The material used to make the clothes was the silk sent by the crown prince, the quality was topnotch and it couldn ’t be bought anywhere outside.

Ming Zhu put down the book in her hands, took a look without much interest, ”You put it aside. ”

Biying said yes, and with a smile brimming with joy, ”The manager sent it just in time so Miss can wear it tonight for His Highness to see. ”

Her miss not only looked beautiful, her body was also very good. She had a thin waist and long legs1 and her skin was delicate like the finest silk. It was no wonder the crown prince, who wasn ’t very close to females, often came here to stay overnight, and that he would ask for water until the middle of the night.

Ming Zhu frowned lightly when she heard the words and lowered her eyes, not saying a word.

Biying felt that recently Miss Ming Zhu was much quieter and seemed not to be in a very good mood. She thought, perhaps it was because recently His Highness came less frequently to Wangyue pavilion and also because of the rumors outside, saying that there was an intention to choose a crown princess, thus she was not happy.

However, Biying thought it was very strange, all people in and out Wanyue Pavilion were all His Highness ’s people, no one dared to disobey His Highness ’s orders, and no one dared to tell Miss Ming Zhu what was happening outside, so she didn ’t know who could have leaked the news.

If this were to be found out by the crown prince, even if that person was dead, he would be stripped of his skin.

His Highness ’s character was extremely cold and had a fearsome desire to control Miss Ming Zhu. If he said one thing, he could not be denied. He didn ’t usually bother too much, but when he got really angry, he was extremely scary.

”Miss, you better try it on now, so that if it doesn ’t fit there ’s still time to take it to be altered. ”

”Hmm. ”  

Ming Zhu sat up and her beautiful and feminine fingers lightly squeezed the fabric, which felt unusually silky smooth to the touch. She changed into a maple-colored skirt binding her waist, making her look like an immortal. Her waist which could be held in a handful became even more slender, the skirt was delicately swaying and the chest area was slightly opened, making her snow-white delicate collarbone obvious. She had the look of an immortal floating in the air and at the same time, also had an ambiguous feminine sensuality.

Biying ’s eyes were dumbfounded, it took her a long time to react, ”Miss is so beautiful dressed like this. ”

Her figure was good, her appearance was even better.  

Ming Zhu looked at herself in the mirror, she was indeed quite beautiful, wasn ’t it exactly this body, this bag of skin, which Zhao Zhi took a fancy to ?

She lowered her eyes, ”I ’m a little cold, I ’ll change first. ”

Biying felt it was a pity, ”The crown prince will definitely be pleased to see you dressed like this. ”

If it was before, Ming Zhu would be red through the ears, with shy and timid eyes, she would ask with expectation the word ”really ” ?

But now, she said in a casual way, ”Maybe. ”

Zhao Zhi didn ’t talk much in front of her, after getting out of bed and meticulously dressing, he would again be the cold and impersonal indifferent crown prince. But behind the curtains, although he himself didn ’t say so, Ming Zhu knew that he liked her to be sexually unrestrained, the clothes he would prepare for her couldn ’t be worn outside, they were bold and revealing.

Ming Zhu changed out of her immortal dress (in chinese : liuxian dress), the hour was still early and thus she continued to read the novel she didn ’t finish reading. 

It was not until her eyes were sore from reading that she looked up from the paper, stretched her waist, and gazed out the window at the distant sky.

Ming Zhu ’s gaze inadvertently came across the half-embroidered pouch by the soft couch. She picked it up and stared at the mandarin ducks on the pouch in her hands for a long time, her eyes gradually turning sour. She slowly came back to her senses, then shoved the small pouch into a drawer, not intending to continue the embroidery, and even less intending to give it to that person.

It was getting dark, and the ray lights of dusk gradually turned warm.

Ming Zhu ’s beautiful and clean eyes looked lost in the distance, beyond the high walls was the world she was yearning for. In the past, when she was in the Ming residence, she had to live carefully, but as long as she didn ’t cause any trouble, no one came to make things difficult for her. She was not foolish enough to go in front of the matriarch and her legitimate sister to try and find a feeling of existence, so most of the time, she lived a leisurely and happy life, and sneaking out to see the lantern festival wasn ’t something she never did.

When she was about to be of age, she became even bolder and sneaked out with her childhood friend to go to a poetry meeting.

She never thought that after entering the crown prince ’s residence, she would not be able to see a glimpse of the outside world and be locked up in this small courtyard, not being able to do anything and being watched everywhere.

Ming Zhu thought of escaping on the first day of her rebirth, but this matter needed to be carefully planned on the long-term.

Zhao Zhi ’s mind was meticulous, the servants in the residence only listened to him alone and they were fearful and afraid of him. She had to carefully plan for the best opportunity.

1 There ’s two characters missing here in the raws, I ’m guessing the author meant to say she had big boobs, but it was censored lmao

TL ’s note : I ’ve seen pretty bad reviews about this novel on NU, people calling the relationship between Ming Zhu and Zhao Zhi ”toxic ” and being upset about it. I ’m pretty confused and perplexed about that… I mean that is the whole point of the ”yandere ” and ”obsessive love ” tags, it is supposed to be toxic. I feel like people are getting too used to see so-called ”yandere male leads ” in other novels acting cute and lovable (especially in korean novels), and stories with a puppy kind of love and they forgot that originally a character that is yandere is not supposed to be cute and lovable, and that a story with a yandere male lead is supposed to be dark and ugly, especially when the female lead isn ’t willing and or not reciprocating the male lead ’s feelings. I don ’t know guys, is it just me feeling confused about that…

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