The me in the story, in Emi’s memory, was a very「pathetic and pitiful girl」from her current viewpoint which was a peek into Emi’s life.
Remilia, who was treated by her parents only as a pawn in a political marriage and never given any affection, was so brilliant that her age was unimaginable, and had such outstanding magical power that she could not see the bottom of it.
The family relationship was cold, with the parents seeing each other only a few times a year, and the servants do not speak to the duchess more than necessary, and the same was true for the tutors.
Remilia becomes obsessed and dependent on Williard, the first person with whom she can speak properly.

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Remilia, who has lived a life of near-rejection by her parents, develops heavy feelings for her fiancé one way or the other without realizing it herself.
Remilia sought all the love that should have been given by her parents to Williard.
All the free love that a child would turn to a parent… attachment also went to Williard.


Naturally, Williard became displeased with Remilia.
He only fulfilled his minimum obligations as a royalty and fiancé, and within a few years of becoming an adult, Williard no longer had any feelings for Remilia beyond that of a political marriage partner.
The engagement, which was like the breeding of livestock, mixing a royal family with the blood of a hero and a person of immense magical power, passed without further meaning.

The story begins when Remilia has become relentlessly dependent and obsessed with Williard.
The first chapter of the story is about a magical academy where those with magical powers are required to enroll, and where the『protagonist』 of the story, the『Star Maiden,』was to observed to have exceptional magical powers for a commoner, and is admitted to the entrance ceremony as a special student.


The star maiden became friends with several men at the academy, including Williard.
David, the second son of the Knight Commander; Stefan, the only son of the Royal Mage Commander; and Claude, who is still my cousin.
These four are「forced-join characters.」

From the second chapter, you will be able to inspire and fight together with your friends as the star maiden in the battle to prevent the destruction of the world.

Remilia casts a shadow over the story from beginning to end.
Yes, as the villain.

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As the star maiden, she has the rare ability to「draw out and enhance the abilities of others,」and when she receives protection from the state, she becomes acquainted with Williard, and the two become attracted to each other.
In the first chapter set in the school, Remilia notices Williard’s love affair earlier than he does and she started to harass her in various ways, In the end, she was accused of「trying to take the life of the star maiden,」and their engagement was annulled and she lose her status as a noble’s daughter.
However, she was not banished, much less executed, because it was indeed noble blood that flowed through her veins.
The crime was prevented by an attempt, and the official status was taken from her and she was confined to house arrest in the countryside of the Duke Graupner’s estate.

But there, after losing Williard, who had been「everything」in her life up to… now, Remilia was in despair.
With her excellent and enormous magical, she unravels the ruins and documents of ancient civilizations on her own, and finally succeeds in summoning demons.

Remilia wished「for the ruin of this country and the soul of Williard」to the demon she invoked.
The king of the demonkin, a fairy-tale-like existence said to exist at the ends of earth, responded.


This sets the world on the path of destruction known as the「Time of Disaster」and so far, it was just the first chapter.
This is the story of how the Star Maiden and her companions came to stand against the Demon King.
After that, Remilia stands in the way of the main characters many times as a powerful adversary.

Emi seems to have called this story「an RPG about the development of a maiden.」As for the game to advance the story, you have to do events to「liberate」new「stories」with the essential characters… Williard and others, and to earn experience and collect training items to develop them.
It seems that you can join a number of men in addition to the required characters, and I also remember Emi wondering if she should pay for the「gacha」for this purpose.
Well, this was not really relevant.

I looked at the story that I was supposed to be walking through, and the feelings Emi was having along with it.
Emi kept saying,「Remilia-tan was just lovely,」「I want to feed her delicious food and put her in a warm futon,」「Is there no way to make her happy? I even friend while reading the story,」saying,「If only she had been born my sister, I would never have let her feel such sadness.」

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Emi loved this being, Remilia Rose Graupner, very much.
At first it was because she liked the way she looked, but as the story progressed, Emi came to care about Remilia more than anything else, and she came to wish me happiness more than anyone else.
I am more than happy with that fact.
I was indeed loved by Emi.
Even now, Emi still loves me, and she is busy with various things, sincerely wishing「to make Remilia happy.」Emi’s real family is in her memory, and she doesn’t care that she doesn’t even speak to my parents.

Therefore,「Remilia Rose Graupner, a poor, lonely girl who is loved by no one,」did not exist in this real world.


「Uwaah, that’s an officially approved cheat! If talking about status alone, I’d say I’m second only to the Evil God and the Demon King…」


「Remilia-tan… I’ll do my best! I promise, I will make you a happy girl, Remilia-tan!」


The feelings that flow in are always very warm and comforting.
I could tell that Emi loved me, even though I had never known love.

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「The Happiness of Remilia Rose Graupner,」a strong vow, akin to a prayer, gently enveloped me in Emi, spending time with her and nurturing me in her.


「I’m glad Claude’s dad was saved, even though the same thing happened in the game.
But I can’t assume that this is the world of the game, and it might just be a world that looks a lot like it… I can’t let my guard down.」


「I don’t want to cause a time of trouble, but the demon realm will be destroyed if I don’t save it anyway, so as far as the main event is concerned, let’s work on the assumption that it will happen.
I have to consider the possibility of a world with game compulsion.
Besides, in case the star maiden don’t show up, I just have to be prepared.」


Emi used her knowledge of the game to「train」and「level up」her abilities.

Emi also found out the hard way that under certain conditions, if you use magic after drinking something that cannot be called a magic potion, which is made by mixing materials used in alchemy, your proficiency in using that magic will increase dramatically.
To get there, she had a very hard time to powder the material she had prepared and sprinkle it on herself, scattering it around the area and rubbing it into her magic-using arm.
When the methods she tried turned out to be inadequate, she became depressed, or when she failed, she said,「Gieee!!」Emi’s cute scream was very adorable.

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In the story Emi was looking at, once you collected training materials, you could increase your skill level with a single tap.
I didn’t think she’d have to drink it, either.


They also did what they call fast leveling with magic stones.

Demon stones can be extracted from the bodies of demons, and「magic stones」are obtained by processing these stones.
In Emi’s memory, it was a bluish-purple jewel-like object obtained through log-in bonuses and charges.
When used for gacha, the character is obtained with the direction「If you clutch it while praying in the temple, the magic stone will disappear after a strong glow and you will get an admonition of a new companion.」In others, it was called「cracking」at a place called the bulletin board, and consuming it restored the number of possible actions, called stamina, to its maximum value.


In fact, in this real world, it was used in such a way that「when it was damaged (broken) while in contact with the body, it restores magical power and physical strength.」They were not uniformly recoverable to the maximum as in the story, and the amount of recovery varied depending on their size, but they were a common and widespread presence.
It was also common to hold them in one’s hands to pray to God.
It was said that it was actually very rare to receive instructions.

Emi spent all the money she had at her disposal as the daughter of a duke on magic stones and training materials, and she devoted herself to training in magic and improving herself.
Emi, who has shown a blossoming talent for magic, is now listened to by my parents as a「more capable pawn.」than in the story, and this prevented Claude’s father, the viscount, from being attacked by a bandit during an inspection of his estate and taking the lives of both he and his escort.

However, the following year he died quickly due to an epidemic, and his cousin Claude, who had lost his mother at birth, became my brother-in-law, as in the story.


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