The day gradually darkened. A maidservant brought the evening meal but Ming Zhu didn ’t have much appetite. She ate a few bites before putting down her chopsticks and letting them remove the dishes.

After the evening meal, the old maid Liu suddenly made a surprise visit.  

Ming Zhu was a little afraid of seeing her. The old Liu was like half a house intendant, she always had a stern face, didn ’t speak nicely and was strict with every matter.

”This old slave heard this morning that Miss Ming Zhu wasn ’t willing to drink the medicine. After finishing my work, I came over to give you two words of advise. ”

Ming Zhu was not angry anymore, she had long known that her every moves were watched by others. She didn ’t speak.

The old Liu didn ’t care whether she was now favored or not, whether the crown prince liked her or not and thus her words were as harsh as ever, ”Miss Ming Zhu is young and momentarily favored, it is normal for you to have blurry eyes, but I advise you, you better understand clearly your status. ”

Even if His Highness now had a slight liking for her and took a fancy to her body, but that was only to warm his bed and relieve his desires. With Ming Zhu ’s status, she still wanted to give birth to the royal bloodline? She was simply dreaming a fool ’s dream.

The old Liu, from the first time she saw Ming Zhu, when she was carried into the backyard, did not like her, the person was too delicate and didn ’t know how to serve, she would cry out in pain for nothing and drop tears when she felt aggrieved. She simply wasn ’t good at serving.

Ming Zhu lowered her face, ”I know. I don ’t need momo to remind me. ”

The old Liu was choked by her words and froze, the soft bun actually learned to make people speechless ?  

She sneered, ”It ’s good that you know, I ’m saying this also for your own good, the crown prince will not only marry a main wife in the future, there will also be side wives, that will all be picked from distinguished clan ’s descendants, women whose status is noble and esteemed. ”

Ming Zhu now didn ’t care who Zhao Zhi would marry later, she just wanted to run. She just wanted to escape.

The old Liu finished her words and left.

Biying looked at her worriedly and spoke out to comfort her, ”Miss, don ’t take it to heart. ”

Ming Zhu said, ”I didn ’t. ”

What the old Liu said was all true, why couldn ’t she hear it ?

Biying thought she was trying to be strong. The delicate and fragile miss was most likely being sad in secret and unwilling to show it.

When it was time to go to sleep, Ming Zhu took off her shoes and climbed onto the bed. She was wearing a white undergarment, her long hair resting on her thin back. The light from the candle flame was shining brightly on the wall as she laid down on her side, hugging the covers tightly and shrinking her body.

As she was about to blow out the candle flame, Biying asked hesitantly, ”Miss, why don ’t we wait for His Highness for a while longer? ”  

If the crown prince came over late at night and saw that the miss went to sleep early, he would get angry for sure. Biying had seen the crown prince ’s look on his face when he got angry and started to punish the servants, it was as if his whole body emitted a cold aura that could freeze people to death, with just a look of his eyes, the people he glanced at would feel their legs tremble and go weak, and would feel extreme fear.

Ming Zhu turned her back to her, ”I ’m tired, I want to sleep. ”

Biying couldn ’t persuade her. Her heart cried out in distress, as she gathered her courage to blow out the candle lights.

Ming Zhu was not asleep at first, she was thinking about her escape, but gradually her mind turned blurry and she actually felt sleepy.  

As her consciousness was drifting, chilly fingers pinched her waist and a cold breath descended over her like a storm, and she slowly woke up from her half-asleep state.  

The man held her chin and kissed her brow. His voice was low and husky, not carrying any emotion, ”You ’re awake? ”  

Ming Zhu ’s sleepiness was all gone. She trembled from feeling the temperature of his ice-cold fingers and her body cowered back to the head of the bed in retreat.

The man seemed displeased with her attempt to avoid him and his eyes turned cold.

There was both hatred and fear.

Ming Zhu unconsciously used her hands to push him, her slender fingers clenched into small fists, and she pushed him away with force.

Zhao Zhi paused, the expression between his eyebrows as cold as frost. After a few seconds, he suddenly clutched her wrist and knocked it hard on the bed. His facial expression revealed his impatience and the words that he spat out of his mouth were extremely cold, ”Don ’t move. ”  

Ming Zhu couldn ’t move and she tried to break free from his restraint in resistance. Her wrists most definitely had turned red from his grasp.

This action of hers seemed to have completely angered the man.  

Zhao Zhi tightened his hold on her wrists as his knees pressed against the sides of her waist. He pursed his lips, remaining silent and wordless as he measured her expression. As he looked at the woman whose eyes turned red, the knot of his throat rolled up and down twice. Then, from his sore throat, a cold voice questioned with pressure: ”What are you avoiding ? ”

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