Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 12 – Gifts From The Elders

Chapter 11 – Aggrieved Elders

When she saw their expressions, Baoers eyes narrowed, and she said, “What? Do all of you intend to not give it to me because I look young?”

Jiang Qiushuis eyelids twitched, and his eyes flickered as he looked at Baoer. After that, he revealed a smile and said, “How could we do that? Even youre aware that we dont have so many Energy Stones with us now. Why dont you come with us to go take it? What do you think?”

When they heard this, the others behind Jiang Qiushui exchanged glances, and a wisp of a ghastly and cold glow flashed within their eyes. After that, all the others nodded lightly and displayed that they agreed with Jiang Qiushui.

At this point, they were unable to produce the Energy Stones no matter what, and they wouldnt hand it over even if they could. Since they were unable to produce the Energy Stones, then there was only a single method, and it was to eliminate this little girl before them!

Even though they knew this little girls identity wasnt ordinary, they didnt have another choice. Because even the Outer Court Elders were unable to produce over 10,000 Energy Stones!

This time, all of their thoughts had converged together in an extremely tacit manner.

When she heard Jiang Qiushui, Baoer glanced at all the other Outer Court Disciples, and when she saw that none of them objected to Jiang Qiushuis words, she immediately pointed at them and laughed coldly. “Good, very good. Do all of you think Baoer is stupid? You Outer Court Disciples only obtain 20 Energy Stones every single month, whereas, the Outer Court Disciple ranked at the top of the Outer Court Rankings on obtains an extra 100 Energy Stones every single month. So, how could all of you possess so many Energy Stones? All of you intend to trick Baoer to a quiet place and then kill Baoer, right?”

The smile on Jiang Qiushuis face froze when he heard this. Hed never expected that this little girl before him would actually be so intelligent, and he immediately said with a smile, “Were Outer Court Disciples, how could we do something like killing another? Im telling the truth. If youre willing to come with us, then well definitely give you the Energy Stones. If youre unwilling to go with us to get it, then Im helpless as well. Im telling the truth right!?” As he spoke, he glanced at the others behind him.

“Yes, little girl, if you dont go with us to get it, then we cant do anything about it as well….”

“Were all Outer Court Disciples. Could it be that we would trick you of this little bit of Energy Stones?”

“Exactly. Little girl, come with us to go get it. Well pay all the Energy Stones to you. Look, do we seem like deceitful people?”

As she watched all of them act shamelessly, Baoer was angered to the point her face flushed red, and she pointed at all of them and said, “Good! Good! Very good! No one has ever dared to bully Baoer. Just all of you wait! Just you wait!” As she spoke, Baoer run towards the Life and Death Arena.

When they saw Baoer had been angered to the point of leaving, all of the Outer Court Disciples instantly heaved sighs of relief, and then they watched Baoer as they wanted to see what she intended to do.

When he saw Baoer run onto the Life and Death Arena, the Outer Court Elder below the arena frowned, yet when he noticed the符 character on Baoers chest, his brows knit together even more tightly, and he said with a light voice. “Why has this little she-devil come here?”

When he noticed Baoer run up the Life and Death Arena, Yang Ye who was absorbing an Energy Stone opened his eyes and was just about to greet her. However, right at this moment, Baoer pointed towards the Outer Court Disciples in the distance and said loudly, “I, Baoer, declare that from today onward, the Talisman Peak will stop providing any talisman related rewards of all Outer Court Disciples, and the Talisman Peak will stop accepting requests to inscribe and repair treasures from all the Outer Court Elders. In short, so long as its related to the words Outer Court, then the Talisman Peak refuses to provide all services!”

When they heard Baoer, all of them were first stunned, and then they roared with laughter. Even Jiang Qiushui and the other Outer Court Disciples roared with laughter.

“Who does she think she is? The Sect Master? Im going to die from laughter….”

“Refuse to provide all talisman related rewards of the Outer Court Disciples? Has she gone mad from rage?”

“This is the best joke Ive heard since I arrived at the Sword Sect. Hahaha….”

When he heard Baoer, the expression of Elder Cao Huo who stood below the Life and Death Arena changed greatly, and he turned around to look at those Outer Court Disciples that were roaring with laughter and immediately shouted. “Shut up!” His voice was covered in Profound Energy, and it resounded like thunder by the ears of the few hundreds of Outer Court Disciples.

The expressions of all the Outer Court Disciples immediately changed, and they looked at the furious Outer Court Elder while wondering why hed berated them.

Cao Huo didnt pay any attention to the Outer Court Disciples, and his figure flashed to directly appear on the Life and Death Arena. As he looked at Baoer who was still furious, a smile appeared on Cao Huos solemn face as he said, “So, its Baoer, why have you come here to play today!?”

When they saw this scene, the hearts of all the Outer Court Disciples below the arena jerked because they knew that perhaps this matter was slightly serious.

When he saw this elder suddenly appear on the Life and Death Arena, Yang Yes expression became heavy while he said in his heart. The King Realm.

After the nine ranks in the Mortal Realm, it was the First Heaven Realm. After the First Heaven Realm was the King Realm. This old man before him was able to fly without relying on any external forces, and that was something only someone at the King Realm could accomplish. However, an expert at the King Realm was actually so respectful to this little girl, Baoer, and this caused Yang Ye to be even more curious of Baoers identity.

