet these elders before him were obviously terrified of Baoers grandfather. Is Baoers grandfather an Earth Talisman Master? Or a Heaven Talisman Master?

The elders revealed smiles when they saw Yang Ye receive those treasures. Yang Yes natural talent couldnt be said to be good, yet he knew Baoer and was even able to affect her decisions, so forming a good relationship with Yang Ye was absolutely not a wrong decision, and it was obvious from the smile on Baoers face when they gave things to Yang Ye!

“All of you geezers arent bad!” Baoer nodded to those Outer Court Elders, and then she looked at the Outer Court Disciples and said, “How are all of you going to punish them?” Baoer wouldnt let those Outer Court Disciples go easily.

At this moment, Yang Ye went silent as well. These Outer Court Elders hadnt done anything that would harm Baoer, and that was why he would persuade Baoer. However, those Outer Court Disciples intended to kill Baoer to silence her, and this was something Yang Ye was unable to tolerate. In his heart, Baoer had become his friend since a long time ago.

Feng Yu hesitated for a moment when he heard this, and then a wisp of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. He turned around to look at those Outer Court Disciples and said, “All the Outer Court Disciples that participated in the gamble, head to the Enforcement Hall to receive 100 whips, and then head to Star Ore Mountain to mine for a month. Everything obtained from the mining will be handed over to the sect. Go now, all of you!”

When they heard Feng Yu, the countenance of those Outer Court Disciples instantly turned ghastly pale. 100 whips were still alright, and it would at most hurt for a few days. However, the Star Ore Mountain was terrifying because it was a place that was utilized to punish the disciples that committed heavy offenses in the Sword Sect. There were no human rights there, and even if one didnt perish there, the consequences would still be unbearable!

When he saw their expressions, Feng Yu was slightly unable to bear the sigh of it as well. However, he knew that if he punished them lightly, then once this little she-devil was dissatisfied and told that old devil on Talisman Peak about this incident, it wouldnt just be the Outer Court Disciples that suffered misfortune, even all of the Outer Court Elders would suffer misfortune as well. In the Sword Sect, even the Sect Master wouldnt easily offend that old devil.

“Hmph!” Baoer was still slightly displeased and was just about to say something. However, Yang Ye hurriedly pulled her small hand and walked away from the Life and Death Arena.

Yang Ye knew that this punishment could be considered to be extremely heavy. If Baoer was still dissatisfied, then it was very likely for it to cause those Outer Court Disciples to retaliate. At that time, the matter would be severe. He didnt care about those Outer Court Elders, but he cared about Elder Qian, and he was truly unwilling to allow Elder Qian to be harmed in any way because of this matter.

When they saw Yang Ye pulling Baoer away, all the Outer Court Elders here instantly heaved sighs of relief in succession. Feng Yu looked at Elder Qian and said, “Brother Qian, this time, it was all thanks to that kid you recruited. I wont say anything else, just take it as we owe him a favor.”

The others nodded in agreement. They knew that the little she-devil was still dissatisfied earlier, and it would truly be troublesome for them. After all, those Outer Court Disciples were the disciples of the Sword Sect, so if the punishment they gave was too heavy, it was very likely for it to cause retaliation amongst them, and it was even to the extent that it might cause those Outer Court Disciples to be bitterly disappointed with the sect.

Needless to say, Yang Yes actions of pulling Baoer away had helped them deal with an enormous problem!

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