to Stefan’s music, which I think is a very good strategy.」Many artists make the best use of their own eyesight, then it seemed that even the talent for magic was accepted as part of who they are.

It must take a tremendous amount of effort to be both a magician and a musician, but since Emi is working so hard, as a member of Williard’s entourage, he, as her friend, cannot lose.
Above all, she said that magic and music are his weapons that can make his dear friends smile, which made him realize how precious they are.


A problem that did not exist in the story also arose when Williard became jealous of Emi… or simply Remilia, who used her knowledge of the story to improve herself and develop her various talents.
Until the rift was resolved, Williard, who found himself jealous of… Emi’s talent, became disgusted with himself and his attitude toward Emi turned cold, and I, who could only watch from the inside, was not happy.

In the end, the adults around them sensed the awkward atmosphere and took the unusual step of allowing the two of them some time alone together, even though it was before they were married, saying,「Talk properly.」One could say that the two were trusted, although both the maidens and guards were standing by in a squa at the back of the garden, at a distance, though of course not audible.
That is how much the adults around them must have liked the two of them.

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Williard confessed that envied and craved Emi’s talent for magic, her ability to improve herself and learn various fields without resting on her laurels, and above all, her ability to solve problems with flexible ideas that he does not have.
Emi told… that she is able to do her best because of Williard.
She said with tears in her eyes that she is working hard on her magic, studies, and queen’s education because she wants to be a woman who can stand next to Williard and not be ashamed of anyone.
Williard, who heard Emi’s heart for the first time, blushed when he realized that「Remilia,」whom he had thought was a perfect girl who could do anything, had made all the efforts she had made so far for him, and muttered,「I didn’t know it was for my sake.」In fact, Williard was more knowledgeable in history, economics, and politics, and Emi was developing her own strengths to compensate.


「I’m the one who has to work hard to be worthy of Will, and even now I’m still not good enough…」


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With these words, Williard became aware of his fiancée, whom he had previously thought of only as「an overly talented childhood friend,」as a woman.
I was so happy to see their first love that my heart was burning from the inside.
He laughed and said,「Remy is a little too free-spirited, so it’s just right that I, his partner, should be a little hard-headed.」


I watched Emi, who was spending her time happily, with a somewhat dazzling feeling.
That was enough to make me happy.
Emi had told me that she wanted to see Remilia happy.
I can understand that feeling now.
I am happy to see my beloved Emi being adored and spending her time happily.
I would like to see Emi happily married to Williard, whom she has her heart set on, without having to break off the engagement.

Emi seemed to feel sorry inwardly that「Will-sama is Remilia’s fiancée」, but… now I have nothing against His Highness Prince Williard personally, and if I had remained as I am, His Highness would not have cared for me either.
This may have been the first time since I was in this state that I felt frustrated, in a good way, that Emi wanted to tell me that there was nothing to worry about, but could not communicate.

If only I could have witnessed Emi’s happiness from within… that would have been enough for me.


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