When she saw the old man wearing the clothes of an Outer Court Elder, Baoer immediately grunted coldly and said, “You go ask them yourself. Let me tell you, if you dont give me an explanation, then the Talisman Peak wont welcome any of you Outer Court Disciples or Outer Court Elders again!”

When he heard Baoer, Cao Huo smiled bitterly before his figure flashed, and he transformed into an afterimage that instantly appeared before Jiang Qiushui and the others. He said in a cold voice, “What happened? If you dare conceal anything, then Ill cripple your cultivations and expel you from the Sword Sect!”

All of them were astounded in their hearts. They immediately didnt dare conceal anything and obediently spoke of everything.

When he heard they owed the little she-devil over 300,000 Energy Stones, Cao Huos face twitched, and when they heard them say they asked Baoer to go get it with them, Cao Huos gaze turned icy cold. He was aged and experienced, so how could he be unaware of their intentions? He glanced coldly at all of them before he said, “You asked her to follow all of you when it was a few hundreds of thousands of Energy Stones? Did all of you intend to kill her to keep her quiet? Good, very good, I really want to kill the lot of you! Let me tell all of you, if youre unable to beg her to withdraw what she said, then I guarantee that all of youll become the public enemy of every single Outer Court Elder and Outer Court Disciple!”

When they heard Cao Huo, all of their countenances turned ghastly pale. Jiang Qiushui cupped his fist to the old and said respectfully, “Elder, who exactly is that little girl?”

“That doesnt matter!” Cao Huo shouted. “Now, all of you go borrow Energy Stones from your own friends and those Outer Court Elders. Tell those elders about the incident between all of you and the little girl. For the sake of their own benefits, theyll borrow the Energy Stones to you!”

“Elder, this amount is truly a bit too much. This….” Jiang Qiushui revealed a troubled expression.

“Do all of you intend to be crippled and kicked out of the Sword Sect?” Cao Huo spoke coldly.

All of their figures trembled when they heard this. Now, they knew that this matter was really serious, and they immediately didnt dare say another word and hurriedly left to borrow Energy Stones.

On the arena, after he heard about the incident between Baoer and those Outer Court Disciples, a wisp of warmth flowed through Yang Yes heart. Never had he expected that this little girl would actually trust him so much, and she actually dared to bet a few hundreds of thousands of Energy Stones for his sake!

“Hmph! Ill absolutely not let them off easily this time. They actually intended to kill me to keep me silent!” When she thought about the actions of those Outer Court Disciples, Baoer got angrier the more she thought about it. Since she was young, shed never been bullied by another!

The old man from before appeared once more on the Life and Death Arena, and he sighed in his heart when he saw Baoer was still angry. After that, he said with a smile, “Baoer, look Ive already asked them to prepare the Energy Stones. So, those words from before… can you?”

Baoer grunted coldly and said, “I wont take those words back. Let me tell you, since youre lost, then you should hand over the Energy Stones to me. Yet they didnt want to give it to me and even intended to trick me to a quiet place to kill me. Geezer, let me tell you, all of youre dead once my grandpa returns. In the future, all of you Outer Court Elders can dream of coming to Talisman Peak and asking my grandpa to inscribe things for all of you!”

When he heard Baoer, Cao Huos smile froze, and he cursed the entire families of those Outer Court Disciples. Because not only had they courted death, theyd even implicated the Outer Court Elders. He immediately squeezed out a smile and said in a gentle voice, “Baoer, Little Ancestor, this matter isnt related to us Outer Court Elders! Dont tell your grandfather about this, alright?”

“No!” Baoer said hatefully, “Im going to tell my grandpa! How dare your Outer Court Disciples bully me!”

When he saw Baoer was still angry, Cao Huo was helpless because how could he dare to offend this young miss?

After around an hour later, Jiang Qiushui and the others had returned. This time, it wasnt just these Outer Court Disciples that had arrived, and there were another four Outer Court Elders in green and white robed. Yang Ye even knew one of these elders, and it was Elder Qian.

When he saw Elder Qian, Yang Ye hurriedly bowed to Elder Qian, and Elder Qian nodded backed at him as well. After that, Elder Qians gaze descended onto Baoer because all of them had come to apologize to this little she-devil.

When the four Outer Court Elders saw Baoer, their expressions changed slightly. A round faced elder amongst them smiled at Baoer, and then he withdrew a ring and said, “Bao, Baoer, there are 390,000 Energy Stones here. Take out your Spatial Ring and Ill transfer it to you!”

When he spoke the words 390,000 Energy Stones, this elders face twitched slightly while his heart felt like it was bleeding. All of these Energy Stones had been put together by all of the Outer Court Elders and Outer Court Disciples, and the entire Outer Court could be said to be broke because of this bet.

Baoer grunted coldly and took the old mans ring before she pointed it to the tiny pouch she had before her. With a thought, the ring instantly emanated a wave of silver light. After a short moment, Baoer raised the ring with the intention of giving it back to the old man. However, she seemed to have thought of something, causing her hand to shrink back, and she waved the ring in her hand and said, “Give me this as well. You dont have any objections, right!?”

The elders hand that had been stretched forward stopped in midair and his expression was extremely colorful. After a short moment, he laughed dryly and said, “No, no, no problem….” At the same time, he cursed in his heart. Bastards! Ill punish all of you to death! A Spatial Ring is worth 100,000 gold coins! Yet its gone just like that….

1. Its the character for Talisman.

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