Ming Zhu, disoriented, thought she was dreaming, so she fell back asleep after humming twice.

Zhao Zhi was rather free today, a rare occurrence, and thus wasn ’t in a hurry to leave, instead, he began to look around her bedroom.

The layout was cozy, there were items that young girls love everywhere in the room.

There was an exquisitely crafted box by the wooden window, which had an added lock on it. Zhao Zhi ’s eyes fell on the copper lock and got a little interested. Walking over, he saw the key next to the box and was about to open it to see.

Ming Zhu immediately ran forward and took the initiative to hold his hand, pretending to be vexed, ”Your Highness, how can you arbitrarily touch my things?! ”

Yellowed letters laid all over inside the box.

On the envelopes, Wei Chiyu ’s name was written.

When Ming Zhu woke up from her sleep and raised her eyes, she saw a motionless figure sitting by the window.

He seemed to have been sitting like that for a long time, with his back facing the sun. She couldn ’t see the expression on his face, nor could she tell if he was happy or angry.


The room was frighteningly quiet, two dim rays of daylight shone behind him, increasing the feeling of oppression.

Ming Zhu woke up with a headache. She slowly sat up from the bed, her long black hair was lazily spread out and her face appeared slightly pale. She felt a pang in her heart for some reason.

She gulped twice, her throat felt slightly painful as she spoke, ”Your Highness, what ’s wrong? ”

Zhao Zhi ’s fingers rested on the edge of the table, a few yellowed sheets of paper seemed to be squeezed under his fingertips. His face appeared very calm, ”I saw some interesting things. ”

Ming Zhu sat up, put on her shoes and slowly walked to his side. With a glance, she saw the letters squeezed under his fingers. Her pupils suddenly shrank and she almost couldn ’t hold the urge to grab the letters back. Her fingers clenched tightly as her heart gradually sank.

Zhao Zhi raised his eyes to look at Ming Zhu, his face expressionless as he pinched the letters and held it in front of her eyes, asking her, ”You can read, right? ”

Ming Zhu was silent.

Zhao Zhi said in a calm tone, ”Read it for me. ”

Ming Zhu didn ’t even dare to raise her hand to receive the letters he handed over. No one knew better than her the content of these letters. It was the words of a young girl in love, at a time where she was basking in the sweetness of first love, the poems she wrote were so sweet it could make someone ’s teeth rot.

She was also well aware that Zhao Zhi strongly disliked her having any contact with other men, and the gaze this man sometimes used to look at her made her unable to breath.

He looked gentle, but he was silently infiltrating and invading all of her.

She had to listen to him, and she had better obey him on every matter.

Zhao Zhi stood up and smacked the letter on the table, his voice as heavy as a thunderbolt. He grabbed her jaw, without hurting her, his dark eyes fixed on her, ”Come on, read it for me once. ”

It was quiet for a short while. An attendant standing outside the door reminded in a low voice, ”Your Highness, it ’s almost time for morning court. ”

Zhao Zhi ’s face was harsh and his voice frosty, ”Scram. ”

The attendant standing outside the door jolted in fear, he had never heard the composed and refined crown prince say such a harsh word as ”scram ”.

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