to being tyrannical in the village and now, one generation later, his son was even more disrespectful and unscrupulous.

If not for the fact that he was still around, no one knew what that family would be capable of doing.

Once he was gone, Qiao Zhuangs family would definitely not let Qiao Mei off. This house and this piece of land would become theirs.

It would not be a problem if they just took the house. He was afraid that they would sell Qiao Mei into the mountain area as a companion for an idiot.

“I heard gossip in the village that they are looking for a husband for you in the mountain area. If you dont find someone to rely on when Im still alive, youll be doomed once I die.”

Qiao Qiang got so worked up that he gasped and spat out a mouthful of blood on the floor.

“Grandfather!” Qiao Meis eyes widened. She quickly stood up to walk to her grandfathers side and said calmly, “Grandfather, dont be anxious. I didnt tell you the truth just now. Actually, he said he would come and marry me in a month!”

“He did? Really?” Qiao Qiang quickly asked.

“Its true, its true!” Qiao Mei nodded quickly and then pointed at the jade pendant on her neck. “Its definitely true. If you dont believe me, look at this jade pendant on my neck. Its the keepsake he left behind!”

Qiao Qiang shifted his gaze to the piece of jade. It was crystal clear and suffused with a faint green glow. It was obviously something nice.

He had roamed the world for half his life, so he was still able to judge things for what they were.

“Did you steal this?” Qiao Qiang asked hesitantly.

“Grandfather, do you think Im someone who would steal things?” With Qiao Qiangs retirement salary, he was the richest person in the village. He never treated Qiao Mei poorly when it came to her sustenance. It was impossible that the original owner of the body would steal anything.

“Thats right, thats right! Our Mei Mei has never taken anything from anyone else!” Qiao Qiangs eyes disappeared into a smile as he thought of this, seemingly proud of himself. “Its all grandfathers fault! I shouldnt have doubted our Mei Mei!”

“Grandfather, dont worry. From today onwards, I will work hard to change. If I dont know how to do farm work, I will learn. I will also learn how to cook. I will definitely not be worse than other peoples daughters!”

“Yes, yes, yes! In the past, Mei Mei was just too lazy to learn. As long as Mei Mei made up her mind, she would definitely be better than other girls. Lets see who dares to belittle our Mei Mei in the future.”

Qiao Qiang grinned, his face filled with relief and hope.

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