After several days of winter snow in the capital, it finally cleared up this day and the sun rays crossed through the glazed tile windows, competing to shine into the inner room.

In the room, the smell of pleasure that would make one ’s face and ears turn red was very strong. The woman on the bed was not yet awake. The delicate and tender white half of her small face was hidden in the gold brocade quilt as her inky and silky long hair lazily spread out. Thin and revealing undergarments were loosely worn on her body, two knots on her waistbelt were untied and her clothes were disheveled.

Ming Zhu was sound asleep. Her jade-like white face showed through the makeup and her beautiful face revealed a slight drunk-like redness. She had the charming look of a woman who had just been loved. But, her eyebrows were gradually knitting together, as if she was having a bad nightmare.

The maidservant gingerly cleaned up last night ’s mess and picked up the torn clothes on the floor, her small face completely red from blushing.

This morning, His Highness, the crown prince, fully and very meticulously dressed before getting out of the room. He looked gentle and elegant, cool like a jade. Unexpectedly, he was such a brute regarding bedroom matters. The movements coming from the room were not small last night and the miss must have suffered a great deal.

Otherwise, she wouldn ’t still be asleep past midday.

The kitchen prepared a contraceptive soup first thing in the morning and already heated it up three time. If miss Ming Zhu still didn ’t get up, the kitchen people would have to remake it again.

Ming Zhu stretched out her thin, white fingers from under the covers, lifted the red bed curtain, and slowly sat up.

Her whole body was sore and weak, her arms were so sore that she couldn ’t lift them, and when she got out of bed, she could barely stand on her legs. She took a deep breath and slowly put on clothes.

The maid who waited on Ming Zhu to wash entered the room when she heard her get up.

Biying brought the just-boiled contraceptive soup and placed it in front of Ming Zhu. She hesitated for a moment, pursed her lips and reminded in a very small voice, ”Miss, drink the medicine first. ”

Ming Zhu stared at the bowl of black soup, lightly pursed her thin lips, with a slight frown. She looked as if she was reluctant to drink, but at the same time, not that reluctant.

After a long time, Biying was about to grit her teeth and urge her a little more when Ming Zhu, on her own, picked up the bowl of medicine in front of her and, lifting her thin neck, poured it into her stomach with one gulp.

Biying breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly handed over a candied fruit, ”Miss, eat a candied fruit to get rid of the bitter taste. ”

Ming Zhu frowned and said, ”No need. ”

Biying was a bit taken aback. Before, miss Ming Zhu always disliked the bitter taste of the contraceptive soup and every time after drinking the medicine, she had to eat a few candied fruit to recover from the taste.

Biying carefully observed her face, she had to say, miss Ming Zhu was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her life. Her plain and heavenly face was so stunningly beautiful that she would captivate all beings down to their very soul. Her eyes were like a mountain stream, her eyebrows like a painting, she had red lips and white teeth, she was beautiful and delicate. Her complexion was rosy, like a budding fresh flower bud.

Miss Ming Zhu didn ’t look angry nor sad, but Biying still opened her mouth to comfort her: ”Miss, you don ’t have to worry nor feel sad. Your body is weak now, that ’s why the crown prince is letting you drink contraceptive medicine. In the future when your body recovers, his highness will let you give birth. ”

Ming Zhu smiled faintly at the words. She actually did not feel sad at all. But no one would believe it even if she said it.

”You get out, I ’ll rest a little more. ”

The doors of the room were gently closed, blocking the harsh, yellow daylight out of the room.

The wooden window was half up, and Ming Zhu looked at the scenery out the window, her thoughts drifting away.

Biying was wrong. It wasn ’t because her body was weak that Zhao Zhi did not allow her to have children. In her last life, she was kept in Wangyue Pavilion by Zhao Zhi. She drank the contraceptive soup for five years. After that, because she drank too much of the medicinal soup, it became difficult for her to conceive.

Moreover, some things remained the same until she died.

Zhao Zhi disliked her low status and thus before marrying a consort, he wouldn ’t let her, this nameless and status-less person that couldn ’t even be considered a concubine, give birth to children.

Zhao Zhi was his Royal Highness the Crown Prince, his status was high and esteemed, he was broad-minded and his moral character was upright. His words, acts and etiquette were all praised by people and regarded as a model.

He was handsome and most of the time he was also gentle. But that gentle person was actually the most heartless one.

Ming Zhu was a neglected concubine daughter in her family. Her mother ’s status was low and she passed away very early on. She had no one to protect her in the Ming family, but she was smart and did not steal the limelight from her sisters in the family, so she managed to grow up in peace.

Just when Ming Zhu became of age, her neighbor and childhood friend passed successfully the Jiangnan provincial examination and told her he was going to marry her.

The next day, he personally came to the door to ask for marriage.

TL ’s notes : And here ’s the end of the first chapter. Wow, I first read this novel about a year ago and totally forgot how it went in the beginning, brace yourselves for the next couple of chapters ! Also, this story is by the same author as Wife can ’t escape and The Rich Ex-Husband Cries and Begs to Remarry (check them up on NU), which is an author known for her flawed (some would say scumbags >.>) male characters.

If you liked those two novels, you will most likely also enjoy this current one, if you didn ’t enjoy those two, you most likely also won ’t enjoy this one, is all I can say. After Being Kidnapped by The Crown Prince is I would say the most intense, most angsty out of these three, though maybe not as sad as Wife can ’t escape (mom I cried onions reading this one). Apart from the twisted characters and twisted vision of love that the author shows in her novel, the author also likes to put the focus on the thematic of regret, which is a very enjoyable aspect of her works. Anyways, here ’s the end of my speech, I don ’t want to spoil too much.

One last thing, my other translation, His One Love, is also a novel by the same author, it ’s less intense and more light, so definitely give it a try.

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