Ming Yuan squeezed the handkerchief in her hand with force. She sneered and said mockingly, ”How many more days can you stay proud ? Weren ’t you kicked out by the crown prince back to the Ming family ? ”

Ming Zhu was speechless, ”How can you be so sure that I was kicked out? ”

Ming Yuan had a light laugh, ”Don ’t tell me you think your matters are very well hidden ? Who else in the capital doesn ’t know that you ’re an outside mistress kept by the crown prince ? ”

Ming Zhu remained silent.

Ming Yuan felt she had gained the upper hand and added, ”You can go and ask around about your current reputation and listen carefully to what outsiders are saying. They ’re saying that concubine-born daughters are vulgar, they can do anything, no matter how shameful, in order to get to the top. ”

The corners of Ming Zhu ’s mouth twitched, ”You aren ’t that much noble either. ”

Chapter 25 


Ming Yuan said, ”They all say that you used all kind of tricks in order to climb into the crown prince ’s bed, and didn ’t even hesitate to abandon your fiancé. Poor Wei gongzi, he fell in love with the wrong person. ”

Ming Zhu ’s face was expressionless and her reaction was very dull. There was neither sadness nor sorrow on her face as Ming Yuan expected there would be.

It was as if Ming Yuan had punched cotton, she didn ’t achieve anything.

”Forget it. ” Ming Yuan looked at her and said, ”A few days ago, His Highness agreed to marry sister Ru. Now, the people in the palace are calculating the most auspicious date. When the wedding date is set, sister Ru will become a proper side consort of the crown prince. Your mother was a concubine for someone, who would have expected that the daughter fell even lower than the mother, she can ’t even get the status of a concubine. ”

She instructed, ”Put a lot of sugar in it. ”

Ah Ruo promised that she would. It didn ’t take long for the sweet porridge made with longan fruits to be delivered to her.

Ming Zhu ’s eyes reddened as she drank the porridge, she raised her eyes and sniffled through her nose as she asked, ”Where did Biying go? ”

Ming Zhu made a gesture of silence, ”You can retire and rest. ”

”Alright. Miss, I ’ll keep watch in the outer room. ”

”Mmh. ”

Ming Zhu seemed to sleep more soundly in her own bedroom.

Late in the evening, when the night was deep, His Highness the crown prince arrived at the Ming residence in a low profile.

The Ming family ’s eldest master, who was already ready to sleep, got dressed again and went out to greet the crown prince, who was dressed in gold-woven black clothes. He said calmly, ”Keep your voice down. ”

The Ming family ’s eldest master couldn ’t guess the intention of this guest, ”Is Your Highness here to see Ming Zhu? ”

Zhao Zhi glanced at him and said in a bland voice, ”Take me there. ”

The Ming family eldest master could only nod his head and say yes. In his heart, he couldn ’t help but to regard more highly his niece who he never valued before.

Zhao Zhi quietly pushed open the door of her room and was greeted by a light fragrance. The woman was curled up in a corner of the bed and most of her face was hidden in the blanket.

Her pink face was flushed, which made her more adorable. Looking at her, Zhao Zhi found her very lovely.

He took off his outer clothes, got on the bed, reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist.

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